Best Golf Balls for Men in 2021 Reviews

Hitting those little golf balls

Can be a bit frustrating. They are not the largest sports ball on the market. Yet, with one of the top 10 best golf balls for men, you should be able to have better contact. These golf balls are made to stand out so you have a better view.

Then when you bring the club around, your contact should be solid, getting you the distance you want on the fairway. Your green approach shots should also be more accurate due to the overall construction of these golf balls.

When you want to lower your golf score you reach for one of the top 10 best golf balls for men. They are made to work with you and not against you. Their special design and construction materials make these balls durable, and ready for any golfing action you have in mind.

Our Best golf balls for men review on Amazon

10. Oncore Golf The ELIXR PGA Tour Soft White Golf Balls

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With a newly constructed and designed core, you get the highest amount of velocity allowed by the PGA. This means your golf balls will travel further than ever before. Plus, when it counts, you can put a lot of backspin on these balls and make those shots you have seen the pros do.

In addition to those features, these golf balls come with perimeter weighting. That design helps you get the tightest fairway and tee shots you can achieve. All these features combine together to make sure you get the distance you need to make par or better.

It is all due to the added 85 compression rating. This effect helps provide a trampoline effect once your club makes solid contact. When you want distance, accuracy and a great golf score, you turn to these golf balls.

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9. Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls

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When you are playing ion a nice green grass carpet, the white color of these golf balls is easy to spot. This easy to see golf ball brings to your golf game the influences you need to have a better time playing golf.

Once you place this ball on the tee, you can get greater distances, better trajectory, and a very controlled short game. The spin action you can put on these golf balls should improve your shot selection and close to the pin drop. That is what you always wanted in a golf ball.

On top of that, they are very durable golf balls that can handle a round of golf with ease. Their overall design will handle the punishment that comes when hitting the rough, rocks or trees. You should feel you have greater control over your golf game when you use these soft golf balls.

#8. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

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If you need longer flight time and less spin on your tee or fairway shots, then you turn to these golf balls. They are designed to make sure you get the shot you want without the influence of spin.

Then, the aerodynamic design of the exterior makes sure you do not have a lot of drag holding your golf ball back from its intended distance. Plus, the design allows you to get a better lift when you need it.

With its soft texture, you can do a wedge spin like you were playing in a PGA golf major. To help you find your golf ball in a crowd, these golf balls come in 4 colours including white. Find your ball fast and make your next shot count when you use a top 10 golf ball in your next round of golf.

#7. Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation Golf Balls

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The numbers do make a difference. Just ask any golf pro. These number 5 to 8 are made for the more experienced golfer and have special features that may not be as evident in the lower numbers.

Once you purchase this set of golf balls you are getting a quality golf ball that works hard to maintain or improve your distance tee shots. Along with its high trajectory, your shots should pass those sand traps by, hitting the green with ease.

After you get close enough to the green, you can practice the spin you put on your approach shots. Practice makes perfect and learning how to control those spins will make you a better golfer. A soft feel to the ball means a better grip on your club and better shots during your game.

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#6. Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls

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When it comes to golf, you just need to follow Nike’s advice and just do it. Using the right clubs is not the only piece of equipment you need for a good round of golf. Getting the right golf ball plays a major role in how your golf score looks.

These top rated golf balls come in a mixed bag of 50. They are finely tuned and designed to make sure you have some of your best rounds of golf to date. Also, you can see which golf ball is best for you. Not all 50 are the same and you can test out each version to your heart’s content.

On top of that, you should find that you have more control and accuracy with Nike’s golf balls. They are made with special ingredients to make sure you can make those tough shots

#5. Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls

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Golfers are always looking for an edge when they play their friends or in tournaments. These top rated golf balls may be that edge you need to beat your competitors. Low spin off the driver should allow your stroke to go straighter than ever before.

Plus, the fastball speed should send your ball further down the fairway than those you are playing against. All the construction materials included on this golf ball work together to make sure you have pinpoint control.

Then the soft exterior helps you get great shots even when you do not hit the ball as squarely as you should. After you hit the ball, the graphene-infused core works hard to provide you with the compression you need in a good golf ball. Control and distance are what you get when you switch to these golf balls.

#4. Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls

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You have 15 top quality golf balls in this pack. That means even if you lose a few, you still have plenty of great golf balls at your disposal. Plus, the bright colors make sure you can find your ball when it lands in the long grass.

In addition to those features, you are getting a golf ball that is made to work with your spin shots. Get closer to the green and with better accuracy when these golf balls spin your way. Your putting should improve as well, with each stroke you take. Just take your time and concentrate on hitting the ball correctly.

On top of all this, your tee to approach shot distance should be greater. Just remember to concentrate and keep your eye on the ball. There is no need to worry about where it lands until you have completed your swing. Going with the best helps improve your game.

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#3. Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

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These golf balls may not be new but they still pack a powerful golf punch. Titleist always makes a great golf ball and they’re used contain the same quality features their new counterparts do.

You won’t be missing out on anything Titleist offers its customers. Plus, you may find that the soft compression gives better distance and more control over new golf balls. In addition, you may find that your balls go further along the fairway due to the low long game spin these balls come with.

Also, once you get to your short game, y=these used golf balls may surprise you by their stopping power. Hopefully, you will not bounce off the green anymore. Ave a little money and go with used golf balls. Your game should still be great and you may save a little money in the long run.

#2. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

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It is certain that you will not lose the carton these new golf balls come in. It is colored in bright yellow making them easier to find on the store shelves. Plus, you want to find these golf balls easily. They are some of the best made and should work wonders for your golf game.

On top of that the white golf balls are easy to spot when you find yourself slipping off the fairway into the rough. No matter your swing speed, you should get the distance you desire once you replace your old golf balls with this version.

Then the HEX aerodynamic design reduces any drag your gold balls may have. This gives you better velocity as well as top speeds. Also, your trajectory and hang time should improve allowing you to have better accuracy and a better time playing the game of golf.

Honorable mention- Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

There are so many good golf ball on the market today that we had to include an 11th top brand as an honorable mention. These nitro golf balls are made for when you want a lot of distance in your stroke. You should be able to out drive your opponents each and every time you take your place on the tee.

The 2 piece titanium core gives you maximum energy transfer while not adding a lot of spin to your shot. Also, the aerodynamic design cuts the drag down so you can make it further down the fairway. Plus, they are said t be cut proof.

With 15 balls in a box, you get a lot of distance for the buck. Plus, these golf balls meet all of the PGA’s rules and regulations for tournament play. Their orange color makes sure you can see them all the time.

1. TaylorMade TP5X Prior Generation Golf Balls

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When you purchase a box of these golf balls, you are getting a dozen of the best golf balls made today. They are designed to help you improve your game even if your clubs are not pro quality.

Plus, you are getting 5-layers of great golf ball construction to help you get the distance you want. On top of that, the dual spin design makes sure you do not hook or slice your ball as badly as you did before. If this happens just correct your mistake and move on to your next stroke.

Then the progressive compression helps transfer the impact force to your ball and sends it shooting a long way out onto the fairway. To use these golf balls correctly, all you have to do is practice and get better control over your clubs. These golf balls are waiting for you to hit them just right so they can perform at their best.

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Golf is not an easy game to play. It takes coordination, skill, could perception and a steady hand. It is not a game for the easily frustrated especially when you lose a golf ball or two on those perfect shots you thought you had.

What makes the game easier is using the right equipment. That means from your golf clubs on down to your golf balls, you should be playing with the top golfing equipment on the market today. A good golf ball will help you shave strokes off your total score if you are careful.

When you use one of the top 10 best golf balls for men, you know you are getting a great golf ball. These are some of the finest golf balls made and they are durable enough to handle your golf game.

You got to go with the best golf balls available if you want to make sure you improve on your golf score.

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