Top 10 Best External Storages for iPhone in 2018 Reviews

Forget lengthy transfers over the cloud. Every day brings you the new technology to make your work more relaxed, and this technological piece of marvel lets you back all the data you need from your phone to a separate drive for storage and to free up space. External storage for iPhone gives you a lot of space to save you most treasured data while efficiently solving the awkward situation of Memory Full. After searching high and low, we provided you with a guide that will help when selecting the ideal piece from the overwhelming multitude of choices.

List of Top 10 Best External Storages for iPhone in 2018 Reviews:

Factors to consider when buying external storages for iPhones:

Capacity: The size of files you intend to save on the external storage will determine the capacity of the external storage you should opt for. High-quality photos and HD videos usually occupy more space of the iPhone storage while documents take less space. Choose a drive that matches your needs. A more significant capacity should, however, mean more cost.

Durability and security: If you are frequently using the external storage, you need one that can make it through everyday use. Consider the physical strength of the casing and connector and that of the NAND memory chips. A metal case and a robust connector will guarantee physical durability. Consider models that feature security encryptions like passwords and Touch ID. This will help secure any private information in the drive.

Speed: If you are going to transfer large files, speed is another consideration to have in mind. USB 3.0 flash drive has transferring speeds of 60MB/s which makes it makes it more superior to USB 2.0 which usually have speeds averaging at 5MB/s. USB 3.0 is compatible with USB 2.0 ports. You get speeds of about 25MB/s when you use USB 3.0 flash drives on USB 2.0 ports. The cost of USB 3.0 flash drives is much higher than USB 2.0 flash drives but offer you better performance.

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Extras: look out for features like an option for automatic backup. You may desire a system that regularly backups your external storage devices. The extra extension ensures the connector of the external drive works with most of the thick cases without having to take them off.

10. iPhone iPad Flash Drive USB 3.0 Adapter with Extended MFi Lightning Connector

iPhone iPad Flash Drive USB 3.0 Adapter with Extended MFi Lightning Connector

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By: HooToo External Storages for iPhone

The first pick prides itself on its ease of use, flexibility, and portability. The external storage device supports all media formats and is compatible with most iPhones and computers. It’s capable of transferring files as large as 4 GB thanks to exFAT adoption. The USB 3.0 lets you enjoy close to 8.0 MB/s reading and 30 MB/s writing speed while the lightning port allows 30 MB/s reading and 10 MB/s writing speed.

Another great specification with this unit is the safety precautions installed as the password and touch ID meaning even if someone came across it; they won’t access the content. The iPlugmate app pairs perfectly with this drive to relieve your iPhone of the bulky data you want out.


  • 18 months warranty.
  • The cap is tethered to the device to secure it.

9. iPhone iPad Flash Drive 64GB USB 3.0 with Charging Support

iPhone iPad Flash Drive 64GB USB 3.0 with Charging Support

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By: RAVPower

With the rise of downloadable app, games and media comes the need for extra storage. This option allows you to instantly free up your i-device memory with 64 GB of backup space. The RAVPower iPhone flash drive boasts speeds of up to 80 MB/s and 30 MB/s reading and writing values respectively and the exFAT authorization means you can transfer files as large as 4 GB. That makes it perfect for movies and hefty games.

But the most impressive part of this storage device is that it can act as a charging cable for your Apple gadget. It’s MFi certified for being compatible with most Apple products giving you the flexibility to store files from old devices. Another bonus is the fact that it comes with a touch ID and password security protection for your data.


  • Allows you to backup contacts and restore to another device.
  • This option integrates excellently with iPlugmate to enable you to save taken pictures and videos directly.

8. iOS USB Flash Drives for iPhone 32GB [3-in-1] Lightning OTG Jump Drive

iOS USB Flash Drives for iphone 32GB [3-in-1] Lightning OTG Jump Drive

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It is a waste of time and money to purchase something that will not deliver the desired results. This external iPhone drive comes with a 32 GB memory card which offers ample storage when it is needed the most so that you can backup or free some memory on your iPhone. In fact, you don’t have to save pictures and video, just take them using the App camera and the media will be automatically saved on your drive.


  • ID and password encryption for data protection
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

7. HooToo 128GB iPhone iPad Flash Drive USB 3.0 with MFi Lightning connector

HooToo 128GB iPhone iPad Flash Drive USB 3.0 with MFi Lightning connector

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By: HooToo

This piece is for those who can afford to spend a little bit more for peace of mind, this external drive for iPhone has always left them satisfied. Apart from the extraordinarily large storage capacity, the fact that it is entirely up to par with craftsmanship so you won’t have to buy an upgrade sooner is another feature that differentiates this piece from its peers. With an enormous capacity of 128 GB to offer, it is most voluminous regarding extra storage, it could even compete with external HDDs (hard disc drives), with the advantage of being far more portable.

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It automatically backs media from your camera roll and can perform optimally with your Mac or Windows computer by connecting the 3.0 USB, considering it has exFAT permission. Covering it is a lightweight aluminum casing which makes it sleek and can make it through after so long of use.


  • It has a cap with a ring for tethering making it easy to carry.
  • Supports all the popular formats of music, pictures, and video.

6. USB Flash Drives for iPhone 32GB Pen-Drive Memory Storage

USB Flash Drives for iPhone 32GB Pen-Drive Memory Storage

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By: G-TING External Storages for iPhone

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is one of the best external storage for iPhone. This piece by G-ting is extremely durable, portable and functional. No wonder users feel so feel confident, secure and satisfied each time they plug it into their Apple devices. This unit couldn’t be more natural and more pleasure to use with the 80 MB/s reading and 40 MB/s writing speeds.

Another base benefit has a friendly streaming app which supports all music and video formats and is easy to use too. Privacy and security are also heightened by open touchID and password on setting In the ‘i-Easy Drive’ app; you can choose to lock selected files.


  • 18 months warranty.
  • It is compatible with iOS, Android devices, and PC.

5. SanDisk 32GB iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad – External Storages for iPhone

SanDisk 32GB iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad - SDIX30C-032G-GN6NN

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By: SanDisk External Storages for iPhone

This drive from SanDisk is the other fairly inexpensive drive but offers outstanding performance that rivals that of pricier competitors. It comes with a curbed plastic connector that fits behind the back of the device for convenient holding during use. This option also backs all your media automatically and can only be used along with the iXpand app installed on your iPhone. Another great feature that we found incredibly useful is the ability to save photos and videos directly to your phone.

You don’t need to take time to transfer the captured moments when you want to free your cell phone. SanDisk is well known for innovation and thorough testing when it comes to external drives. It combines speed, durability, value, and convenience, this flash drive is the ultimate choice for most people.


  • With 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB capacity options, you won’t miss your preference.

4. iPhone iPad Flash Drive 64GB USB 3.0 Memory Stick

iPhone iPad Flash Drive 64GB USB 3.0 Memory Stick with Extended Lightning Connector for iPod iOS Windows Mac

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By: HooToo

We couldn’t resist adding another entry from HooToo. It simply does its job well and does it much faster. It’s been built with a stylish glossy finish body, a minimalist and modern design and weighs a mere 0.25 Oz. This makes it one of the smallest and lightest available. Captured photos and filmed videos from your Lightning iPhone or iPad can very competently and quickly be transferred to the 64 GB storage capacity at 30 MB/s while the maximum reading speed is 80 MB/s. Oh, and another good thing is this unit received an authentic Apple MFi certification so it should work correctly with all Apple devices.


  • HooToo gives an 18-month warranty in case of any defects.
  • The premium aluminum body makes the drive super durable and very eye-catching.

3. iPhone Lightning Flash Drive 64GB, External Storages for iPhone

iPhone Lightning Flash Drive 64GB

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By: Omars External Storages for iPhone

One of the most significant plus points about this entry is that any 8-point lighting apple device accepts it. At a read speed of 80 MB/s and a write speed of 40 MB/s, it will save you time while transferring files of large capacity. Even better, you can directly record captured images and videos to your external drive, leaving you with ample space on your device to use as you please. It is important to note that all major formats of music, photos, videos, and documents are supported, so you’re fully covered.

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The ‘Witstick App’ launches as soon as you plug the drive into your phone for even more ease of use. Users also appreciate that the drive is attractive and has some of the highest rated security measures the password and Touch ID. The company avails 32 GB, 64GB, and 128 GB capacity variants.


  • The app allows you to share a file directly from your external drive to social media.
  • There is a One Touch backup feature that means you touch to back up all the data on your phone onto the Omars external drive.

2. SanDisk Connect 32GB Wireless Media Drive For Smartphones And Tablets

SanDisk Connect 32GB Wireless Media Drive For Smartphones And Tablets- SDWS1-032G-A57

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By: SanDisk External Storages for iPhone

If you are prepared to make a substantial investment in external storage for your iPhone, then check out this fantastic quality. Through your web browser or the SanDisk app that you’ll be expected to install, you get to store and share multi-media files across to your iOS, Kindle or Android device via a Wi-Fi connection. Incredibly, this unit allows you to stream videos stored in it up to 5 different devices simultaneously. Up to 8 devices can access it at a time when you only need to access other lighter files like pictures and documents.

The company thought you might require extra storage at some point and included an SD memory card slot. You can also whether or not to set Wi-Fi password protection to safeguard your data. And even with all these fantastic features, it is still slim, and compact t fit into the tightest of pockets.

It comes with Ac adapter that can charge it fully to last for at least 8 hours while continually streaming videos. While the price of this SanDisk drive might not be for everyone, the speed and security will amaze the most demanding cynics out there


  • They are available in 32 GB and 64 GB capacities.
  • You don’t need cables or internet connection, and the memory card slot can be used to view photos from your camera on your mobile device.

1. iPhone Flash Drive 32GB USB 3.0 Adapter with Lightning Connector for iPad iPod iOS PC

iPhone Flash Drive 32GB USB 3.0 Adapter with Lightning Connector for iPad iPod iOS PC

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By: HooToo External Storages for iPhone

Each of your friends will be in awe of your new piece of equipment. It is pretty to look at and also dependable and easy to use. Because the drive supports exFAT and has a read speed of up to 80 MB/s and a write speed of 30 MB/s, you will have absolutely zero issues about its speed. A further nod to the company’s innovativeness is the allowance to save media directly to the drive without saving them on your iOS device.

If you’re still not impressed, there is a password and touch ID protection in case you need to keep your data safe. It is perfect for iPhone owners who have large files they want to backup or photographers with many pictures. You should find click to buy this drive; you’ll be glad you found this option.


  • The caps are tethered so that they don’t disappear.
  • Documents can be shared with a third party.

Buyers Guide.

All the finalists for this important category won their high marks for the excellent job they do. Nevertheless, there is a number one So you will surely find that you can’t do much better than the HooToo iPhone external drive with a connector. It is the favorite to many and built for quality and longevity.