Top 10 Best Fidget Spinner Bearings 2022 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Bearings For Fidget Spinner Best Fidget Spinner Bearings ensures incredible spin time whether in hand or on your desk. Finding the coolest and most expensive fidget spinner you can find isn’t going to be that impressive if the ball bearings don’t spin well.

You want the satisfaction of a spinner that will spin for several minutes, so you want to make sure you do your research and find the best bearings for fidget spinner.

Nothing looks cool when it doesn’t work or it only works for a few seconds.

You can also put some time into cleaning these ball bearings to improve their speed, so being able to maintain them is also key to how well they work. Depending on the type of ball bearings you decide on, your fidget spinner can have a long spin or end up working well for only a few weeks. Here are a few tips on what to look for in the best fidget spinner ball bearings. And a few reviews to help you start shopping.

Best Fidget Spinner Bearings

When you have two things that are pressing up against each other, friction exists to keep them from sliding around smoothly. This isn’t necessarily the same for rolling friction which is a weaker type of friction that slides across another object.

With ball bearings, they have a very low friction surface that uses different friction coefficients and grades. In the best fidget spinner, there is a ball bearing in the very center of the toy that is the part that you hold while it spins. This center actually consists of several small balls that are squeezed into the inner. And outer races which are basically two circular channels.

The races need these balls to move between their surfaces so the races will spin longer due to the rolling friction. It is important to choose the best fidget spinner bearings.

Reds Bearings – Best Overall Spinner Bearing

Reds BearingsHigh-speed is what you want out of your ball bearings. With this set of eight bearings, Bones Bearings Reds Bearings are a single, non-contact bearing with a removable rubber shield that allows for easier cleaning and less friction.

You will get good speed and strength with the high-speed nylon ball retainer. The bearings also come pre-lubricated with a speed cream racing lubricant.

For good quality and value, the high-speed Bones Bearings Reds Bearings will give you good spin without a lot of noise. If you need a replacement bearing for your fidget spinner, this is a good choice.
  • Great for updating fidget spinners
  • Great spin, very quiet
  • Good quality and value
  • Come pretty oily so you really have to clean them to get a good, long spin

Yellow Jacket Premium Fidget Spinner Replacement BearingsYellow Jacket Premium Fidget Spinner Replacement Bearings – Most Versatile Bearings

When you are looking for a high quality fidget spinner bearings and don’t want to get something cheap and noisy, the Yellow Jacket Premium Fidget Spinner Bearings are created with the Ultra-Fast ZrO2 hybrid ceramic bearing, the highest quality ceramic ball on the market.

With this level of quality, you are ensured less friction for hours of spinning fun.

With the Yellow Jacket bearing, you have the option of changing colors for fun versatility in your fidget spinner. Counterweights consist of steel ball bearings to increase the durability of your fidget spinner at an affordable price.

If you like changing things up, the Yellow Jacket bearing let you change your fidget spinner colors with enjoying the high-quality of a hybrid ceramic bearing. This level of bearing gives you more durability and less friction while you spin at an affordable price.
  • Fast and long spinning
  • Work great in fidget spinners
  • Work as expected, nice ceramic bearings
  • Quality is a little lower than expected

NEAL Precision Bearings – Best Bearing Variety

NEAL Precision BearingsIf you enjoy a variety bearing styles, the NEAL Precision Bearings offers you the choice of ceramic bearings, Titanium Cannonballs, and Swiss Hurricanes. These bearings are guaranteed to you rolling again before you know it.

You no longer have to worry about your bearings breaking with these high quality constructed bearings. Included with this set are a reusable aluminum case, eight precision bearings, four spacers, and a NEAL Bearings Winter Hat.

This set gives you a couple of bearing styles to choose from giving you lots of versatility. All three choices are durable, high-quality bearings that feature solid construction and many hours of spin time.

With the NEAL Ceramic Si3N4 Hybrid Bearings, you will have bearings that are 50% lighter than steel bearing, plus they are 40% stronger. The Titanium Cannonballs are coated with a micro-finish, and these durable bearings are created to take a beating. With the Swiss Hurricanes, you will feel a difference immediately with the solid construction of these bearings.
  • Smooth bearings, nice roll
  • Good quality for the money
  • Great speed
  • Make a humming noise

608 ZZ Bearings, Double Shielded – Most Durable Bearings

608 ZZ Bearings, Double ShieldedThe double shielded 608ZZ bearings are built to hold radial loads and they have 34,000 revolutions per minute when they are greased. Constructed of durable carbon steel, these bearings are resistant to warping from heavy loads.

With a shield on each side, the bearings are able to keep contaminants out while keeping lubricants in.

The 608 ZZ bearings are ideal for inline skates, skateboards, and replacement bearings for fidget spinners.

This is a double-shielded bearing that is easy to take apart to clean. With their durable carbon steel, they are warp-resistant and built to hold radial loads.

The 608 ZZ bearings use a rolling element that lessens rotational friction and gives support for radial and axial loads including cylindrical, barrel, tapered, needle: ball, spherical, needle, or spindle. These are all shielded, open, or sealed rolling bearings. The sealed bearings have received oil or grease lubrication and shielded and open bearings were intended to be lubricated when they are in place.
  • Work pretty well for fidget spinners
  • Nice and smooth spin
  • Easy to take off the shield and clean the grease off of them
  • Not the fastest spinning bearings

Bones Original Swiss Competition Bearings – Best Value Bearings

Bones Original Swiss Competition Bearings With the optimal mix of Swiss precision manufacturing and Bones Skate Rated design, the Bones Original Swiss Competition Bearing has become the standard that all other bearings are measured by.

Introduced in 1983, Swiss Bones Competition bearings have become best sellers in the industry, and they are known for their smooth, fast, and long-lasting performance.

The removable shield makes the bearing easy to maintain, and it has a good spin time once it is broken in. This is a good value for the price.

Featuring the same high-quality parts that are used in Bones Swiss Ceramic bearings, the Swiss Competition Bearings include skate rated materials and high-speed nylon ball retainers. The only difference in their construction is that the Swiss Competition Bearings are made of silicon nitride instead of chromium steel.

With a removable rubber shield, cleaning the Swiss Competition Bearings is easy and you receive a lifetime warranty again manufacturing defects. You also receive an eight-pack of chromium skateboard wheel bearings along with four bearing spacers.

  • Once they are broken in they have great spin time
  • Good value for the price
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Need to be broken in

Bearings Deep Groove Ball Bearing Stainless Steel – Most Corrosion Resistant Bearing

Bearings Deep Groove Ball Bearing Stainless SteelMade with 420 stainless steel, the Bearings Deep Groove Ball Bearing has an outer and inner ring that work well with little noise. It has a long lifespan due to its oxidation resistance unlike those made with cheaper bearings that get rusty after use.

This is one of those long lasting bearings that is strong and durable as well as corrosion resistant.

If you make your own fidget spinners, this is a good choice for your bearings.

The nine balls are constructed of black silicon nitride ceramic that makes them durable under high temperatures and features high strength from structural ceramics making them both wear and corrosion resistant. These are highly recommended bearing for fidget spinners, especially if you make the spinners yourself.
  • Great fidget spinner replacement
  • Long spin times
  • Strong and durable
  • There is a soft clicking noise and vibration when the balls rotate

Generic Full Ceramic Silicon Nitride Ball Bearing – Best Ceramic Bearing

Generic Full Ceramic Silicon Nitride Ball BearingThe Generic Full Ceramic Silicon Nitride Ball Bearings are made with full ceramic silicon nitride. They are made entirely of ceramic parts including the balls and outer and inner rings.

These generic ball bearings have the desired long spin wanted for a fidget spinner.

The Generic Full Ceramic Silicon Nitride Ball Bearings also have the unique feel that ceramic bearing gives spinners.

If you like the feel of a ceramic spinner, the Generic Full Ceramic Silicon Nitride Ball Bearing is a good choice. This is an entirely ceramic bearing that will give you the long spins you want.

  • Durable and smooth
  • Long spin times
  • A little on the expensive side

Acer Racing Ceramic Fidget Spinner Bearing – Best Out of the Box Bearing

Acer Racing Ceramic Fidget Spinner BearingWhen you want fast and smooth, you need the leader in fidget spinner bearings. Acer Racing Ceramic Fidget Spinner Bearings has been around since 1989.

If you like products from companies that have been around a while, the Acer Racing Ceramic Fidget Spinner is fast and smooth. You also don’t have to worry about getting rid of any grease as it comes without lubrication.

With no lubrication or seals, Acer Racing has the fastest fidget spinner spinning times. The Acer Racing Bearings are diamond polished and come with a thirty-day money-back guarantee.
  • Fast and smooth
  • Company has been around a long time
  • Don’t have to worry about cleaning off grease
  • None

Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings – Best Hybrid Bearing

Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings The R188 Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings are the perfect high-speed replacement bearing for your do it yourself fidget spinner. It gives you a long spin time and more balance.

For those that enjoy making their own unique fidget spinner, the Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings have steel rings that give you the high-quality precision that is matched with hybrid ceramic balls. You will get three to five times higher speed with a ten times longer lifespan than regular stainless steel bearings with the same use.

These are also low-density bearings that have a high level of hardness and a low coefficient of friction. They are also self-lubricated and resistant to abrasion and magnetoelectricity insulation. Plus they have less noise and vibration while maintaining a high level of stability and balance.

With a long spin time, this well-balanced hybrid bearing also has a long lifespan. They also have very little noise or vibrations giving them a lot of stability.

  • Well-balanced
  • Long spin time
  • High-quality product, little noise
  • None

Premium quality metal stainless steel CAP + Bearing – Best Bearing Bundle

Premium quality metal stainless steel CAP + BearingWith the bundle, you get a Thor Bearings Bearing R188, a Thor Bearing Fidget Hand Spinner CAP, and a high-quality stainless steel Fidget spinner replacement cap that fits onto any fidget spinner that uses an R188 bearing.

If you’re looking for a long spin time from your fidget spinner, this is the bundle you need.
This is a good bearing choice for really long spins that are also smooth. This high-quality bearing is easy to assemble and is also very precise.

With easy assembly, you simply screw on the replacement caps on your fidget spinner and get a perfect spin. These heavy-duty bearings have high precision and high-quality.
  • Good fit in fidget spinner
  • Smooth and good quality
  • Really long spins
  • Spins slow down over a few weeks

Best Fidget Spinner Bearing – Buyer’s Guide

When you have a set of balls that are totally surrounded by an outer and inner shell, you will find that inside each shell is a small groove that holds the ball in. All the parts can move freely, so there is just a little bit of friction. With lower friction, you will get longer spin times which is definitely what you want from your fidget spinner.

Stainless Steel Bearings

These types of bearings are usually found in the least expensive fidget spinners. Typically found in inexpensive fidget spinners, stainless steel bearings are pretty quiet and have a smooth spin. Heat affects the spin over time because it doesn’t dissipate heat well. So they are usually thought of as the slowest of the fidget spinners on the market.

Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

When you are considering all your options, the hybrid ceramic bearings are usually considered your best option for a fidget spinner. With stainless steel outer and inner rings, hybrid ceramic bearings are made with Silicon Nitride (blackish-gray colored balls) or Zirconium Dioxide (white colored balls). The Silicon Nitride bearings are usually the best choice as they give you the best spin over a longer period of time.

Ceramic balls are able to dissipate and resist heat which increases their performance. A nylon or stainless steel retainer or cage will usually hold the ceramic ball bearing in place.

Full Ceramic Bearings

Completely made of ceramic parts including the outer and inner ring as well as the bearing ball, full ceramic bearings give you a unique feel when they spin in a spinner. The ceramic parts are able to transfer vibrations through to you as you use them giving you a different feel as you use it. They also have a louder spin and are more fragile making them less common or preferred in a fidget spinner.

Bearing Style

Open-style bearing – An open-style bearing encompasses all the designs where you can actually see the ball bearings. This is also the easiest to clean style since you don’t have to remove any parts to reach the ball bearings. But that also means they can dirty easily as there isn’t anything to stop dirt and debris from getting inside.

Shielded Bearing – A shielded bearing has a shield on either side of the ball bearing that protects it. Even though there are these shields, it is not complete protection and dirt and debris can still get inside.

However, you can remove the shield if you want to get inside and clean out the dirt. Or you can just remove the shield completely to make it an open-style if you prefer.

Sealed bearing – With this style, you have the shield to protect the ball, but you can’t remove them to get inside. This completely protects the bearing from dirt and debris. However, these bearings do usually come with a lubricant that can keep your fidget spinners from achieving long spin times. Since they are sealed, you can’t get inside to clean the grease out from the bearing.

Caged Bearing – With a caged bearing, it’s a bad idea to remove the cage since a caged bearing has fewer balls inside than its cageless counterpart. So, once you remove the cage, it is possible for everything to fall out and get lost.

Common Ball Bearing Sizes

608 Bearing

This is the most common sized ball bearing that is used in a fidget spinner and is generally considered the standardized ball bearing. 608 bearings are marked with an ABEC number that is a numerical rating indicating the precision or tolerance of the bearing with the higher the number meaning the more precise it is.

A 608 bearing 7mm wide and they are very easy to find by themselves or in different configurations. Since they take a little more mass to get them to move, they are usually found a larger spinner.

R188 Bearing

One bearing that is growing in popularity is the r188 bearing. You will see it being used a lot more in smaller fidget spinners because of its size. It has a width of 1/8″ or 3/16″. With their small size, they have an increased spin time. But they are a little harder to find as well as a little more unstable when they are spinning.

606 Bearing

Looks similar to the 608 bearings, it is not as common, and it differs a little dimensionally. You can find it a lot of different configurations. But since they are harder to find they will be a little more expensive. It has a width of 6 mm, but its size helps to increase its spin time.

608 vs. r188 Bearings

So, which size bearing is the best to use in a fidget spinner? Most people will agree that the r188 bearing is the best if you are just looking at the best spin time due to the smaller dimensions of the bearing.

With the 608 bearing’s 22mm in diameter, it is almost twice the size of the r188 bearing at just 12.7 mm. Since most fidget spinners measure less than 2.5 inches in length, a larger bearing will have less room for the body of the bearing to spin.

There are disadvantages of the r188 bearing in how easily you can clean it, plus it will give you less stability and more opportunity to wobble than a larger bearing and they are more expensive. A 608 bearing will be more stable and give you a smoother spin than an r188.


Even if you don’t have the correct size bearing, you can purchase an adaptor so you can adapt a fidget spinner made for a 608 bearing into one that has an r188. Basically, the adapters are housing with a 22mm diameter circle that has an r188 bearing inside making an effective adaptor for a 608 bearing into a fidget spinner that has an r188 bearing.

Adaptors also make it easy to remove the bearing for cleaning or to replace it if necessary. Turning your fidget spinner into a modular design may seem like a hassle in the beginning. But you will appreciate the benefits.

Reducing Friction for Better Spin Times

With a little work, it is possible to make your current fidget spinner into a spinner with a really long spin time. Here are a few steps you can follow to make this happen:

  • Remove any shields that your bearing may have as they tend to rub against the ball which can lessen your spin time by several seconds.
  • Get rid of the grease and the dirt by using rubbing alcohol, WD40, mineral spirits, acetone, or citrus cleaner. When you clean the bearing, make sure that the balls are completely covered with the cleaner. And then let the bearing sit for a few minutes before checking on any improved spin time.
  • If there is still grease on the bearing, you may want to try using some paint thinner next. But make sure you do this in a well-ventilated area. Just take a small bowl filled with some paint thinner and spin your bearing around inside it to make sure that the thinner get to all the greased areas.
  • Rinse with hot water and then completely dry your bearing to prevent rusting.


So, the best fidget spinner bearings come down to several personal choices on your preferences for spin time, cost, and how much time you want to spend cleaning and maintaining it. If you don’t mind putting in some extra time, it is possible to clean up your bearing and give it a spin time of several minutes.

It all depends on your interest level. And the work you are willing to put into it to make it the best fidget spinner bearing that works for you.

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