Top 10 Best Indoor/Outdoor Bungee Chairs Reviews In 2020

The bungee chairs are one of the most comfortable home chairs that you must consider buying this year if you need the ultimate comfort. It is a pretty comfortable chair that can help you relax and unwind both indoors and outdoors. Bungee chairs use bungee cords that offer distinct looks and conform to your body shape. The best bungee chair on the market needs to be breathable, durable, inexpensive and easy to maneuver. In this post, we are going to review the best bungee chairs for you to buy. Read through our post and select a bungee chair that best suits your needs and desires.

Table of the Best Bungee Chairs Reviews

10. Delta Children Star Wars Teen Bungee Chairs

Bungee Chairs

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This is a pretty bungee chair to start our list and one you can buy especially if you have teens at home. The chair is recommended for use from the age of 8 upwards and can hold up to 165lbs. It is a beautiful bungee chair that comes featuring the imperial crest and dearth Vader graphics to add some appeal to your home. The chair folds with easy to allow for easy storage and transport. It is a durable pick made of nylon, metal and fabric materials.

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  • Folds easily
  • Easy to assemble
  • Recommended for eight years and over
  • Holds 165 lbs
  • Features some very bold graphics

9. CampLand Bunjo Bungee Dish Chair for Kids and Adults

CampLand Bunjo Bungee Dish Chair, Fun for Adults & kids

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This is another fun chair designed for both adults and kids. It measures 22 by 32 by 33 inches and easily fits in your home giving you ample sitting space.  The chair is highly portable and lightweight allowing for easy transportation and storage. The frames of the chair are powder coated providing it with durability and sturdiness. Overall, it is a flexible chair that features the durable 600D fabric. It is a fun chair to have around during BBQs and camping.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Weight capacity of 225 pounds
  • Made of the solid 600D fabric
  • Powder coated steel frame

8. Giantex Garden Patio Folding Round Bungee Chairs

Giantex Folding Round Bungee Chair

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The round Giantex bungee chair is another top-notch pick when you need a lightweight and portable chair. It is pretty easy to use the chair that features the netted bungee cords. The cords offer users a comfortable sitting area with a durable 600D fabric that will last. Overall, the constriction of this chair comprises steel and fabric materials.  The high strength steel frames support a maximum of 264lbs. The chair also folds with easy for storage.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Folds with ease
  • Comfortable design
  • High strength steel metal

7. Zenithen IC504S-BUN3-TV1 Blue Bungee Chairs

Zenithen IC504S-BUN3-TV1 Bungee Chair

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The Zenithen is designed in the same manner as the Giantex bungee chair to provide users with a comfortable sitting place. It is a pretty sturdy and durable chair that features a durable 600D fabric and a stainless steel metal.  The sturdy steel frame supports weights of kids and adults with easy. This is a versatile chair that will offer you fun moments whenever you have outdoor activities.  It is easy to assemble and fold.

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  • Easy to assemble
  • Folds with ease
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • 600D fabric

6. Bunjo Black to Grey Bungee Chairs

Bunjo Bungee Chair

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This is a fun bungee chair that comes in a camouflage color to match with your outdoors. It is a great addition to any home and one that will offer you a good spot to relax and unwind.  The chair features a durable steel frame for added stability and durability.  It, however, folds easily for storage and transport. This coupled with the fact that it is lightweight makes it a good option when you have outdoor events.  It sits 2 D when folded flat.


  • Folds 2D flat
  • Light and flexible
  • Highly portable
  • Durable steel frame

5. Impact Canopy Portable Folding Bungee Chair

Impact Canopy Portable Folding Bungee Chair

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The Impact Canopy is a multi-use chair that can serve a wide range of applications in the home.  It is a highly portable chair that can be set outdoors, in dorms, in kids rooms or even at the office.  It folds flat allowing for easy transport and storage.  It is portable and lightweight and one you can easily carry in your truck. The bungee cord of this chair is quite flexible and provides users with good back support.  It also has a high-quality construction that guarantees you long use. The materials used are the high strength steel metal and the 600D fabric.


  • High strength stainless steel metal
  • 600D fabric material
  • Breathable and flexible
  • Lightweight and portable

4. Urban Shop Grey Bungee Chairs

Urban Shop Bungee Chair

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The Urban Shop is a perfect bungee chair for urban homes where you need a comfortable place to relax indoors. It features a soft padded sitting area with bungee cords below to offer support and make you feel comfortable at the same time. The soft plush fabric of this chair sets it aside from the rest of the market.  The steel frame construction is durable and features a locking mechanism. Overall, the chair is a good pick with a good maximum weight capacity of 225lbs.

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  • Weight capacity of 225lbs
  • Soft plus fabric for added comfort
  • Perfect for bedrooms, dorms, playrooms, and apartment
  • A locking mechanism on the steel frame

3. Easy Living Sunrise Bright Red Chair

Easy Living Sunrise Bright Red Chair

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This bright red Sunrise Chair is another top-quality bungee chair to have on our list with wide arrays of features.  It features a nice looking bright red color that will brighten your outdoor or indoor space and give your décor some sunrise appearance. The chair is pretty comfortable with a soft fabric supported by the bungee cords. It also features a durable steel construction that supports a weight of 22lbs. On top of the durable steel frame is the 600D fabric for long term use.


  • Two colors of bright red and royal blue
  • 225 lbs weight capacity
  • 600D polyester fabric
  • Sturdy steel frames

2. Impact Canopy Lightweight Round Bungee Chair

Impact Canopy Lightweight Round Bungee Chair

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This is another amazing bungee chair from the Impact Canopy brand. It is a pretty comfortable chair that can be used wide applications.  The round bungee is portable and ideal for camping. It folds flat to allow for easy storage in your truck and transport to the camp. It features some very flexible bungee cords that provide good support and great air flow.  The construction of this chair is durable and one that will serve you well in the long term.


  • It features the 600D fabric
  • Multiple uses
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Foldable
  • Good air flow and flexible bungee cords

1. Bunjo Bungee Chair Pink & Purple Zebra Print

Bunjo Bungee Chair Pink/Purple Zebra Print

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The Bunjo Zebra Print is the best bungee chair on our list with great features that you would love in any bungee chair. This chair comes in the purple and pink colors which are ideally ladies color. It is a perfect choice for women and one that can offer them amazing moments. The chair features a flexible bungee cord and durable steel frame for stability. It also folds with easy for transport and storage.  It is an ideal choice for sporting events and when you camp outdoors with family and friends.