Top 13 Best Inflatable Baby Water Mats Review in 2022

Inflatable baby water mats are tummy pads containing water. They are used for the purpose of training the infants to use the strength of their core when they are on their bellies. Not only is it fun to play, but they are safely designed for the kids to exercise and develop in a collapsing stage. Most of them often come with a very eye-catching design of either fish or other animal figures to gather the kid’s interest.

In the case that you are recently looking for some baby toys to train the kids physically, our team at theZ8 would like to walk you through these top 13 best inflatable baby water mats in 2022. With any of these mats, we are sure your little one is going to improve their tummy muscles.

List of Top 13 Best Inflatable Baby Water Mats Review

13. Dycsin XX-LargeTummy Time Mat

baby play mat

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Dycsin is the tummy mat that uses high-quality material and food-grade PVC material that ensures no chemical harm. Plus, within the CPC CE certification, this product is qualified enough to provide the best quality without Smell, BPA, Lead, Phthalate Free, and Non-Toxic. Moreover, it has a 0.3mm thickness that is thicker than other ordinary baby mats also, it has leak proof which is super fine to use.

What is more, this tummy mat is suitable to use with a baby whose age is 3 months up. For the measurement, this item is designed to have 47.2” x 40″ x 2.75″ and is larger than other brands. Additionally, it allows the parent and baby to sit on it as it can withstand a weight of 220Lb. More precisely, it is easy to use by blowing the air and cold or warm water in the center. Plus, the aqua live print is an utterly eye-catching and refreshing color to attract your precious baby to play.

What We Like:

  • High-quality materials
  • Certified by CPC CE Certification
  • Thick and large
  • Eye-catching and easy to use

What We Don’t Like:

  • This item is all alright

12. ibestby Inflatable Baby Water Mats

Inflatable Tummy Time Water

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The enjoyment and comfort are easy to make for your precious baby when you have the baby inflatable mat. This item is the latest refreshing tummy mat with colorful and eye-catching aqua lives printed. On top of that, it comes with all the quality you need as it is made of PVC material, no BAP, and it is 100% durable. Plus, the product is carefully checked before shipping to ensure that it won’t leak water or air.

Moreover, this tummy mat is large enough for the baby alone to play as it comes with 42.8″ x 31.5″x 3.1″ measurement. Like this, you can watch TV or eat your meal peacefully when they’re not in their nap. The baby mat is important for their legs, back, and arms building, which also helps their hand-eye coordination. More precisely, it comes with all the necessary equipment and 12 months warranty.

What We Like:

  • 100% durable
  • Unique design
  • BAP free
  • Large and comes with warranty

What We Don’t Like:

  • Nothing to dislike

11. POWOBEST Tummy Time Water Mat

Tummy Time Water Mat

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Since it is made of durable food-grade material, POWOBEST is the tummy water mat that is the best item to get for your baby. Furthermore, it has through CPSC Certified clarified about its heavy-duty PVC, tear-resistant, leak-proof, and 100% BAP free. Like this, it is not only giving you the best quality product but also safe to use with your precious child.

On top of that, it is made with the measurement of 26.5″ X 18.5″ X 3″ which is large enough to keep your baby playing peacefully. Besides, this baby tummy mat is suitable with the baby who ages 3 to 12 months. In addition, it is easy to use as you can include the water in the center as you like and fill the side through the pump air. Aside from easy carry, this product is foldable so that it is ideal for travel and compact storing. The package includes all the necessary accessories.

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What We Like:

  • Hand-eyes coordinator
  • CPSC Certified
  • Suitable for 3-12 months kid
  • Easy to assemble and foldable

What We Don’t Like:

  • The plastic displeased smell

10. Topwon Inflatable Water Play Mat for Infants & Baby

Turtle Shape Inflatable Water Play Mat for Infants

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Topwon is the tummy baby water mat that is designed with the shape of a sea turtle. This design shows up the attractive look that catches the attention of the baby and keeps them playing. On top of that, it comes with a different and fresh color that makes the tummy even more eye-catching. Besides, it is also made of high-quality material with a thickness of 0.3mm 16P eco-friendly. Plus, it ensures no harmful material, BAP Free, and durable as it is strictly tested so that no leaking problem.

What is more, within its huge size, this tummy is suitable for a baby that is between 3-9 months. Therefore, your baby can enjoy their tummy mat for almost the season. Aside, it’s easy to use, simply set up, and foldable so that you can carry it around during hanging out. To boot, within its high-quality and friendly price, this item is suitable for gifts and also reliable as it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

What We Like:

  • Eye-catching design
  • Thick and high-quality
  • 100% BAP-Free
  • Suitable for baby age from 3-9 months

What We Don’t Like:

  • The water valve doesn’t seal well

9. SEETOYS Mermaid Inflatable Baby Water Mats

Tummy Time Baby Mermaid Water Mat

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Choosing wisely about the tummy mat for your baby is important because it helps them build their strength and be more active. Therefore, SEETOYS’s tummy that comes with the size of 30″x 24.4″ is a suitable one to get. This is because its design is beautifully unique with bright colorful plus, the pictures, and numbers printed on the tummy will get the baby’s attention and keep playing.

Over and above that, this tummy mat is made of eco-friendly material (PVC). In this way, it not only causes no pollution and affects the environment but also protects your little one from harmful material. Best of all, made of harmless foam, this tummy mat is bringing out its stunning design that can train your baby’s hand-eye coordination.

What We Like:

  • Huge size
  • Can fit with the baby age between 3 to 12 months
  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • Eye-catching print

What We Don’t Like:

  • It doesn’t come with a warranty

8. Earlyears Fill ‘N Fun Inflatable Water Play Mats

Fill 'N Fun Water Play Mat

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Design uniquely from the previous products, Earlyears’s tummy is adorably to get for the baby. This tummy includes the 6 playing characters inside likewise two fishes, starfish, sea horse octopus, and turtle. In this way, it will keep your child enjoy catching those as they are swimming in the sea. Plus, thanks to its smart design so that the baby will be busy playing without annoying your peaceful meal.

Moreover, the mat is made of heavy-duty gauge plastic that ensures tear-resistant and leaking. Plus, it’s BPA and Phthalate-free so that babies between 3 to 18 months are recommended to use this tummy. More precisely, this item is simple to set up and huge size (20″ x 17″) and easy to tag along as it will flat out when out of water and air.

What We Like:

  • Include 6 characters for playing
  • Beautiful printing design
  • Made of heavy-duty material
  • BPA and Phthalate-free

What We Don’t Like:

  • It highly smells of its material

7. Gebra Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat

gebra Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat Sea Turtle Shape Infants

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Gebra’s tummy mat comes with a size of 43″ 35″ 2.5″ which is big enough to leave the roomy space for your baby to play. Within its thickness PVC of 0.3mm, this tummy is ensured of no water leaking so that the water valve is all seam. Besides, this tummy is made with the shape of a sea turtle that brings out a beautiful and attractive look to your child that keeps them playing. Plus, it tags along with the 8 floating animals for catching time.

Over and above that, this product is passed the safety test to ensure that no health effects after interacting with it. Besides, this tummy is simple to use by filling the air into the outer ring and water in the inner mat. It is lightweight and easy to carry for hanging out. Therefore, let the enjoyment time go on with gebra.

What We Like:

  • Eye-catching design
  • Comes with 8 double-sided color printed floating animals
  • Used heavy-duty material
  • Tested for child-safe use
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What We Don’t Like:

  • This item is all fine

6. MAGIFIRE Toy Inflatable Baby Water Mats

MAGIFIRE Tummy Time Baby Water Mat Infant

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Are you looking for the supreme quality product of tummy water baby mat? This product from MAGIFIRE is the one on the spot as it comes with high-quality material and ensures 100% leak-proof. Moreover, this tummy also ensures no toxic material and BPA-Free so that no worry that its material can affect your precious child.

More precisely, having this tummy, parents can enjoy watching their baby laugh and try to catch aqua life inside the tummy. What is more, the set-up process is an easy plus, you can fold it up for storing or traveling. Pretty portable and saves space. Best of all, this product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime replacement for defective items.

What We Like:

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • 100% leak-proof
  • No BPA material
  • Easy to set up and storage

What We Don’t Like:

  • Low quality of packing

5. iHaHa Baby Tummy Time Water Play Mat

MAGIFIRE Tummy Time Baby Water Mat Infant

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iHaHa’s tummy mat comes with huge size of 40”X 40”, which is larger than other ordinary tummy mats. On top of that, it has 0.35mm thicker than others that make it more durable and comfortable to sit on. Plus, it used a water valve structure, air nozzle, and thick PVC fabrics so that this item is durable and avoids any leaking while using.

Best of all, this tummy mat featured bright colors and unique ocean aqua life that makes it look stunning and playable. Furthermore, thanks to its large size that allows two or three kids to play together on the mat. Getting the tummy mat for the baby as a gift is a wise decision as it helps the baby to enhance their strength in their body. Easy to use and foldable to a compact size.

What We Like:

  • Large size
  • Thicker than other similar brands
  • Bright and colorful
  • Suitable for 2 or 3 kids play together

What We Don’t Like:

  • The water is leaking from its seam sometimes

4. KLEEGER Inflatable Baby Water Mat

Inflatable Baby Water Mat

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Help your child build their strength and strength by giving them the best toy to play with. Therefore, the tummy water mat from KLEEGER will give your child the best feature for their growth. This tummy will help them to build their strength on their leg, arm, back, and neck. To boot, this item also featured moving fish inside the mat that can interact with your baby when they press and move them from place to place.

More precisely, this tummy uses lots of visual color and movement so that it can keep the baby enjoying playing with it. Thus, it brings enjoyment to your child and also brings happiness for you by just looking at them as well. This tummy is suitable for the baby with the age of three months and up. Plus, its measurement is 18″ Tall x 23.5″ Wide x 3″ High.

What We Like:

  • Great to develop the baby strength
  • Include with moving fish inside
  • Used a lot of visual color and movement
  • Suitable for baby with the age of three months up

What We Don’t Like:

  • Leak-proof is poor

3. MAGIFIRE Tummy Time Water Mat

MAGIFIRE Tummy Time Water Mat

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MAGIFIRE’s tummy water mat is made of heavy-duty PVC and 100% BPA-Free and non-toxic material that could harm your baby. Moreover, this item is tested for leak-proof and durable that ensure overtime use. Over and above that, for the age of three months and up, this tummy mat is suitable for them and has roomy space to play with. So, the measurement of this item is 122cm*95cm*6.5cm and its weight is 0.6kg.

The tummy mat is made for the great development of the baby’s body and strength. Using the tummy mat will help them improve their strength on the legs, neck, back, hand-eye coordination, and visualization. Besides, within the shape of a sea turtle and bright colorful design, this item is eye-catching and attractive so that you can keep your baby playing with it plus, the setup is very simple.

What We Like:

  • Made of heavy-duty PVC material
  • Ensure of 100% BPA-Free
  • Large yet lightweight
  • Bright colorful

What We Don’t Like:

  • Should come with water filling direction

2. Splashin’kids Inflatable Tummy Time Premium Water Mat

Splashin'kids Inflatable Tummy Time Premium Water mat

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Tag along with the floating objects inside, this tummy mat is made to be simply set up. Hence, to use it, you merely fill the outer ring with air and the inner mat with the water to the level that you like. The measurement of this item is 26″ wide by 20″ tall by 2.5″ high that is suitable for the baby age of 3 months and up. Therefore, get this item for your baby and let them enjoy watching the floating things inside and also improve their hand-eye coordination.

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Furthermore, the product is tested to ensure no air or water leaking. Plus, it used heavy-duty material to build this tummy so that you can expect your child to enjoy playing with this mat year-round. Best of all, to enhance your baby’s strength on the neck, legs, back, and eyes, this colorful tummy mat is the one.

What We Like:

  • Easy to set up
  • Large measurement
  • Suitable for 3 months and up
  • Made of heavy-duty material (PVC)

What We Don’t Like:

  • It a little bit smelly

1. LaLa Lou Kids Tummy Time Baby Water Mat

LaLa Lou Kids Tummy Time Baby Water Mat

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LaLa Lou Kids is the top number #1 product that wins all the items mentioned above. This item is a gift that every mom must-have for their baby. The unique shape of the tummy makes the baby in love and want to interact with it all the time. On top of that, it comes with six fun colorful floating toys that have different animals. Plus, it tags along with the articulation of animal sounds that make the tummy even more attractive.

Having this tummy for your precious baby and enjoy watching them play with the smile is also your happiness. Furthermore, it can help your child to strengthen their strength on the neck, arm, legs, and back. Hence, it also enhanced their hand-eye coordination and their flexibility to recognize stuff. More precisely, this item is made of high-quality material that ensures no chemical harm, eco-friendly, leak-proof, and no chemical smell. It is suitable for a baby age of 3 months and up.

What We Like:

  • Comes with black and red color
  • Include colorful floating toys
  • Enhance hand-eye coordination
  • No chemical smell and heavy-duty materials

What We Don’t Like:

  • Surprisingly, nothing to be disliked

Buying Guides to Choosing the Best Inflatable Baby Water Mats

Even when you have all the guides to the best inflatable baby water mats on the market, you should still consider all the factors below to ensure all the best for your little ones. Check out the buying tips provided by theZ8 team. Like you, we also want the best for your little angel.


Playmats for babies often come with a lot of size options. If your kid is about 4 to 8 months old, the ideal size would be between 26 inches to 18 inches larger. However, you should measure your kids and choose the mat that is 5 to 10 inches larger than their size. This will allow them to move and crawl freely.

Suitable Age Group

It is important to know the suitable age group of the product. Some play mats are not for little infants but for 1 or 2 years old kids. At the same time, some are for infants of 3 to 6 months. The differences between the types often lay in the supportive materials built for the mats. The smaller the kids, the more supportive materials they need. For example, the mats should be very thick and bouncy so that they can be active and still remain safe. When the kids are a bit stale on their own and grow a bit bigger, they can just usually simple mats.

Used Materials

As a parent, you should make sure that the mat is out of chemical substances. You sure do not want the kids to be in contact with something that can be harmful to their skin or their organs. Therefore, try to avoid something that is not BPA-free. The plastic that we highly recommend is PVC plastic.

Design & Color

To ensure that the kids can remain on the mat and exercise, we highly recommend the parent to choose the kid-inspired design and color. It should be in the shape of animals or fish such as ducks, turtles, fish, bears, or frogs. At the same time, the color theme should be very bright. You can choose green, yellow, pink, or blue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age does a baby need a playmat?

A: a kid aging from 3 to 6 months can be played on a play mat. Because it is an ideal time for them to exercise their bellies to strengthen their cores.

Q: Are Baby Play Mats necessary?

A: It is okay to not have a play mat for your baby. However, water play mats tend to offer a lot of advantages for your kids. It helps to improve cognitive, visual & gross motor development. Meanwhile, the core muscle of the kid’s belly also improves.

Q: What month can baby crawl?

A: In general, kids would learn and develop to crawl when they are about 6 to 7 months old. If you help them learn, they will be able to crawl around that age. However, if parents did not encourage them and help them to crawl, it might be longer for them to start crawling. That is why having a water play mat tend to help improve their fine-motor skill and help them to crawl earlier.


A baby play toy is not hard to find these days because the availability of the product is huge. There are Sprinkle and Splash Play Matsbaby walking toys, and also baby Bumbo Floor Seats. However, getting the playing toys that can also improve their physical muscles and help them building strength demands a bit of your attention. On the above list are the top 13 best tummy water mats that might be advantageous for your baby in their own different way. Therefore, you may take your time going through each one in detail and pick the one you think will be the best for your kids.