Top 10 Best Flocked Trees in 2021 Reviews

It’s only a couple of months to go before everyone’s favorite time of the year arrives. And, for those who just cannot contain their excitement, it’s probably safe to say that you can already start putting up the Christmas decorations as early as today. When it’s time for festivity, people look for some of the best decorative items to make their place look great, welcoming and portray the Christmas spirit. And when it comes to Christmas the one thing which comes first to mind while starting to make a purchase is a great Christmas tree

While a number of Christmas trees floats in the market, the flocked ones are the best to decorate your house with. We know it may be tricky and frustrating to get your ideal Christmas tree. To save you this strenuous hassle we took it upon ourselves to thoroughly research and compile to you this second to none review, based on customer satisfaction. The top 10 best of the flocked trees the market has in store for you this coming festivity.

List Of Top 10 Best Flocked Trees in 2021 Reviews:

How to choose the best-flocked trees:

Warranty: Always purchase the best Christmas tree that your budget can afford, and while doing so, always look at the warranty. Some of the trees that have 20 to 25 years of warranty surely ensure that they are well constructed and are extremely durable.

Space: When you have about 2 to 3 feet of space in your living room for the Christmas tree, there is absolutely no need for you to purchase something bigger than that. So, you need to pay special attention to the space that you have in your house, as well as the height of the ceiling before you purchase a compatible, although artificial Christmas tree.

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Style: Artificial trees come in different hues of green and may also have permanent additions, such as pine cones or flocking, so choose one that best fits your decorating style. The style of branches may differ as well, some trees having long pine bristles and others having shorter ones.

Why you need a flocked tree:

Easy setup: with a flocked tree, you don’t need to spend lots of time fitting lights and other decorations. It comes pre-installed with the lights and all you simply hook it to a power outlet. It requires a few minutes to have a tree up and running. The good choices feature advanced color changing technology for a good experience and will run automatically.

Colorful and vibrant: Flocked X-mass trees tend to be more colorful and exciting compared to the ordinary type. One, it uses fiber optics which has good lighting properties. Two, they have been designed by experts who know how best to decorate the tree. Three, they include the best color-changing technology that will enlighten the festive season. Finally, the LEDs last longer and don’t burn as often as the normal bulbs.

Energy efficient: Operating a Christmas tree for the full season can increase the power bills. This mostly affects the normal bulbs. Flocked trees use more energy efficient bulbs like LED which also have a longer lifespan.

With all that said, lets now look into the best of best-flocked trees the market has in store for you at this point in time.

10. Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, 5-Feet, Flocked Snow Trees

Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree

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  • By: Perfect Holiday Flocked Trees

Your Christmas will be colorful and joyful with this enchanting Snowy white Christmas tree from Perfect Holiday. It is 5 feet tall and can be placed in many areas including the office, home, patio, balcony and other places. The base has a diameter of 25 inches built by a heavy duty metal stand, to keep the tree firm and prevent it from falling and toppling over.

Besides, the steadiness is improved by the four legs that are made of plastic. It emits cool white light and has a star topper to bring out the celebratory experience. And if you are concerned about regularly replacing the lights because of burning out, then you should take note that this item has Worry-Free UL-approved lights.

Extra features:

  • Beautifully crafted with 360 PVC tips.
  • Built with hinged branches for easy storage.

9. CAROL XMAS TREE/PET PRODUCTS 8 Ft. Flocked Unlit Christmas Tree

CAROL XMAS TREE/PET PRODUCTS 8 Ft. Flocked Unlit Christmas Tree

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This artificial Christmas tree from Carol Xmas Tree is something you are looking for. it is 4.25 wide, 8 feet in height and weighs only 10.6 pounds. This means that moving it will be easy. At an affordable price, it makes a good choice for those shopping on a budget. It can be set up without much hassle, effortlessly and comfortably making it a perfect piece to ponder upon. Being flame retardant it ensures the safety concerns very well. The branches of the Christmas tree are flocked in a dense way giving it a lustrous look.

And that’s not all, the metal stand of the tree makes it sturdy and durable both. Coming with hinged sections to make setting easy this is one of the best flocked Christmas trees for this year.

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Extra features:

  • Lit by worry-free energy-efficient LED lights.
  • Features a hinged construction with each branch attached to the trunk.

8. Vickerman Pre-Lit Flocked Spruce Alpine Tree with 250 Clear Dura-Lit Lights, Flocked Trees

Vickerman 01563 - 4' x 29" Flocked Spruce Alpine 150 Clear Lights Christmas Tree (A806241)

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  • By: Vickerman Flocked Trees

We don’t know about you, but this adorable tree makes our hearts pound. This is a lovely 5’ tall tree of 478 PVC tips for you to explore endless decoration possibilities. The snow on it is fresh looking, gorgeous and breathtaking. The flocking is quite heavy and it includes a heavy-duty metal base giving it a firm grip to prevent it from toppling over. Additionally, it features dura-lit lights that utilize microchips in each socket thus, the bulbs stay lit even when some bulbs are broken or missing.

We can comfortably guarantee that you can never go wrong with this gorgeous, well-made tree. In your quest of unveiling the Christmas spirit.

Extra features:

  • Carefully crafted masterpiece that looks lively.
  • It is extremely easy to put together.

7. Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, 8-Feet, Flocked Snow

Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree

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  • By: Perfect Holiday Flocked Trees

This Christmas tree model from Perfect Holiday features ultra-realistic, mold-injected True Needle foliage, having a realistic look and beautifully crafted with 920 PVC tips.  In addition, it’s crafting entails hinged branches to offer you with easy storage. And that’s not all, it also features a heavy-duty metal stand that prevents it from toppling over, by offering this awesome Christmas tree a firm grip to the floor. Featuring a flocked white on green gives this masterpiece an elegant look. making It look great, while at the same time easy to put together.

Extremely beautifully crafted this flocked Christmas tree from perfect holiday is something worth to purchase this festive season. This tree could be your ultimate choice when it comes to elegance, sturdiness along with easy storage.

Extra features:

  • Non-allergic.
  • Crafted with high-quality materials making it to be very durable.

6. Vickerman Flocked Alberta Artificial Christmas Tree with Artificial Pine Cones and 250 Warm White.

Vickerman Flocked Alberta Artificial Christmas Tree with Artificial Pine Cones and 250 Warm White LED Lights, 4.5' x 46"

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  • By: Vickerman Flocked Trees

This flocked Christmas tree from Alberta is unique in its own ways. It comes with warm white LED lights giving the whole tree an exotic appearance. This tree comes in four different heights from 3.5’ to 7.5’ so that the user can choose as per the reference. There are 382 PVC tips that give it an amazing appearance. With dura-lit lights option, the microchips in each socket enables the bulbs to stay lit even when some bulbs are missing or broken.

You can be rest assured of getting a constant glow from the Christmas tree even if the bulbs get broken. And if that’s not enough, it comes with a warranty of 5 and 10 years for light and construction respectively, upon purchase.

Extra features:

  • Comes in a pre-lit design.
  • Features a sturdy heavy-duty iron base, offering reliable support to it, ultimately protecting it from toppling over.

5. Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, Flocked Trees

Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree

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  • By: Perfect Holiday Flocked Trees

Perfect Holiday is well known for its beautiful Christmas trees and this 6-feet, flocked snow tree is no exception. While this pre lit Christmas tree might put you off considering its price, especially if you are operating on a budget, but that should not stress you. You will soon realize that it was worth every penny you spent while purchasing it. Priceless to say, it will take a while to set it up and make it look pretty especially if you do not read the instructions or at least watch video tutorials. The tree itself looks beautiful even without lighting it up or putting additional decorations.

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Moreover, its flocked white on green gives this tree an elegant look, ultimately portraying the Christmas spirit in a heartwarming manner.

Extra features:

  • Crafted with a heavy-duty metal stand.
  • Built with hinged branches for easy storage.

4. KING OF CHRISTMAS 4.7 Foot Prince Flock Artificial Christmas Tree Unlit – Best Flocked Trees

KING OF CHRISTMAS 6 Foot Prince Flock Artificial Christmas Tree Unlit

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  • By: KING OF CHRISTMAS Flocked Trees

Categorized under the “Under 100 Bucks” section and ranked as one of the best artificial realistic Christmas trees, here we have the King of Christmas Prince Flock Artificial Christmas Tree. Offered at this price point, the tree comes with 300 UL Warm White LED lights and densely flocked branches.

These 4.7 feet tall and 36 inches wide tree is flame retardant, and all its light still light up even when one of the lights burns out. Plus, it is also equipped with 3-hinged sections, making installation and setup easier. Purchase includes a metal tree stand as well. Moreover, it features powered PVC tips that offer the perfect place to hang your cherished Christmas decorations.

Extra features:

  • Brings winter’s beauty to life in the comfort of your living area.
  • Features a heavy-duty metal tree stand.

3. Perfect Holiday Christmas tree, 4-Feet, Flocked Snow

Perfect Holiday Christmas tree

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  • By: Perfect Holiday Flocked Trees

This is a top-grade Christmas tree designed to spice up your experience. It boasts beautiful features like a well-crafted design with 231 PVC tips for a great festive season. Additionally, this Christmas tree comes with hinged branches which offer easy and convenient storage. The compact size provides easy storage as well. Furthermore, the Christmas tree comes with an ultra-quality metal stand for ultimate durability.

Extra Features:

  • The tree goes at a reasonable price
  • The flocked white design gives an exceptional look.

2. Vickerman 3Ft. Flocked Alaskan Unite White on Green Christmas tree w/ 116 Tip

Vickerman 3Ft. Flocked Alaskan Unite White on Green Christmas tree w

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  • By: Vickerman Flocked Trees

This is a 3-feet flocked Christmas tree boasting an excellent design. The white on green design gives it an attractive look. Additionally, this pine tree spices up the Christmas celebrations and offers that festive mood for the owner. The unlit design makes it better and perfect for most homes. The tree also comes in a convenient size for easy transportation.

Extra Features:

  • It comes with a single year seasonal warranty
  • The tree boasts convenient dimensions of 36in (H) x 24in (L) x 24in (W).

1. National Tree 7.5 Foot Carolina Pine Tree with Flocked Cones and 750 Clear Lights – Best Flocked Trees

National Tree 7.5 Foot Carolina Pine Tree with Flocked Cones and 750 Clear Lights

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  • By: National Tree Company Best Flocked Trees

Finally, at the top of the list, we have the undisputed 7.5-foot Carolina pine tree with heavily flocked cones and 750 clear lights from National Tree Company. Whether you live in the Snowy North East or to the sunny South West, you are guaranteed to have a white Christmas with this elegant Carolina pine tree. And that’s not all, it comes with white lights and snow-dusted pine cones to give your living area that warm and crisp Christmas spirit.

Featuring an all-metal hinged construction with branches attached to the center pole sections, you are guaranteed of easy storage and top-notch durability.

Extra features:

  • Features 1393 branch tips.
  • Pre-strung with 750 UL listed clear lights.

To wrap it up:

We have just delved into a comprehensive list of the top 10 best artificial Christmas trees the market has in store for you this festive season. These trees don’t varry much in terms of style and features, but mostly price tags. Yet, we understand how much budgeting means. They are also quite durable and can be stored away to be used in the next few years to come. Bring the joy of a merry Christmas inside your living area with one of the above-mentioned masterpieces and you will live to rejoice making the move.