Top 10 Best Glass Cutters in 2020 Reviews

Glass cutting job can be demanding considering the amount of time you spend. For this reason, as a glazier, DIY enthusiast or newbie you need this essential piece of kit that will make it easy and not an extra burden. And to cater for the growing demand, manufacturers have lots of options to offer. But unfortunately, not all will neither suit your needs nor guarantee you of the best performance or experience. We don’t want you to rely on guesswork or trial and error to own a top-rated glass cutter. So walk you through the best, so that you have a better chance of choosing the most incredible features.

List of Top 10 Best Glass Cutters in 2020 Reviews:

Factors to consider when buying glass cutters:

Price: You wouldn’t want to waste money on an inferior product. Newbies should consider options that are moderately priced but can still the job efficiently. You may also want a cutter that offers good value for money; some models come with droppers while others have oil fed handles.

Sharpness: The sharpness of a glass cutter depends on the wheel hone angle. Larger angles are sharper than smaller ones. Sharper cutters make it easier for you to make a good scoreline.

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Grip and Comfort: the device should feel comfortable in your hand. It should have a nice feel and shouldn’t slippery or too rough. Pistol-shaped handles offer more grip compared to the pencil-shaped ones. The size also determines the level of grip and comfort. The size you opt for should not be too long or too short with a moderate thickness of the handle.

Material: the option you choose should be constructed from strong and durable materials. Wheels made of Carbide steel are known for more resilience than any other material. Wooden handle offers more grip but requires more maintenance than metal handles.

8. 2 Packs Glass Cutter Tool (6 WAY CUTTING WHEEL)

2 Packs Glass Cutter Tool (6 WAY CUTTING WHEEL)-Perfect for Cutting & Scoring Glass Bottles

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By: Atych Glass Cutters

Since you are doing a hard job of glass cutting, this glass cutter will be okay for your needs. To begin with, it’s highly affordable, meaning financial constraints should not come between you and quality. The set includes six alloy steel that delivers excellently for a long time. The ergonomic handle is made of wood so that grip is well catered for ensuring precision and giving beautiful and clean cuts. It is the perfect tool for that allows you to turn the head by 180 degrees as long as you loosen the screws a bit. I’d urge hobbyists and professionals alike to settle for this glass cutter.


  • It is 5.2” long and 0.5” thick.
  • The company guarantees your money back in case it is not what you expected.

7. Bememo Metal Handle Oil Feed Glass Cutter Cutting Tool with Replacement Head and Oil Dropper

Bememo Metal Handle Oil Feed Glass Cutter Cutting Tool with Replacement Head and Oil Dropper

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By: Bememo Glass Cutters

This glass cutter from Bememo is affordable but still cuts like the best of them, probably what you are searching for. Additionally, the edges are free of chips and roughness for improved safety and ensuring it performs like a champ. The handle is metallic with a most durable steel wheel and an easily replaceable cutting head. It feels well-built and doesn’t wobble or shake during use. A lubricated oil dropping system helps to keep the wheel lubricated for an outstanding performance. If you plan to make lengths of précised cuts, you have this pick to opt for.


  • It measures 6.7”×0.6”.
  • You get a free oil dropper for dispensing oil.

6. FLETCHER-TERRY COMPANY 01-122-02ACP Glass Cutter


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This glass cutter comes with everything you would expect in a high-grade cutter, but for less than half of the price. The machine cuts accurately and with minimal effort; and the holding is as comfortable as it could be. Made of stainless steel means this glass cutter is more than man enough for the job with steel cutting wheel that is excellent at the scoring glass. The finish is characterized by beautiful golden and green color that makes the product even more appealing.  It’s a fundamental device that is crazy inexpensive, but also surprisingly reliable and workable.


  • The most affordable option among the listed at less than $ 5
  • 130 ͦ cutting angle ensures

5. IMT Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter Tungsten Carbide

IMT Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter Tungsten Carbide

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If precision is anything to go by, then the IMT pistol grip glass cutter should be on top of your list. As an enthusiast or a professional in the field of glass cutting, you would never know how easy glass cutting can be until you get hold of this comfortable piece. The user-friendly features that make glass cutting easy include a pistol grip design that makes the whole work less tiresome. And it gets even better because the oil is in there so that you will effortlessly and precisely cut and score glass. So if you are looking for an ideal home improvement product in a glass cutter, then this should be a frontier for you


  • The wheel is made of tungsten carbide for durability.
  • The set comes with two heads of slightly separate houses.

4. Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter – Heavy Duty Perfect

Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter - Heavy Duty Perfect (2 Pack) for Cutting

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By: Hotnew tools

This option is a class leader when it comes to making glass cutting look so easy. The pistol-shaped handle provides a comfortable grip when still doubling up as a reservoir. It is perfect for that custom grip and offers a tight hold on the machine to minimize slippage or movement during use. Being one of the sharpest glass cutters, you won’t need to apply less effort to make a score line. If you are genuine about investing in a glass cutter, I’d advise you to give this one a shot; it is many steps above other simple cutters


  • The wheel is crafted from durable carbide steel that can make it through so long of cutting.
  • The cutter head is replaceable.
  • The handles come in various color variants to suit your preference; blue sky, green, pink and purple.
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3. Heavy Duty Metal Handle Oil Feed Glass Cutters

Heavy Duty Metal Handle Oil Feed Glass Cutter.

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This handsome metal glass cutter from BOSI may not be the best cutter out there, but at this price point and functionality, it is an excellent deal. Try as you might, the well-built brass body is hard to beat in regards to ease of use, resistance to wear and tear and detailed aesthetics. The company was wise to use a pencil shape for the handle to offer you comfort and ensure that you don’t suffer any wrist strain injuries. The professional carbide Tungsten used for the wheel makes it is durable hence worthwhile. So, if you haven’t yet opted for one, it is high time you choose this pencil cutter.


  • The glass cutting head can rotate 360 ͦ
  • You get a free oil feed created from professional carbide tungsten alloy. The oil dispensing system oils automatically when pressure is applied.

2. Uxcell (a13062500ux0540) 5mm-12mm Black Pencil Oil Feed Carbide Tip Glass Cutter Cutting Tool

12mm Black Pencil Oil Feed Carbide Tip Glass Cutter Cutting Tool


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By: Uxcell

Glass cutters are tools you can’t afford to get wrong when choosing otherwise your job will be much more hectic. This cutter outperforms most of its competition and has a lot going for it regarding use and features. The company chose carbide for the wheel so that it lasts for ages with a sturdy metal handle that also feels quite solid. Not only do you spend less time cutting, but also the cut is very accurate. And even if you cared to check the reviews, buyers can attest that they are pleased with this.


  • The measurements are 7.6” length and 0.6” thickness.
  • The handle is an oil reservoir in case you’ll require oil for smooth cutting.

1. Toyo Pistol Grip Glass Cutters

Toyo Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

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By: Toyo Glass Cutters0

In every review list, there has got to be an option that is equipped with the best of features. This is the best brand in the industry, hands down. Compared to the traditional pencil hold cutter, the pistol grip shape does away with wrist fatigue, and the self-oiling feature lends to the free rolling of the wheel ensuring a consistent scoreline. This means it requires little effort to get the job done.


  • There are some assorted colors
  • The cutter heads are replaceable.
  • There are many colors you can choose from.

Buyer’s Guide.

By choosing one of the products we have discussed, you can be sure to have made the right decision in buying one of the best glass cutters on the market. But still, we’d confidently say that the Toyo pistol grip glass cutter deserves the high preference. With this option, you will now do the work for as long as you want and still achieve perfect sound and clean straight edges. You will surely thank me for it.