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If you desire it stay cool anywhere, then battery operated fans are what you need. These simple devices run on batteries meaning they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They come in a very simple and basic design for easy operation and convenience. Many will feature only the necessary buttons and can be tilted to change the angle or direction of air flow.

There are mainly made of strong plastic which is lighter, more energy efficient, and also portable. To cater for the rising number of people seeking the portable fans, manufacturers keep introducing new fans. This has led to many varieties and brands. However, a close inspection of the current market shows that these are the best battery operated fans in 2019.

List of Top 9 Best Battery Operated Fans in 2019

O2COOL 10-inch Portable Camping Fan with Lights, Battery Powered Camping Fan, Portable Battery Fan, Fan with Lights, LED Lighting Fan, Portable Camping Accessories, 3-Adjustable Settings Fan
Avalon Adjustable Table Fan or Floor Fan - 20 Inch - 360 Degree Vertical Tilt, Durable & Lightweight, 3 Energy Efficient Fan Speeds -UL Approved, Black
Mini Handheld Fan, VersionTECH. Personal Portable Desk Stroller Table Fan with USB Rechargeable Battery Operated Cooling Folding Electric Fan for Office Room Outdoor Household Traveling Black
dizauL Portable Fan, Mini USB Rechargeable Fan with 2600mAh Battery Operated and Flash Light,for Traveling,Fishing,Camping,Hiking,Backpacking,BBQ,Baby Stroller,Picnic,Biking,Boating (Black)
$13.95$28.99 (52% off)
Lasko 3300 20″ Wind Machine Fan With 3 Energy-Efficient Speeds - Features Pivoting Head for Directional Air Flow
$39.99 (1% off)
SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Fan, Mini Desk Fan Portable Handheld Powered by Rechargeable Battery or USB, Small Personal Fan for Baby Stroller Car Laptop Table Camping Outdoors Home Office
$19.99$24.99 (20% off)
Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan Black
$13.49$34.55 (61% off)
Holmes 12-Inch Fan | Blizzard Rotating Fan with Remote Control, Black
$35.05$42.99 (18% off)

#9 O2COOL Battery Powered Portable Camping Fan, 10-inch

O2COOL Battery Powered Portable Camping Fan, 10-inch

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The O2COOL has released quite a number of battery operated fans into the market. Most have enjoyed amazing reviews and a good example is this 10-inch portable fan. It is a good choice for anyone who wants to beat the heat from anywhere and at any time. The camping fan is fairly light in weight and handling it isn’t a problem. It stays stable when placed on a flat surface like a desk or table and doesn’t shake when operating. It’s mainly crafted from heavy-duty plastic and will, therefore, resist rust, corrosion, fading, or stains. It can run on either replaceable battery or via an AC adapter.

#8 O2COOL Portable Clip-On Fan, 5-inch

O2COOL Portable Clip-On Fan, 5-inch

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Why do we pick this one?
  • Small size bit powerful
  • The speed can be varied to suit the need at hand
  • Clipping the portable fan on a desk or table is very easy
  • It works well both indoors as well as outdoors
  • The compact and lightweight fan doesn’t produce too much noise during operation

By just looking at this fan, you can easily write it off. It’s only after you’ve seen it operating that you’ll realize it’s actually among the powerful best battery operated fans in the market. It’s designed for use almost anywhere both indoors and outdoors and comes in a lightweight and compact design. To keep it stable during operation, it relies on the clip that firmly secures it on the desk, table, or the chosen location. It is powered by 4 AA batteries and can run for many hours before the batteries get drained. This is attributed to the energy-efficient motor and effective blades. Unlike other options, the fan doesn’t vibrate during operation and also keeps the noise level to a minimum.

#7 Avalon Adjustable Table / Floor Fan, 16 Inch

Avalon Adjustable Table : Floor Fan, 16 Inch

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By: Avalon

Why do we pick this one?
  • Durable and lightweight
  • High-velocity fan for maximum airflow
  • The motor feels very strong and powerful
  • Three fan speeds give the user several airflow options

You can use this fan when at home, office, park, campsite, in the car, or even at the stadium. The 16-inch fan is lightweight and carrying it won’t be a problem or an inconvenience. Simply slip it in a bag and be on your way. It generates high airflow for quick and effective cooling and is very silent. You can place the fan on either the table or the floor and it will still work great. This is credited to the sturdy stand that provides good stability as well as the adjustable fan head that allows you to select the best angle of airflow.

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#6 VersionTech Mini Handheld Fan

VersionTech Mini Handheld Fan

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By: VersionTech

Why do we pick this one?
  • Good practical design and easy to use
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable
  • Folds easily for better carrying or storage
  • Works with both dry or rechargeable batteries

When talking about the best battery operated fans, the VersionTech Mini handheld fan is usually mentioned. People talk about how handy the fan is and the nice design it comes in. It may be among the smallest portable fans but the volume of wind it produces is quite impressive. In fact, the fan can effectively cool more than one person when placed at a central position.

It can be folded down to a much a smaller size for easy handling and storage and has 3 varied speeds for maximum efficiency. It remains steady when placed on a flat surface and doesn’t vibrate too much. It’s also very silent and a perfect choice when in a quiet environment.

#5 dizauL Portable Battery Powered Fan

dizauL Portable Battery Powered Fan

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By: dizauL

Why do we pick this one?
  • Powerful and silent motor
  • Strong airflow and good distribution
  • Variable speed levels for added versatility
  • Lightweight and portable

Who said that you have to suffer from high temperatures or stuffiness when inside a tent, car without AC, log cabin, or in a boat? With this portable fan, you will enjoy the best cooling without paying a high price for it. It comes in a decent size for easy handling and operation and runs via a rechargeable 2600mAh Power Bank. The mini fan is very light and small enough to fit inside your backpack. You can also hang it on your bag via a carabiner. Areas, where this fan comes hand, include fishing, camping, traveling, backpack king, hiking, picnic, and biking.

#4 Lasko 3300 Wind Machine, 20-inch, 3 Speed Cooling

Lasko 3300 Wind Machine, 20-inch, 3 Speed Cooling

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By: Lasko

Why do we pick this one?
  • Good quality and well made
  • Powerful airflow that covers a long distance
  • Practical design and very portable
  • Large handle for easy carrying
  • Doesn’t require assembly

You can stay in a cool environment without blowing the budget. All you need is this battery powered fan from Lasko. Designed for use indoors as well as outdoors, the mini fan is very popular at campsites, offices, homes, in the car and many other places. It comes in a lightweight for improved handling and portability whereas the sturdy base keeps it firmly in place. The 20-inch fan can blow lots of wind and will cool the surrounding within a few minutes. The large handle improves handling and also makes moving the fan from one place to another easy.

#3 SkyGenius Battery Powered Clip-on Mini Desk Fan, Black

SkyGenius Battery Powered Clip-on Mini Desk Fan, Black

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By: SkyGenius

Enjoying effective cooling is as easy as clipping this fan to your desk or table. Although it’s made from plastic, the fan is very stable and won’t wobble even when operating at high speed. The uniquely-designed fan is powered by either replaceable or rechargeable batteries. It generates a high volume of airflow courtesy of the powerful motor and the sturdy blades. Despite the high performance, this unit doesn’t emit lots of noise and can be used around people or in a quiet environment.

#2 Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Fan, Black

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Fan, Black

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By: Honeywell

Why do we pick this one?
  • Quality airflow and minimal noise
  • Easy to operate and simple design
  • Can be mounted to a wall or placed on a desk
  • Varying the direction and angle of the wind is easy

Many people get surprised by how a small fan can generate so much wind. The HT-900 Turbo Force is a reliable air circular fan and is fit for the home, office, workshop, dorm room, and other places. It’s mainly made from heavy-duty plastic which makes it fairly light and also easy to carry around. The built-in motor powers the fans which generate high-quality airflow. It comes in a black color for elegance and boasts of a sturdy base.

#1 Holmes Blizzard Remote Control Power Fan, 12 -Inch

Holmes Blizzard Remote Control Power Fan, 12 -Inch

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By: Holmes

Why do we pick this one?
  • Good production and distribution of airflow
  • Powerful and silent operation
  • Convenient remote control
  • Oversized handle for better carrying

This is certainly the most popular battery powered fan in the market. It can be seen in homes, offices, hostels, dorm rooms, and many other places. The black accessory comprises of metal and plastic and comes with a firm base for minimizing wobbling or movement during operation. It also features a 3-speed setting for varying the amount of airflow as well as tilting design and rotation grill for selection the best direction. The wide design blows the wind in a wider area making it more effective than other options in the market.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to suffer from heat or feel stuffy because you don’t have a nice fan. You shouldn’t increase the cost of energy by running an air conditioner yet you are the only person in the room. Also, you shouldn’t feel restricted by a cord or power outlet that confines you to a specific zone. What you need is the best battery operated fan. It’s just as effective as the wired types but is very portable and convenient. It runs on batteries and can be used anywhere both indoors and outdoors. With so many items, we examined the market and managed to pick the best battery operated fans in 2019. What remains between you and owning any of these fans is a click of a button.