10 Best Wall Mount Ski Storage Racks for Snowboard Reviews In 2021

Life as a skier isn’t something to be taken for granted. You need to have some serious gear that can deliver. And in case you treasure your gear that much, then it makes sense that you find a perfect storage solution that will keep them organized, protected and save you some space. You might have probably noticed the wide variety of ski storage racks that have entered the market. Rushing into buying one before conducting a good research might do you more harm than good.

That said, you need to take several things into consideration in order to get your hands on the right ski storage rack. Take some time to think and decide the storage capacity you need and the level of adjustment you want. Consider the construction material and find out if it holds up well. With these few tips, you surely won’t fail in your hunt for the ideal ski storage racks. But maybe you’re the impatient type who doesn’t have the time for research. Lucky you, we’ve got a list of the best ski storage racks ready for the picking!

The Best Wall Mount Ski Storage Racks Reviews

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This storage rack is made of heavy duty steel to create a sturdy construction that holds up to 4 surfboards. A vertical adjustment system comes in handy to accommodate boards and fins of different sizes. The arms that hold the boards are lined with rubber for scratch protection. This multi purpose ski storage rack is designed to mount on the wall and includes all the necessary hardware for easy setup.

9. Rough Rack Wall Mount Ski & Snowboard Ski Rack

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This ski storage rack earns its name by being rugged. It’s made of powder coated steel that’s welded for added strength and durability. Packed to capacity, the rack holds up to 100 pounds of equipment. 45 inches of hanging space lets it fit up to 8 snowboards or 8 pairs of skis including all 16 poles. The rack is perfectly designed to fit all shapes and comes with mounting hardware and instructions for easy installation. This rack can be used for both commercial and home use.

8. StoreYourBoard Ski Storage Rack Horizontal Wall Rack

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This rack mounts horizontally on your wall. It’s a good choice for those looking for a more affordable way to store their skis. The rack sports a heavy duty steel construction optimized for durability. It accommodates up to 3 pairs of skis and can also be used for storing snowboards. The arms are made rigid for vertical strength and have pre-drilled holes that let you hang other accessories. Mounting hardware is included so you won’t have a difficult time putting it together.

7. StoreYourBoard Wall Mount Ski and Snowboard Storage Rack

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The versatile and effective design of this storage rack provides a perfect way to display your skis and snowboards. It lets you store multiple boards to save space. The rack installs horizontally and comes with all the necessary hardware for the purpose. It’s strong yet manages to stay lightweight, thanks to the tough ABS plastic construction. The rack holds up to 12 boards in a stacked design. This storage rack looks good anywhere, whether in the hallway, garage or mud room.

6. Adjustable and Walksurf Metal Wall Mount Wakeboard Storage Rack

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This rack provides a perfect storage for your wakeboards. The rack is crafted from heavy duty steel to provide a durability you can depend on. A set of 4 arms come in handy to accommodate up to 4 wakeboards. The arms are lined with rubber to prevent scratches and can be adjusted to provide a perfect fit for boards of different sizes. Setup is a breeze and the multi purpose design lets you store more than just wakeboards. The rack installs horizontally on the wall.

5. Home Adjustable Ski Wall Mount and Metal Ski Storage Racks

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2 wall tracks combine with 4 sets of arms to let you hold more in less space. This ski storage rack is truly built to take some weight and still look organized. Built of heavy duty steel, the rack has no trouble holding 4 to 8 pairs of skis. The adjustable system ensures that any shape and size of ski fits perfectly. The arms dip 60 degrees inwards and sport a generous length of 14.5 inches to keep everything from sticking out. Screw insertion and quick hammer taps is all you need to set up the whole thing.

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4. Wall Mount Four-Ski Storage Rack by Monkey Bar Storage

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Let your skis hang in style with this ski storage rack. The rack stores your skis in a vertical position. It’s designed to hold up to 4 skis and comes in a durable construction of heavy duty steel. A powder coat finish is added for optimized strength and protection. Hooks are fitted on the bar and are free to slide for easy positioning. The rack mounts on wall studs and sits very sturdy.

3. Freestanding Multi Ski Storage Floor and Racks

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This rack saves you the hassle of having to mount on the wall. It’s freestanding design completely eliminates the need for any installation. That means no more drilling in walls and you get something portable that can be moved around with ease. You can choose between standard and wide size that fit up to 115mm and up to 140mm skis respectively. The standard size holds up to 5 pairs while the wide size accommodates up to 4 pairs of skis. This ski storage rack is made of a lightweight yet rigid hard molded plastic for maximum support.

2. Lightweight Skateboard Rack with Three Boards

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This ski storage rack comes as sturdy as it can be. It provides the reliable strength of ABS plastic with a lightweight construction for easy handling. The rack is simple yet effective in design. It packs up to 3 skateboards and other accessories. The arms sit at an angled position and fit boards up to 12 inches wide without sticking out. It mounts on the wall and provides its great features at an affordable price.

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Store your snowboards in a smart way with this metal rack. It has a steel construction that holds up well to any abuse. The angled arms are designed to be tough yet gentle on your boards. They have a padded lining that keeps your snowboard from damage. The arms are adjustable to fit snowboards of different sizes. They stick 14.5 inches out and hold at least 4 snowboards in total. The use of this storage rack isn’t only limited to snowboards. It’s a multi-purpose rack that can accommodate skis, skateboards and more.

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