Top 10 Best Electric Razors for Men in 2020

For both men and women, it is very important to look presentable as it gives you the confidence to kick start your day and boost the performance of pretty much everything you do. If you are a man, to look neat is pretty easy and many people would agree that for a man to look neat and put together, they need to shave. Although this is a somewhat biased opinion, you are still here to look for a razor blade anyways.   Now, it is necessary to look for a good razor blade as bad shavers could potentially cause you injuries and discomfort. This is the reason why we are presenting you the top 10 best electric razors for men in 2020 and also a buying guide because shopping for a razor blade can be quite tricky.

List Of Top 10 Best Electric Razors for Men in 2020 + Buying Guide

10. Hatteker

Hatteker Men's Electric

The first product on our list is the Hatteker electric razor blade which is known to be the best electric razor for men’s facial hair. This is perfect for those who travel often because it comes with an auto lock function which prevents potential damages during traveling. Moreover, the LED Display reminds you about the battery capacity, charging status, cleaning required status, and travel lock. Basically, if you are looking for something that is easy to use and good for traveling, the Hatteker razor is for you.

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9. Phisco

Phisco Electric Shaver

Phisco’s electric razor blade is one of the most durable product out there you can find. First of all, this lasts a really long time with just a charge and it is also waterproof. This makes the perfect gift someone who loves to have a convenient shaving which is quick and easy. Moreover, you can also self-sharpen the razor so you do not have to worry about having to switch the head that frequently.

It uses a UBS flashing charging technology which only needed to be charged for just 1 hour and you can use it up to 120 minutes. It is necessary to mention that the head of this shaving device is 3D and with the technology being implemented in this particular device, it makes the perfect gift for your loved one.

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8. Eunon

EUNON Electric Shaver

The third product on our list is from the company called Eunon which is known for being the best electric trimmer for men’s face. This device only needs to be charged for 60 minutes and it can be used up to 90 minutes which is equivalent to 2 months of usage. The trimmer itself comes in just the color black and the dimension of this product is 6 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches wide.

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7. Fance

Electric Razor Shaver

The electric razor from Fance is what you need for a good shaving. Not only that the head is smooth but you also prevent injuries with this deivce. Normal razors would cause facial injuries such as cuts and tears and it can lead to infections through the wound which is why it is a good idea for clumsy shavers to purchase this product. The dimension of this product is 1.2 x 1.6 x 2.8 inches wide.

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6. Bemagsa

BEMAGSA Electric Shaver

Shaving in the water can be troublesome especially if your razor is not water proof. This is the reason why the 5D electric razor blade is invented with a water resistance structure which means that the whole body of the razor is washable without any worries.

MultiPrecision Blades raise and cut long and short hairs while shaving heads flex in 5 directions to ensure close skin contact for a fast, close and comfortable shave, even on the neck and jaw line. Overall, this razor is definitely worth the investment because of its amazing functions.

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5. Max-Tcare

Max-Tcare Men's

If you are worried of painful shaving, then you should consider getting this electric shaver from Max-Tcare because with this razor blade, you do not have to worry about cuts and infections on your skin. Designed with battery status countdown in percentage on large LCD display to remind you of recharging when necessary.

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4. Roziapro

Electric Shaver Razor

A multifunction razor is this Roziapro razor blade which is able to shave not only just beardsa but also other places such as sideburns and trimming facial hair to perfection. The led indicators also able to tell you the percentage of the battery as well which is convenient as this allows you to charge whenever you run of out battery beforehand. Overall, it has a high quality shaver head and it Is waterproof which is worth the purchase. Besides, this one is also commented by customers that it is one of the best electric razors for men’s head.

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3. Ramington

Remington F5

Looking for an impeccable flawless shaving? Then the electric shaver from Raminton is the one for you. It is designed to stick close to your skin without causing injuries but instead shave the hair to smoothly that it looks like each and every single strand is gone. This is a product worth spending money on because when you use it, it is almost as if you just went to a professional waxer to get things done. It only needs to be charged for 2 hours and last up to 60 minutes of cordless shaving. It is also waterproof and you are able to clean it as well.

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2. Philips Norelco

Philips Norelco Shaver

The second last product on our list is the Philips Norelco shaver which has Pivot, Flex and Float System keeps the heads in close contact with the skin for a fast and efficient shave. Moreover, this product gives you smooth shaving without irritating the skin. To enjoy the closest and most comfortable shave from your new Philips Norelco Men’s Razor, the razor should be used exclusively for 3 weeks. This allows your hair and skin enough time to adapt to the Philips Norelco Shaving System.

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1. Braun

Braun Electric Shaver

The last product on our list is the Braun shaver which is known as the most efficient shaver in the world. It comes with 5 shaving elements and 2 specialized trimmer. The premium display counts down the remaining battery time with 5 different steps and counts down the last 9 min. of shaving time which is the perfect feature for alerting you when to charge your device instead of it being completely running out of battery and shut off.

Overall, the name is definitely a good description of the product because it is definitely what it sounds like. Now let’s move on to the buying guide in order to help you search for something which is the most suitable for you.

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Buying Guide:

getting a razor blade can be very tricky especially if you never really shop for one before or perhaps, you are getting this a gift and do not know how to choose the one which is appropriate. this is why the buying guide is here to guide you. While picking a good electric razor blade, you should be searching for 3 main functions which are water resistance, long battery life and multi function.

Waterproof: the reason why it is so important to buy a razor blade which is waterproof is because we all shave during a shower or a bath, this is why an electric razor blade being waterproof is extremely convenient as this prevent further damages if being expose to water.

Long battery Life: you will never know when you are going for that one quick trip, and you think to yourself that you just put it to charge a few days ago. Then when you turn it on, the battery was completely gone. Picking something that is going to last you a long time being charged for just a short period of time is an awesome deal. This does not just apply on just the electric but it applies on everything that is a technological device.

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Multifunctional: Everything that is a multifunctional device is always the biggest money saver. Sometimes it is not just about saving a couple of bucks but it is also about convenience. You do not want to go on a trip while carrying 5 different shavers for 5 different places to shave on your body. Getting something which is able to shave in many directions and many places such as beards, sideburns and your body is an amazing qualification to set for your electric shaving purchase.


In conclusion, these are the top 10 best electric razors in 2020 starting that come with different functions and different price points. All of them are highly assured on quality and have been tested by costumers thoroughly, therefore you do not have to worry about the quality; just focus on what is best for you. This should not stress you out as well because we have prepared you a buying guide on how to choose the best electric razor blade just in case this is your first time purchasing or your first time getting this as a gift from someone. Lastly, thank you for spending time with us.


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Every working man wants to look professional. Even though different people define professionalism differently; however, your appearance is a core component. It is not just the way you dress but also how clean and tidy you are.

You should have a shaving routine to make sure everything is tidy on your body. As a result, you need a good electric razor for that. Here are ten electric shaver reviews that you could take a look to get a good razor for yourself.

List of  Top 10 Best Electric Razors for Men in 2020

10. SUPRENT 4-Blade

SUPRENT 4-Blade Electric Foil Shaver for Men

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Everyday starts with every energized and fresh morning because of Suprent 4-Blade. There are several features built in the product. The electric razor comes with a trimmer and two cellular foils. With the design, the razor has a powerful shaving capability. In addition, since there are three blades at different levels, those blades could adapt to shave hair at different contours of your face.

Furthermore, the razor’s blades are made of stainless steel. The blades could adjust to be tough when it comes to shaving your beard but smooth for hair on your skin. Moreover, the electric razor uses ‘Lithium-Ion’ battery while it takes only five minutes to charge full battery. What’s more, there is a locking key for you to bring it during your travel. Lastly, the product comes with free replace for a year.


HATTEKER Electric Shaver Razor Beard Trimmer Rotary Shaver Wet and Dry 2 in 1

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If there are any other qualified electric razor, that would be Hatteker. There are several features that the designers have come up with for this product. There are two different functions built in the product. It could serve as either razor or trimmer for your nose hair. In addition, the product is waterproofed; therefore, you could also shave your bear and hair with cream as well. The battery could be charged too. It takes you only one hour and half for charging while you can use this electric razor model for sixty minutes.

The charging system also comes with an LCD indicator so that you could know the charging status. Furthermore, the product also comes up with 3D rotary function. Hence, it could adjust to different facial contours. You could get the product for the gift of your beloved father.

8. Ceenwes

Ceenwes Electric Razor Hair Clippers Rechargeable Electric Shaver

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Here you go with Ceenwes. There are various qualities that you could learn from the product. The charging process of this electric razor could take you ninety minutes while you can use the razor for forty-five minutes. In addition, the 3D rotary shaving function of the product allows the machine to adapt and adjust to different facial curves. Therefore, it guarantees a smooth and clean shave.

Furthermore, the blades are designed to cut even very tiny hair. The product can also be used for both dry and wet shaving. Plus, the handle is ergonomic so that you could have a comfortable grip. Lastly, the product comes with a two-year warranty.

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CEENWES Update Version 7 In 1 Electric Razor Men

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If you are looking for other options that could fit your expectation, that could be Ceenwes. There are several reasons that you could consider the product. Ceenwes comes with seven functions. Those functions include hair trimmer, clipper, cleaning brush, as well as trimmer for precision, lady, sideburns, ear/nose, and more. The product also comes up with a LCD display so that you could know about the razor’s battery status. The LCD display shows red light to indicate low battery while the green light indicates full battery.

Furthermore, there is a 3D rotary shaving function designed for the product; as a result, the razor is capable of shaving on different facial curves. This function guarantees that you got a smooth and clean shave. What’s more, the charging process could take you one hour while you could use the razor for one hour as well. Lastly, the product comes with a two-year warranty.

6. Braun Series

Braun Series 3 310s Men's Electric Foil Shaver

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Here you go with Braun Serie. There are a few qualities that you could look for from the product. The razor comes with three pressure-sensitive degrees so that you could guarantee efficient and smooth shaving. In addition, the package includes two rechargeable batteries.

Furthermore, the razor supports both wed and dry shaving. As a result, you could shave with cream too. The product is waterproofed too. The product is designed in Germany.

5. Professional Electric

Professional Electric Razor Rotary Shaver For Men

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Professional Electric is a professional electric razor. There are several qualities that you could get from the product.

Professional Electric have four main functions. Those functions include shaving, hair trimmer for sideburns and hair, as well as facial brushing. Additionally, the product is waterproofed. Thus, it is okay to clean it with water for later use. The product is also rechargeable.

Furthermore, the 5D rotary shaving function allows the machine to be flexible with your different facial curves. What’s more, the LED display indicators the battery status of the machine. If you charge for ten minutes, you could get one-time shaving.

4. Hatteker Professional

Hatteker Professional Electric Shaver Razor For Men

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If you are looking for another professional electric razor, Hatteker Professional could be the one. There are several features designed for this product. There are four main functions such as beard shaving, sideburn trimming, nose hair trimming, etc.

In addition, there is a LED indicator so that you could know your battery status and when to charge. What’s more, it takes you around 1.5 hour for charging while you could use the razor for 90 minutes. There is a one-year warranty from the product too.

3. Philips Norelco

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

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For some reasons, Philips Norelco got its name in the list too. The product provides you smooth and comfortable shaving. You got smooth shaving because of the rounded edges from the blade. Furthermore, the 4D rotary function makes the blade easier to be flexible with different facial contours.

Also, the best electric shaver for men is powered by a Lithium-ion battery. Lastly, you could remove the blade so that you could clean the razor easily.

2. Panasonic ES8243A

Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Razor for Men


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Panasonic ES8243A got various qualities that you could get from the best razor for men. The razor blade comes up with ‘Arc4 Nanotech’ technology so that it guarantees you a clean and fast shaving. At the same time, you could do both wet and dry shaving. In addition, the technology allows the blades to adapt to different facial contours for smooth shaving.

The head glides also help with this function. Moreover, the shaving allows 13,000 cuts/minute. This best shaver for men is waterproofed too. Lastly, there is a LCD display to indicate statuses of the razor.

1. Remington F5

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men's Electric Razor-Electric Razors for Men

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Remington F5 got the first-best electric razor. There are several qualities that provide the razor such a privilege. The razor takes you only five minutes for quick charge and with the charge, you could shave for one time. If you charge for sixty minutes, you could use the razor for twenty days.

In addition, the electric razor is washable. The shaver head could adapt to different facial contours with close contact such as jawline or neck. Lastly, the ‘Intercept Shaving’ system allows the blade to trim long hair before getting a shave.


Provided above is a curated list of the top 10 best electric razors for men in 2020. Since there are different options, you have more possibilities to get a good product. If you have questions in regards to any product in this review, please contact us. We are looking forward to answering your questions.