Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet In 2022 | Buyer’s Guide (Reviews)

Basketball is one of the sports widely recognized across the globe. When preparing for tournaments, players have to ensure that they have the best basketball shoes for wide feet.


The best pair of basketball shoes will enhance the player’s comfort while boosting his or her playing ability. Finding shoes for wide feet can be a real hassle, especially when you need to consider the arch support needed due to the problems brought about by this type of foot.

This article aims to help you find the best basketball shoes for wide feet. With the list that we have created, you will be in a better position to find shoes that are appropriate for your wide feet. And we hope this will help to learn everything you need to learn before buying basketball shoes for wide-footers.

Quick Overview: Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

1. Nike Air Force 1 – Best Nike Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Named after the Airforce One Aircraft, this Nike basketball shoe brand is actually the first line to feature the Nike Zoom Air technology.

This cushioning technique springs back at a high speed with each move since it contains pressurized air and internal fibers to enhance its responsiveness. It is a great brand for wide feet and is popular among major players like Moses Malone.

Its design also comes with amazing traction thanks to the great fit gained by each pair of feet. It has shock absorption features making it good to use on hardwood and blacktop flooring. This makes the shoes popular among hip-hop fanatics too. It is available in varying color combos that look amazing on all users. They are designed to provide great arch support so that you can cut, jump, and stop without worrying about the state of your knees.

  • Nike basketball shoe has soft but plush inner soles that make the shoes comfortable for prolonged play periods
  • They feature a springy cushioning that gives the player the ability to make fast moves
  • This brand comes with a massive missile that is ideal for the large, wide feet of basketball players
  • The inner sole is firm and solid making it highly durable
  • The durability is also complemented by the leather fabric used in constructing the shoes
  • The style of these shoes may not be flattering to some users

2. Under Armour Ua Clutchfit Drive 2 – Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Are you operating on a limited budget but would like to get the greatest value from your basketball shoes? If you are, Under Armour has you covered with Ua Clutchfit Drove 2. This pair features herringbone in its provision of traction that extends to the outer sole.

The sole also has diamond-shaped inserts that enhance traction, allowing the shoes to grip the court sufficiently for comfortable movement.

It has the Micro G cushioning that is highly responsive and complemented by a Charged heel that allows quick bounces during movement. This pair of basketball shoes, therefore, is ideal for guard players since the cushioning is minimized but highly responsive.

Like most other shoes, this brand is true to size but it gives you a snugly fit with your feet fully locked in.

Because of this, Ua Clutchfit Drive 2 is not ideal for players who are looking for softness in their shoes. They also do not provide enough support to your ankles, which means they are not a great choice for players who do not use braces.

However, you will not have issues with its heel, fore, and midfoot sections.

  • The shoe has great cushioning that protects you against impact and is very responsive
  • It features amazing traction fit for indoor and outdoor sporting activities
  • It is available at a low price
  • They may clutch your feet too tight and limit your flexibility
  • The ankle support is poor

3. Adidas D Lillard 2 – Best Wide Basketball Shoes

Lillard 2 is made of synthetic high-quality fabric and a mesh for enhanced breathability and comfort when wearing. It has a rubber sole that is soft to complement the mesh comfort.

The shaft of this brand comes with mid-size inches from the arch, making them naturally ideal for flexibility and support. You no longer have to worry about injuries to your ankles when you have Adidas D Lillard 2. The traction is amazing and they provide a seamless fit for all wide feet.

They come with a collar that is padded to avoid injuries and to enhance the comfort of the player when playing in the shoes. Another unique feature is the inclusion of four flex zones that improve your motion while on the court thanks to the stability provided.

The manufacturer uses the Puremotion+ technology that tends to mimic the movement of your feet and enhances a more natural motion. The Lillard 2 shoe line is constructed with the Sprintframe features that allow you to make fast moves while on the tournament.
  • They feature the Puremotion+ innovation that improves the speed, flex, and traction experienced in the court
  • The spring frame enhances speed
  • They come with a lightweight chassis for arch support throughout the tournament
  • Great fit
  • Improved cushioning
  • It can only enhance your performance when playing indoors

4. Fila F-13v – Best Basketball Shoes For Players With Wide Feet Looking For A Contemporary/Classic Style

Are you shopping for basketball shoes that feature a contemporary style with a touch of class? If you are, this Fila brand is made for you because it comes with a taste of Italian design.

The shoes are made from a leather material on the upper section for an antique look and lateral support. The midsoles are made from EVA cushioning for enhanced comfort and support.

This is complemented by the rubber soles that are soft for your feet. For traction, the outer sole is made from a solid rubber that also enhances the durability of the shoes. This sole is also ideal because it renders the shoes non-slip and enables the players to make quick moves on the court.

The shoes enable you to enjoy a fashionable look and great performance all in one product. The shoes’ 15.4 oz is lightweight enough for easy, comfortable movements. They are well designed for arch support but are not a great choice for players with high arches. They are mid-top shoes, implying that they will protect your ankles against unnecessary injuries.
  • Their heritage design fits the taste of most users
  • They are leather made to make them durable and stylish
  • The shoes feature great traction from their solid rubber
  • They are not great for high arches

5. Under Armour Micro G Assert 7 – Best Basketball Shoes For Basketball

Under Armour Micro G Assert 7 is made with a light foam that is supportive enough to ensure the comfort of your ankles and entire feet.

The shoe’s inner layer is made of a soft mesh-like fabric to make the shoes breathable and allow your feet to stay in a cool, cozy environment throughout the tournament.

The sheathing is made of premium leather for durability and stability so that your mid-foot area can be fully supported. This also locks the foot in place allowing you to make the quick cutting and stopping movements as you play.

This pair of shoes are tailored to fit each foot size as it comes with a Full-length EVA sock liner that also adds to its comfort. The cushioning technology featured is the Micro G foam is not only plush but also comfortable since it takes-off upwards after a strong step. It also features rubber traction on the high-pressure zones. This allows you to get a great grip from the shoes, which makes your overall performance better.

Even when you exert a lot of pressure on the shoes, they will remain durable and protective. This is coupled with the non-marking rubber outsole that comes in handy in low pressure. The offset is 10mm and it weighs 9.2 oz.

  • It comes with rubber soles for maximum cushioning and traction
  • Super lightweight for ease of movement
  • Provides solid support
  • They are ideal for players with flat and high feet
  • It does not feature shock absorption qualities, therefore, making playing a bit difficult

6. Nike Lebron XIII – Best Performance Basketball Shoes With Great Traction And Cushioning

Are you looking for high-performance basketball shoes? If you are, the Nike Lebron XIII is here with the latest Zoom L.E.A.P technology for maximum cushioning and support.

This includes hexagon zoom pads where three of them are included in the forefoot area while one is found on the heel. This feature gives the player the extra bounce needed for better performance. They feature the Kinetic Flywire cables for protection even at a great impact.

Hex pods are featured to enhance traction and are complemented by the large bars found on the outer sole. The large bars are enforced all-round the shoes to enhance the comfort of the player regardless of the direction he or she is moving.

The Lebron XIII is designed for great performance just like Lebron James himself. Although they are true to size, we recommend that you fit them first before making a purchase. You should know that the first feeling will be strained but once they are broken for comfort, you will love them. The base is definitely wider than the top such that they fit tightly for flexible movements.
  • They are ideal for improved mobility, maximum flexibility, and supportive features
  • They feature the Zoom L.E.A.P technology that is a hexagon of cushioning approximately 13mm thick
  • It provides perfect traction on all court types from clean to dusty
  • They may feel slightly uncomfortable to some feet due to their hardness
  • They may be a bad idea for players with high arches

7. Jordan Air 11 Retro – Best Jordans For Wide Feet

This brand of basketball shoes is great due to the unique features used in constructing it. However, the traction is at odds with its uniqueness since it is only reliable on clean floors.

If used the shoe outdoors or on dusty floors, you will need to wipe off the dirt occasionally to enhance their traction. This may also affect their durability even though players are looking for quality and longevity.

It has the Zoom Air cushioning that is designed to use the FlightSpeed plate for better functionality. The latter technology also comes in handy in giving the brand a great bounce with improved responsiveness. While this is also ideal for lateral support, we advise that you use the shoes for a while so that you can break the plate down. This way, you will be able to experience the bounce you are looking for.

These shoes are made from a woven material that gives the players with wide feet an amazing fit. Coupled with the synthetic heel, the material is also great for support. The ankle collar is well constructed to enhance stability.
  • The ankle collar is well constructed with padding for maximum comfort
  • It is ideal for players with large, wide feet
  • The Zoom Air technology features the FlightSpeed plate for better cushioning
  • The inconsistency of the traction feature makes it unreliable
  • It is a bad choice for players with standard feet width

8. Nike Son Of Force – Best For Use On Water-Prone Courts

If you are looking for style, then the Nike Son of Force is a great option for you. It features a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, implying that you need not worry about finding that true size that defines your taste and preference.

They are made of water-resistant material on the upper section that is reflective to give the shoe a vintage style. The outer sole is made of rough material and a rugged design that allows the player ample action time even on wet, slippery court floors. The mid-soles, on the other hand, are made from Lunarlon foam, which gives the shoes a lavish, extraordinary look.

The soles are made from rubber for enhanced comfort and are padded to make them soft and cozy. They are true to size but tend to be narrow for some users. This, therefore, requires you to try the shoes out before purchasing them, especially if you have wide feet. They provide a great grip, but you need to wear them for a while for breaking so that they do not irritate your feet.
  • The shoes’ rugged soles are reliable in protecting players against slippage on wet floors
  • Lunarlon foam adds a plush look alongside the reflective outer part
  • It is water-resistant and highly durable
  • They are ideal for use in all weather conditions
  • The sizing narrows down such that it may not be so great for wide feet

9. Adidas CF Revival Mid – Best Men’s Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

These Adidas basketball shoes are made of a tasteful style with a touch of modern preferences. The upper part is woven, which makes them durable and breathable for comfortable use on the court. The design also mimics the movement of the bare feet, which makes it ideal for sideways moves.

Undoubtedly, these shoes are made for legends. This is because they are made of premium quality textile and synthetic material. They feature a pop of color around the heel for a stylish look. You also have grey five hue and scarlet contemporary colors from which to choose.

The Adidas CF Revival Mid is true to size. However, the players with wide feet should consider trying out the shoes before purchasing them to ensure that they are comfortable. This is because they may be a bit tight on the sides. They have a great grip for support. The woven material, however, enhances the flexibility of the player during movement.

They leave enough toe space for movement and breathability as well as avoiding unnecessary toe injuries. The cloth used is soft to give you a cozy fit. It also makes it easy for you to make quick movements without straining your feet or ankles. They are lightweight, implying that the players have an easy time cutting and stopping. The shoes’ traction is also great and is complemented by the well-designed rubber soles.
  • It is made from a comfortable material
  • The shoe allows easy movement thanks to the flexibility of its materials
  • The price range is friendly for their value
  • The grip may be too much for players with large feet

10. Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 7 – Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Although they are strong, comfortable, and feature a signature style, you should definitely consider trying them out before buying them.

For traction, this pair is fitted with herringbone throughout the outer layer and thick rubber. It is great for cutting sideways thanks to the grip provided by the whole shoe structure.

If you are a fan of Derrick Rose, then you should know that these shoes reflect his great strength, especially in the lateral moves. It is designed with full-length boost cushioning for comfort and protection of all high-pressure areas. However, if you are looking for a bounce, this brand is likely to disappoint you.

Although the shoes are true to size, it is good for players with wide feet to try them out before making any purchase decisions. The best fit is provided by the shoes with a solid lockdown to limit the movements of your feet inside the shoes. D Rose 7 basketball shoes are well recognized for the level of support they afford you thanks to their stable base, outrigger, torsional, spring plate, lockdown wings, snug fit.
  • Features boost cushioning for improved support
  • The ankle collar is highly padded
  • The shoe provides a great grip for lateral movement
  • The sizing of these shoes will run a bit narrow for some feet

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet – Buyer’s Guide

With basketball, however, most players have larger than average feet that are also wide. This means that most of the shoe manufacturers supplying to the basketball players have to design shoes for wide feet. Like other products, you will find a variety of shoes to choose from with each shoe brand including unique features in its products. Factors to consider when shopping for basketball shoes for wide feet: traction, cushioning, fit, support, and style.


In basketball, players need to be careful not to slide while on the court due to the quick moves they have to make occasionally as they try to pass an opponent. To make sure you are safe from sliding, you need a pair of basketball shoes that feature great traction.

Various basketball shoe manufacturers have come up with different techniques to enhance the grip of their shoe brands. The firmer the grip the faster and safer the player is because his or her ability to make sudden moves is enhanced. Traction is not about the appearance of the shoes. Rather, it is the design in which the shoe is made to allow for better performance.


When it comes to buying the best basketball shoes for wide footers, you ought to consider its cushioning system. You want a comfortable shoe that provides enough support to your arch for ease of movement on the court. The various brands of basketball shoes in the market feature varying technologies for cushioning. Some of the common cushioning technologies preferred by basketball players include:

  • Nike Zoom Air
  • Adidas Boost
  • Under Armour Charged Cushioning
  • Jordan FlightPlate


The best basketball shoes are those that fit your feet properly, allowing enough room for your toes and breathing space. As such, when shopping for basketball shoes for wide-footers, you should take into account the broad toe box.

Be sure to avoid shoes that are too shallow because they cause a certain level of discomfort to your toes and lead to a poor performance.

The other thing to consider is the thumb space clearance, which is a test that helps you determine whether your toes will have enough space to move freely. The test helps you confirm that your toes are not in contact with the wall of the shoes.

For female basketball players, it is essential for you to avoid male shoes because they are often too wide and meant for larger feet. Such shoes, therefore, will not fit well and will be uncomfortable for you. This is likely to make your playing experience horrible.


When out shopping for a pair of basketball shoes, be sure to take the support they provide into account. Ankle injuries are the most common accidents that affect basketball players to the extent of undergoing surgeries to correct them. Finding shoes that perfectly support your ankles is essential and will go a long way into making your sporting time amazing. Basketball requires you to make many quick cut and jump moves that make it necessary for high-level arch and ankle support.

If you have a history of ankle injuries or other related issues, you should avoid the low and mid-cut types of shoes. Although this is likely to limit you from a wide array of basketball shoes, you will keep your ankles safe and your sports performance on a high level. Going for the high-cut type of basketball shoes is great since it will provide ample ankle support and ensure that the movement of the joints is minimal. As a result, you will not experience the wear and tears of the ankles no matter how rough the game may be.


The style of shoes worn by athletes is of great value, especially because most basketball players are celebrities. The shoes’ style, however, should never compromise their quality and intended purpose. It is important to note that the style you want may not always fulfill what your feet really need. Therefore, you should not get carried away by the pursuit of style because plush shoes may not always be ideal for your sporting experience.

Try to avoid famous brands if they do not meet all the factors discussed above. Remember that the manufacturers will always try to lure you into buying their products.

If you are so much into style, you should consider buying a fashionable pair of shoes to wear after or before your game. However, you should always buy the best basketball shoes for wide footers that feature cushioning, traction, and support because these are the features that determine how great or poor your performance is going to be.

Final Verdict

After comparing the unique features of each brand, we simply cannot ignore the superiority of Adidas D Lillard 2. They are designed to help you achieve greatness on the basketball court because they are highly responsive, have great cushioning for comfort, and offer a great grip for support. They also feature the PureMotion+ technology that makes them fit for wide feet because they will mimic your every movement for comfort. This makes the shoes from Adidas a desirable brand for basketball players.

The above shoes are not going to fit all foot types. This is why we recommend that you consider trying them out before making a decision. Trying shoes out before buying them is particularly essential for players with feet that are wider than regular feet.

When shopping for a pair of basketball shoes, it is crucial that you know the features you are looking for with respect to your sporting roles and experience. After finding a pair that you desire, you should research various consumer reports to know what other users think about it. Various shoe brands have featured athlete endorsements but you should take caution not to be enticed fast. Only buy basketball shoes that are fitting and comfortable.

Do you think there is a pair we should have included or excluded from our list? Let us know by sharing your comments or inquiries. Did you find the list helpful? If you did, feel free to share this article with your friends to keep them informed and to help them find the best basketball shoes for wide feet! Good luck shopping!

James/ author of the article
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  1. Richard P.

    I am a larger man and I have an issue finding the best basketball shoes for wide feet. I started playing basketball and my shoes got beat to dust from it. I have not only wide feet but flat feet with a tendency to retain water. I was looking around online and saw mixed reviews when it came to width so I started looking for unbiased reviews and breakdowns, it landed me here. Lots of information to go through but I just wanted to say thanks. I will let you know which ones I end up buying and if they worked out for me.

  2. Durrell

    I have such a difficult time finding good basketball shoes that will fit my feet. This is because my feet are wide but even wider than the average “wide.” I’ll try these out and see if they can fit my weird feet haha.

  3. Mark

    Unfortunately, I do have wider feet than the average person. I found that the Under Armour Ua Clutchfit Drive 3 – best basketball shoes for wide feet. It is very comfortable on my feet and doesn’t squeeze in weird places like some other kinds of shoes.

  4. ANNA

    I was reading your post concerning basketball shoe recommendations for wide feet. I am unclear with regards to the sizing. Do you mean that your recommended shoes can be ordered at regular sizes and will accommodate wide feet? Or, must they still be ordered in wide. I ask because I cannot find them online in wide sizes and since we live in a rural area, there are no stores in which to try them on in person. Thank you so much for your clarification.

    1. James (author)

      We REALLY appreciate your feedback Anna.
      Nike now makes a 4e wide basketball shoe its the (precision air 2 fly ease), the (LeBron soldier 12 fly ease) comes in extra wide as well. New Balance basketball shoe that comes 4e wide it is called the (BB581)
      Hmmm… maybe not a great choice, but it’s tough to know for sure until you put a pair on your feet!
      Here’s what I would say if none of the suggestions above work for you; First of all, stay away from synthetics (other than perhaps Flyknit) since they won’t stretch well.
      I’d also try any of the shoes I mention above in leather (if it’s an option) and I’ve heard good things from several sources about the D Lillard WOVEN or KNITTED material only. Lastly, this one’s a longshot but if you can find a pair of Tesh Sports shoes (you can see a few pairs on Amazon), they are totally made ONLY for wide-footers. The problem is that I can’t find a pair of basketball-specific Tesh Sports at the moment.
      Feel free to let me know if you need any help. G’luck!

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