Top 7 Best Cash Counting Machines Reviews in 2021

Counting cash by hand is not only hard but can be pretty tiring, Imagine counting bundles and bundles of notes? There is always a high margin of error since you may get confused in between or accidentally let go of a note and not forgetting the time you’ll waste doing it. Manually counting cash is also not healthy since as we all know, money can be quite dirty. The best solution is to go for a cash counting machine. It counts way faster and you’ll be done in no time. Modern machines are pretty accurate and can sort the money based on denominations. The best cash counting machines also give the totals and you don’t need to sum it all up after the counting. Some even come with UV, IR, and Magnetic sensors for detecting counterfeit notes. There are quite a number of money counters on the market. However, the following are currently the top-quality cash counting machines in recent market.

Top 7 Best Cash Counting Machines List

#7 HFS Bill Money Counter

HFS Bill Money Counter

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This cash counting machine is pretty fast and can count up to 900 banknotes in a minute. It comes in a nice and portable design for easy movement and stays firmly in place during the counting. It’s made from sturdy plastic and metal to bear frequent uses and is very accurate. The machine counts different denominations including US dollars, Euros, and Pound Sterling and arranges them in good order ready for strapping or bundling. It also features a large display for both the counter and customer to see. And to ensure no fake note slips through, this machine also comes with Magnetic and UV sensors.

#6 DOMENS Money Counter

DOMENS Money Counter

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Why do we pick this one?
  • Counts very fest
  • It’s easy to use and accurate
  • Takes up minimal space
  • It’s strong and durable

You shouldn’t waste so much time and effort counting manually. With this machine, not only will counting be a breeze but you will save a lot of time. It comes in a nice portable design for easy handling and doesn’t take up too much space. This makes it perfect for small space like a cash counter. The machine is built from tough materials to tolerate the high speed and regular use. It can count different denominations and features a high-quality rubber wheel that doesn’t wear fast and is very accurate. You also have the option of choosing manual or automatic counting while the large LCD displays give you and the customer the reading. This currency counter comprises IR, UV, and Magnetic sensors for detecting any fake or substandard notes.

#5 G-Star Technology Cash Counting Machine with UV/MG Counterfeit Bill Detection

G-Star Technology Cash Counting Machine with UV:MG Counterfeit Bill Detection

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By: G-Star Technology

Why do we pick this one?
  • Energy efficient and powerful
  • Easy to operate
  • Low noise level
  • Easy-to-read display

This money counter saves you the trouble of flying notes or recounting severally. Thanks to its advanced technology and precise rollers and rubber wheels, this cash counting machine will accurately count small as well as large volumes of notes. The portable machine can be used almost anywhere including the bank, office, retail outlet, money exchange and home. The powerful machine can counts many as 1000 bills every minute and can run continuously for 2 hours without overheating. It has a very high degree of counterfeit detection thanks to the Magnetic and UV sensors. It’s also among the most silent machines, comes with an easy-to-read display and a very stable base.

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#4 EOM-POS Money Counting Machine

EOM-POS Money Counting Machine

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Why do we pick this one?
  • Counts very fast
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Very accurate
  • Good quality and fairly silent

Rated as one of the best cash counting machines on the market, the EOM-POS machine is suitable for many places. It doesn’t occupy too much space and is also easy to carry. The accessory can count up to 1000 minutes per minute and is one of the fastest. In spite of being fast, it’s also very accurate and chances of double counting or miscounting are very minimal. It is fit for different currencies and counts and arranges them for easy bundling. The intelligent machine features Infrared, Magnetic, and UV sensors that will detect fake/ counterfeit note. Additionally, it will detect abnormal, substandard, half-notes, or worn notes. The LCD display is very clear while the built-in handle makes carrying easy.

#3 Pyle Automatic Cash Counting Machine

Pyle Automatic Cash Counting Machine

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By: Pyle

Why do we pick this one?
  • Very fast counting
  • Highly accurate
  • Very stable
  • Easy to operate and maintain

Capable of counting up to 1100 notes per minute, this cash counting machine stands out as among the best. It comprises of strong plastic, metal, and rubber materials that are resistant to wear and tear and extends the bill counters lifespan. The medium-size machine occupies little space and remains firm on the spot thanks to the nice base. It counts US dollars, Canadian Dollars, Pounds, and Euros and displays the totals on the conveniently-placed LCD display. Loading cash is done from the top and the cash exists from the lower section. And considering it automatic, you don’t need to stop and start the machine. Simply place the notes in the slot and wait. Like other top cash counting machines, it also detects counterfeit or fake notes thanks to the UV an MG sensors.

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#2 Goplus Money Counter

Goplus Money Counter

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By: Goplus

Why do we pick this one?
  • Large clear LCD display
  • Low noise level
  • Very accurate
  • Counts a range of currency notes

Counting notes no matter the quantity is easy with the Goplus cash counting machine. It counts up to 700 bills per minute and is quite accurate. Chances of two notes being counted as one or a note not being counted are unlikely. The portable machine is suited for many places and is loved because of its space-saving design. It’s also easy to carry and can run nonstop for quite some time without any overheating issues. The accessory can count a range of currencies including US dollars, Canadian dollars, Pounds, and Euros. It features Magnetic and Ultraviolet sensors for detecting counterfeit or substandard notes as well as dust-proof sensors.

#1 EOM-POS Money Counting Machine

EOM-POS Money Counting Machine

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Why do we pick this one?
  • Counts fast
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to view display

This bill counter counts up to 900 notes in a minute. It doesn’t shake or wobble during the operation or throw dirt and dust all over. The machine is fairly silent and is suited for a quiet environment. It is small in size, easy to carry, and occupies minimal space. Other than being clear and large, the included LCD display can be rotated for a better viewing by both the teller and the customer. It also features a practical carry handle and overheat protection to prevent damage especially when the machine is run continuously for a long time. The cash counting machine can detect counterfeit notes, half note, abnormal notes, and other types of notes courtesy of MG, UV, and other sensors.


Counting money especially in large quantities isn’t easy even for experienced tellers. There is a high likelihood of error, you spend lots of effort and time and will be unable to detect a fake notice especially when counting fast. Furthermore, touching money by hand or being too close to it exposes you to germs, dust, dirt, and bacteria that can make you sick. Fortunately, you can avoid all these issues by investing in the best cash counting machines. A top product will not only count fast and accurately but also shows the totals. Some even separate the notes based on size/denominations, age, and also detect counterfeit notes. By choosing the right cash counting machine, you not only save time but money too.