Top 10 Best Curved TV Wall Mount Reviews in 2018

A good TV is a necessity in every home; so is a TV wall mount bracket. But, the search for the perfect TV wall mount can be such a journey; especially one for curved TVs. For your information, today, the top-rated brands that produce the best flat/curved TV wall mounts are Fleximounts, Echogear, Loctek, and Suptek, and more. Let’s browse them below.

TOP 10 Best Curved TV Wall Mount Review

Fleximounts Curved TV Wall Mount Bracket 32-65 inch Curved TV Max 600x400mm Wall Mount Plate VESA Size
$59.99$81.99 (27% off)
Loctek CM3 Full Motion Ceiling Curved TV Mount Fits Most 32
Suptek Articulating Full Motion Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount Bracket for23-55 Inch LCD Plasma TV (MA4262-1)
Sanus Super Low Profile TV Wall Mount for 37
$59.99$62.55 (4% off)
Mount-it! MI-1121M-CBL TV Wall Mount Bracket Low Profile Tilt Design for 32 to 65 Inch LCD/LED/4K TVs, VESA 600x400 mm (MI-1121M)
Loctek R2 Both Curved and Flat TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most of 32-70 inches LED, LCD,OLED TVs with Articulating Arm Swivel & Tilt Max. Fits 16 inches Wall Stud/VESA Patterns up to 600 x 400mm
Fleximounts TV Wall Mount Long Extension Bracket Full Motion Articulating Swivel & Tilt for Most 32
Mount-It! Swivel TV Wall Mount Bracket with Full Motion Articulating Arm for 19-55 inch LCD LED OLED Flat Screen Monitor Televisions with VESA 75 100 200 400, 55lb Capacity WITH 17.5
ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount with Low Profile Design for 32-70 inch TVs - Eliminates Screen Glare with 15 Degrees of Smooth Tilt - Easy Install with All Hardware Included - EGLT1-BK
$34.99$39.99 (13% off)
ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/VESA Patterns up to 600 x 400-16
$79.99$99.99 (20% off)

10. Fleximounts CR1 Curved Panel TV Wall Mount Bracket


The first recommendation from us is the Fleximounts CR1 Curved Panel TV Wall Mount Bracket. It is compatible with VESA (mounting hole pattern) of 200X200mm, 300X300mm, 400x300mm, 400x400mm, 500x300mm, 500x400mm, 600x300mm, and 600x400mm.With the heavy gauge steel construction, the TV can support screens up to 132lbs.
The minimum mounting profile 2.8” can extend up to 18”. The bracket’s tilt function is adjustable 8-degree forward or 12 degree backward, and swivel 180 degrees. And, you can always adjust the installation afterwards to let the TV perfectly level.

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9. Loctek CM3 Full Motion Ceiling Curved TV Mount


Next, this is the Loctek CM3 Full Motion Ceiling Curved TV Mount. This TV mount is ideal for both curved and flat TVs of 32” – 65”. The types of VESA size that the mount supports are 100x100mm, 200x100mm, 200x200mm, 300x200mm, 300x300mm, 400x200mm, 400x300mm, 400X400mm, 500x400mm, and 600x400mm.
Equipped with 360° rotation function, the TV has a high flexibility as well as wide-angle swiveling between -180° to +180°, suitable for different viewing needs.

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8. Suptek Articulating Full Motion TV Wall Mount


Perfect for 23” to 50” flat and curved panel LEDs, LCDs, and plasma TVs, this Suptek TV wall mount is able to support weights up to 66lbs. VESA compliant patterns are 75×75 – 400x400mm. Plus, this adjustable mount with screen can be tilted for better viewing angels. Installation is a breeze. And, at this price point, this definitely is one of the best buys.

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7. Sanus Super Low Profile TV Wall Mount


With a universal mounting design, this TV wall mount is made for TVs & Monitors of 37” – 80”. And, when the wall mount is placed, the TV is just 1.84” from the wall. With this mount, your TV is secured with the mount’s locking mechanism of a quick release. And, this curved TV wall mount has a lateral shift function for perfect placement and centering on the wall.

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6. Mount-It! TV Wall Mount Bracket Low Profile Tilt Design


The company brand says it all about their specialty in wall mounting. This wall mount is for curved TVs of 32” to 65” and VESA of 600×400 mm. Its tilt range is 15°downward. And, this specific design is compatible with Samsung, Sony, LG, Sharp, Insignia, Vizio, Haier, Toshiba, Sharp, Element, TCL, Westinghouse, Panasonic, Emerson, JVC, etc. Besides, this Mount-it! TV wall mount is one of the strongest TV wall mounts on the market.

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5. Loctek R2 Curved and Flat Panel TV Wall Mount Bracket


Suitable for curved and flat panel TVs of 32” to 70”, this is a sturdy wall mount bracket that supports VESA patterns up to 600×400 mm. With heavy-gauge construction, this mount can hold TVs that weigh up to 99lbs. And, if window glare ever bothers you, this bracket solves the problem as it can be tilted up -2 and down 10 to reduce glare. Plus, installation is a snap.

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4. Loctek Ariticulating Arm TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount


Crafted with high quality cold rolled steel and heavy-gauge construction, this wall mount works for both curved TVs and flat TVs that are 32” to 50” big and weigh up to 66 lbs. Equipped with articulating six arms, this TV wall mount sure looks attractive, secured and very functional. Its full motion mount can tilt your TV up -2 and down 10 to reduce glare, and can swivel TV left or right according to your seats position.
This TV wall mount bracket can support VESA holes of 200X100mm, 200X200mm, 300X300mm, 400x300mm, and 400x400mm. On a side note, the mount is for concrete wall or single wood stud installation only. Therefore, you may choose a stud in center to mount your TV.

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3. Mount-It! Swivel TV Wall Mount Bracket


Another highly recommended wall mount bracket is this one from Mount-it! It supports curved TVs ad PC monitors of 19” to 55”, and can hold up to 55lbs of weight. This model is suitable for VESA of 200x200mm up to 400x400mm as well. Being so versatile, this curved TV wall mount can be used as a corner TV mount, too. The hinged, articulating arm can be extended up to 17.5” and can swivel 300 degrees at the VESA head bracket. Plus, with the included mounting hardware kit, installation is a breeze.

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2. Echogear Tilting Low Profile TV Wall Mount Bracket


This top-rated wall mount bracket is from the reputable Echogear. Suitable for TVs of 32” to 70”, this bracket is capable of tilting up to 15 degrees and supporting VESA patterns up to 600 x 400. Therefore, there will no annoying screen glare that gets in the way. When mounted, your TV is only 2.5” far from the wall, providing you easy access to cables.
And, don’t you worry about compatibility because the purchase comes with an extensive hardware packet for you to use. Besides, Echogear customer service is always there for you whenever you need.

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1. Echogrear Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket


Undeniably, Echogear is taking the lead in producing the very best TV wall mount brackets. This specific model is compatible for TVs of 37” to 70” and 132lbs as well as VESA patterns up to 600x 400mm. And, heavy lifting is this TV wall mount bracket’s ultimate specialty. The bracket avoids window glares with the 15-degree tilt capability, making adjustment easy at all time. Installation is never easier. Plus, we can’t get over the superb customer service of this company. Outstanding product at a great price!

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Look no further because provided above is the ultimate curved TV wall mount reviews from the greatest companies in the TV accessories industry. Have you found the ideal option for you yet?