Top 8 Best Dog DNA Tests Reviews In 2020

If you’re a dog owner, then you probably know its breed. Knowing your dog’s breed is one of the best ways towards preventing some hereditary diseases and giving the dog the best care.  Dog DNA Tests are pretty easier than most people think. Most tests are ordering online, and users need to send a swab from their dog. Tests might differ in the results you receive depending on the DNA Tests done.  This is why choosing the best dog DNA tests are important.

In the review below, we look at some of the leading dog DNA tests in the market currently. Read on and choose one today as you look to plan the health of your dog.

Table of the Best Dog DNA Tests Reviews

8. Wisdom Health Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

Dog DNA Tests

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The Wisdom Panel features some of the largest dog breed databases for DNA testing in the world and a top choice to consider. With more than 25 breeds of dogs covered, you have a test kit that is officially licensed to offer canine DNA tests in the US. A single test gives you results for pure breeds, mixed breeds, and ancestry background. You get your results 2-3 weeks after samples have been sent.


  • A simple swab test helps uncover your dog’s DNA based insights. You get to learn about your dog’s wellness needs, behaviors and unique appearance.
  • This is a licensed canine test in the USA showing its reliability
  • Does DNA testing for over 250 breeds of dogs
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7. Embark Veterinary 160-Health Results Dog DNA Test

Embark | Dog DNA Test | Breed Identification | 160 Health Results

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Embark is a very accurate DNA test kit with capabilities to test 100x more genes in your dog and give you accurate DNA results. Detection of back to great-grandparents is offered so that you don’t just know the breed but also the ancestry. Dog owners get to understand over 160 genetic diseases and have better health plans for their dogs using this kit. This kit has been tested and proven to work with recommendations from the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, hospitals, and professional dog breeders.


  • The kit is quite advanced and comprehensive to cover all your dog needs
  • Accurately covers 100 times more of your dog’s genes
  • You get to understand over 160 genetic diseases

6. Mars Veterinary 2.5-Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

Mars Veterinary 2.5-Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

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The Mars Veterinary is one of the best-selling DNA testing kits for dogs and a great product that will give you insights into your dog’s health.  The kit offers MDR testing where you get results for mutant MDR gene. These results are quite helpful and can help prevent cases of serious drug reactions. With just a simple swab, you will be emailed with a full background of your dog’s ancestry and DNA helping you plan better training programs.


  • Results are directly emailed to the address you provide
  • The kit gives you adult range predictions that enable you to plan better nutrition and diet
  • MDR1 testing is offered to help prevent cases of adverse drug reactions
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5. Wisdom Health Panel 2.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

Wisdom Health Panel 2.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

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The Wisdom Panel 2.0 DNA Test Kit is another quality choice when you need a variety of results on your dog’s ancestry, adult weight range and DNA. The kit helps uncover your dog’s DNA insights through a simple swab with results sent to your address in 2-3 weeks. This kit is an early version of the Wisdom Panel 3.0 but a good one that allows for a mixed breed, Designer Dog or Pure Breed testing. Accurate adult range predictions help you plan the dog’s diet and nutrition better while genetic insights help with better training programs and disease prevention.


  • Adult range predictions that enable you to feed your dog the right foods
  • Accurate DNA and ancestry results
  • A single test offers results for pure breeds and mixed breeds

4. Wisdom Panel Insights Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit

Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit

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The Wisdom Panel DNA testing kit for the mixed breed is another product you should consider if you have mixed breeds of dogs. It is a top quality choice that can tell you of your dog’s ancestry and DNA sequence. Results from the swab will be sent to your address helping you design better training programs for your dog. The kit further helps you customize the dog’s diet and nutrition based on the specific needs of the breed.


  • The kits offer good results for mixed dog breeds
  • Comprehensive mixed breed checks are offered
  • You get to learn of your dog’s ancestry

3. Affordable Allergy Test Home Environmental & Food Intolerance Test Kit

Home Environmental and Food Intolerance Test Kit

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This Home Environmental and Food Intolerance Test Kit is a free pain pick that uses that cells found on the dog’s hair to give you accurate results. There is no pricking the dog’s skin to withdraw blood. Send the samples and get the results is a 2-3 period which is quite fast. This way, you get to know foods to feed your dog and foods to avoid. The kit tests over 6000 allergens and intolerance. A full refund is given just in case you feel unsatisfied with the results.

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  • Pain-free testing without pricking. Swabs are cells on the hair
  • Extensive testing with over 600 allergens tested
  • 100% refund if not satisfied

2. Wisdom Two-Dog DNA Kit 2Pk

Wisdom Panel DNA Kit 2Pk for 2 DOGS

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You don’t have to buy two kits if you have one dog. The Wisdom DBA comes with two kits packed giving you better value for money. This way, you can test all your dogs at once and get results emailed to you in a fast period of 2-3 weeks. The result sent to you give you breed insights, ancestry, and adult weight range. This way, dog owners know what to feed their dogs, their right training programs and diseases the dogs are likely to get.


  • Two packs to take swabs of two dogs
  • Results in 2-3 weeks
  • A wide range of testing

1. Mars Veterinary  2.5-Breed Two-Dog Identification DNA Tests

Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 2.5 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

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This is an upgraded version of the Mars 2.4 and surely a better choice when you need a wide range of results and better accuracy. The kit works nicely, and in some cases, the vet checking the samples calls you instead of just emailing you the results. There is a lot of work put ion the report so that you know what to do with your dog.


  • Comes in two packs for two dogs
  • It detects a wide range of breeds
  • Accurate results of the DNA and ancestry and emailed to you


Next time you see your dog behaving differently than you expect it, maybe it is time you did a test to know its breed.  Order one of these great dog DNA test kits today and get to know your dog ancestry and DNA. This way, better care, and training can be offered to the dog.