Top 8 Best Activity Trackers in 2019

Do you love doing exercise? If you do, you might have wanted an activity tracker to track down your accurate health state and make an extra push to stick to a healthier habit. As there are many products that have shown itself in the market nowadays, you might find it challenging to choose the right one for yourself. You have come to the right site.

List of Best Activity Trackers

8. Asani Water Resistant Fitness Tracker

If you seek for the one that deals less with cluttered display, complex apps, or impossible control, this activity fitness tracker is right for you. This fitness tracker is designed to meet with 4 indoor sports modes such as treadmill, rope skipping, sit up, and jumping jack. With just a flick of the wrist, the screen will turn on. With a 90mAh, its battery life could last up to 5 days.

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This waterproof fitness band also provides precise pedometer and heart rate sensor to observe your vitals. Unlike other wristband that provides inefficient data under the sunlight, this water resistant fitness tracker has 0.96” OLED screen that could offer optimal clarity.


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7. LEMFO Fitness Tracker

waterproof-activity-trackersLove swimming and want a fitness tracker to check on you? This one has features you are looking for. LEMFO is a water resistant fitness tracker, which is available to use for swimming. You could also wear it under the rain, wash hands, and even take a bath. It could monitor heart rate, pedometer, calories counter, distance movement, trajectory, sleep, as well as give sedentary alert.

LEMFO works well with multiple sports, such as running, bicycle, jumping rope, treadmill, jumping jack, and sit-up. It also plays a role of camera and music remote as well as alarm alert and timer.

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6. Runme Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor


This following has an ability to monitor heart rate as well as pedometer. It is easily to connect with your phone and begin to use. You could also get notifications of incoming calls or sms or social media apps of your phone with quiet vibration alerts. Its screen size is 0.96” with OLED touch screen.

The products warranty could last for a year and product refund lasts for a month. This fitness tracker is also waterproof, which means it’s durable under sweat, rain, and splash.


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5. Wesoo K1 Fitness Watch

wesoo Fitness Tracker

This one is famous for being your private health assistant. It helps track down your workouts, steps, distance, calories, sleep, and activity time. It provides accurate and efficient data with faster processing. This fitness tracker is also available with more band features. Designation of the replaceable wristband always makes your workout stylishly and colorfully.

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Built-in with simple charging design, users could always charge it with any power adapter, PC or powerbank. You could also get notifications of incoming calls or sms of your phone.

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4. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The following is known for its capability of all-day activity tracking. It is a waterproof smart bracelet with a packed function inside. It keeps track with multi-sport modes that allows you to see duration and consistency of your running, riding, treadmill, yoga, as well as your sleep.

With an easy way to connect to your smartphone, this activity tracker also records a map of your workout route and displays your run pace and distance by connecting to your smartphone’s GPS.

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3. Ronten Fitness Tracker


This fitness tracker provides lots of functions including private health helper, activity record, sleep monitoring, anti-lost and notification alerts. With an inexpensive price tag, this one could help you record your daily activities efficiently and identify your deep or light sleep to allow you to understand your health state.

It comes in 2 colors— black and pink—with a decent size that could look good for everyone. Especially, you could wear this while you are swimming and get a precise data for your workout.

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2. NewYouDirect Fitness Tracker

NewYouDirect Fitness Tracker,

Coming off the list, this one is a high quality wearable wristband. It features the technology that could help monitoring your health state, your sleep consistency, as well as works as reminder of your sport target. It is designed with easy-removable bands, with 5 beautiful colors such as black, blue, purple, pink, and cyan. With the wrist sense, it also enables you to raise the light of the screen up with the raise of your wrist.

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1. Homogo Fitness Tracker

best-activity-trackersNow you have come to the last fitness tracker of the list. It is the Homogo Smart Band Activity Health Tracker. This fitness tracker has multi functions, including recording your daily activities, monitoring your burned calories, app message reminder, call reminders, as well as sport-target reminders. The data of every activity will be cleared at 0:00 am as cycle. The product also provides a 12-month warranty for customers.

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After browsing through our list of the top 8 best activity trackers in 2019, have you found the one you’ve been looking for? There is no need to hesitate because any of these activity trackers will never be a disappointment. Get yours.