Best Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaners Reviews

An inefficient pool cleaner is so scary that it leaves a lot of dirt and debris in the water which can cause all the health problems. However, these issues can be solved if you have a robotic pool cleaner, especially from Dolphin.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the top 10 best premier robotic pool cleaners from Dolphin. Explore their potentials with us to see how they can serve your demands.

Buying Guides Of Best Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaners

If you want to get a good pool cleaner for your swimming pool, here are the criteria to determine a good one.

Filtering and scrubbing capabilities: a good pool cleaner features a deep clean process on both of the walls and floor. The filtering and scrubbing capabilities are the most important factors to determine whether it can clean the pool thoroughly to details.

Mobile app control: since it features a robotic design, it should include various smart functions, such as mobile app control. This enables you to have a schedule set in the app for the cleaner to do its own cleaning when the scheduled time comes. It can be scheduled every day, once every 2 days or once every 3 days.

Cleaning time: a high-quality pool cleaner never takes the whole day to just do the cleanup. Instead, the cleaning time should be controlled within 2 – 4 hours to get the pool ready for use.

8. DOLPHIN Triton PS Plus Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

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First of all, we have this Triton PS Plus model of the robotic pool cleaner from DOLPHIN. It is designed ideally to do the cleanup for a pool party. This cleaner is compatible with the swimming pool size at up to 50 feet. It is responsible for a deep clean of the pool as it is equipped with some great filtering capabilities. It also provides the scrubbing function to clean the vertical surfaces more thoroughly.

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This robotic pool cleaner can do the cleaning jobs on its own without the need for extra equipment. What you need to do is simply plugging it in and dropping the cleaner into the pool. Users can also set a weekly cleaning schedule with this cleaner using the mobile app. The app enables various settings, including cycle options and spot cleans.

7. DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaners

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Moving onto the next Nautilus CC robotic pool cleaner from DOLPHIN, it is designed for a smaller pool size which features the maximum coverage range of 33 feet. The cleaning process takes only about 2 hours to get it ready for a party. Compared to cleaners of other brands, this pool cleaner is 8 times more powerful in terms of its energy.

In addition, this pool cleaner is made with a wide range of capabilities, including scrubbing and filtering. These are really helpful especially when the pool is not washed on a daily basis. All the walls and floors are cleaned thoroughly to restore a clean environment for swimming. There are 3 settings for the cleaning schedule, which includes every day, once per 2 days, and every 3rd day.

6. DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Plus Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaners

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When should you choose this Nautilus CC Plus model? The answer is when you have a large swimming pool at up to 50 feet. However, it is equipped with a more powerful motor which can also do the cleaning within 2 hours. During the operation, users do not need to sit there and monitor this robotic pool cleaner.

It also includes the scrubbing and filtering capabilities, so that it can clean the walls to details. No matter how hard the dirt and dust are difficult to remove, this cleaner can get rid of them all at the end of the day. It is also an independent tool that does not require the help of other equipment. If you are afraid that you can forget to do the cleaning, you can simply set the schedule modes for the cleaner to clean every day, once every 2 days or once every 3 days.

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5. DOLPHIN Premier Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaners

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Would you like to have a convenient drop-and-go pool cleaner? If so, this must be your first selection. This premier model is famous for its easy operation. There is only a button to operate the whole cleaning process, while this portable and compact cleaner can clean up to 50 feet. It is also supported by a 3-year warranty to assure the quality.

It is equipped with the CleverClean technology which operates on the most advanced algorithm to move around and clean the pool with ease. The cleaner is also built-in with dual scrubbing brushes to eliminate all the tough and unwanted dirt and debris. Yet, this cleaner can take a bit longer to clean the pool since the timer is set within 3 hours. However, one of the most significant features about this cleaner is that there are 3 filter options, which are bottom load, ultra-fine and oversized filters.

4. DOLPHIN Oasis Z5i Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaners

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This Oasis Z5i model is also worth taking into consideration. This pool cleaner takes about 2.5 hours to clean a 50-feet pool. The machine can go underwater in order to clean every horizontal and vertical angle of the pool. It is capable of delivering a deep clean operation as it scrubs both of the walls and floor.
It can be paired with the mobile MyDolphin app in order to set the schedule for cleaning. It can be scheduled on a daily basis, every other day, or once per 3 days. In terms of its suction power and pressure, it is 8 times more powerful and efficient if compared to other pool cleaners. It also features an energy-saving design as the cost is maintained to be as low as 5 cents per hour. This saves you a lot of energy and money from the pool cleaning.

3. DOLPHIN Sigma

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What about the DOLPHIN Sigma pool cleaner? It can move around the pool freely in order to clean with attention to details. It is very easy to use with the anti-tangling swivel cable that enables the cleaner to clean the maximum area of 50 feet. It also comes with a 3-year warranty to ensure the best peace of mind.

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It features a large loading cartridge filter that is compatible with capturing and trapping all the debris to restore the cleanliness of the swimming pool. It is equipped with dual scrubbing brushes so that it can get rid of all the contaminants no matter how sticky they are to the pool. Yet, the cleaning process only takes 2.5 hours to complete. It is compatible with smartphone apps for the schedule setting.

2. DOLPHIN Triton PS

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Another great choice is the DOLPHIN Triton PS model. For a pool size at 50 feet, it only requires 2 hours in order to make every detail of the pool clean again. It features a deep clean function which includes the scrubbing and filtering capabilities in the water. No dirt and debris can escape from this powerful filtration system.

In addition, it does not require additional tools to do the cleanup. The pool cleaner itself is efficient in terms of both design and energy. It also provides the schedule settings, which enable you to schedule the cleaning every day, twice per week, or 3 times a week.

1. DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme

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Last but not least, we shall take a look at this Nautilus CC Supreme pool cleaner. It is equipped with a powerful motor that can deliver powerful filtering and scrubbing capabilities. It can clean both of the walls and floors to the best without any hassles. This pool cleaner can work with the MyDolphin Plus app so that users are able to use the smartphone in order to monitor the cleaning progress.

The operation is so easy that you only need to plug in order to get it ready to go. It is independent on its own, and there are no external factors, including low pressure, to disturb the cleaning process. The design of this pool cleaner is also cost-efficient as the average cost is measured only about 5 cents per hour.
For these reasons, this premier robotic pool cleaner is highly recommended if you have a swimming pool in the house.


All in all, a robotic pool cleaner can save you a lot of time and energy in doing pool cleaning. All the functions are done through the advanced algorithm of smart technology. Among all the brands on the market, Dolphin is a reliable one that has continued to serve us for many years.

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