Best Insulated Backpack Coolers for Picnic & Camping Reviews In 2021

Coolers have surely come a long way over the years. The days when you need to opt for a styrofoam cooler are long gone. Nowadays, you can just keep your foods and drinks hot or cold with the help of backpack coolers. As the name suggests, you can obviously carry these coolers as backpacks. Furthermore, these coolers make use of high-quality fabrics. Thus, they are completely tear-resistant and lightweight. Most importantly, they are completely waterproof too. Plus, you can keep your food and drink in a suitable condition for days.

Usually, we have a long day to cover. And so keeping that in mind, these backpack cooler brands have brought forward their top creation. Check the options and then order.

Table of the Best Backpack Coolers Reviews

10. YETI Hopper Backflip 24 Soft Sided Cooler Backpack

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Yeti makes some of the best coolers available in the market and this applies to their backpack coolers as well. The Hopper backflip does the job of both a cooler and a backpack. Hence, your solo trips can be less bulky and more fun. The backpack is extremely tough since it is created from premium quality materials that will stand the test of time. You won’t have to worry about scratches or damages when you go out on an exploration spree in the wild.

The insulated backpack cooler has a cubic shape with a top that can be completely zipped open. This allows you easy access to your cooler backpack and quickly packs or unpacks your drinks or belongings. With cold cell insulation, you won’t have to worry about the scorching sun warming your soda pops or beers. Everything stays chilled for hours.

Key features:

  • The shell is FDA approved and resistant to mildew formation.
  • Have extra loops for strapping in additional accessories or attaching the cooler to another luggage.
  • Multiple handles allow you to carry the cooler on your shoulders or your hand.

9. TOURIT Lightweight Insulated Cooler Backpack – Large Soft Sided Cooler Bag

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Tourit has one of the most affordable lightweight cooler backpacks that you will come across on the market. Its squared cylinder shape is designed for ease of access and the top opens up completely for the same reason. There’s no need to dig around with your hands when everything inside is visible and within close reach.

For exceptional cooling performance, this backpack has a highly dense insulation material. Hence, does a great job of keeping the interior cold. You won’t be disappointed with warm cans after hours of hiking.

Key features:

  • One of the shoulder pads has an attached bottle opener for convenience
  • Fashionable design makes it look awesome
  • Furthermore, it makes use of tear-resistant fabric. Therefore, it is highly durable.

8. SEEHONOR Insulated Backpack Cooler for Lunch Picnic & Camping

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Keshi has come up with a well-designed leakproof cooler backpack with enough organizational and cooling capabilities. Hence, gives the big boys a run for their money. It has everything you expect from a high-quality cooler backpack and then some. The insulation used for the backpack is high density and with the PEVA liner cold air can’t escape out.

Your drinks come out the way you put them inside the cooler, chilled and refreshing. You can also use this backpack to keep your hot food warm.

Key features:

  • A hidden pocket in the shoulder strap lets you store personal belongings
  • Durable yet light enough for effortless carrying
  • Thanks to its durable nylon fabric construction, this backpack cooler is also lightweight.

7. Earth Pak Insulated Beach Backpack Cooler for Camping

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The people at Earth Pak don’t like to use sub-par products and want the same for you. Hence they have designed this awesome waterproof backpack cooler that will cover all your needs without burning a hole through your budget. It uses thin yet effective insulation made from NBR foam. Hence, heat exchange becomes minimal between the things inside the cooler and the external environment.

It is so effective that you can keep your drinks and food inside the cooler chilled for as long as 3 days. Compared to others that can’t deliver more than a few hours of cool retention, this is a much superior alternative.

Key features:

  • The corded front is good for storing extra accessories.
  • With an IPX8 rating, you don’t have to worry about liquid leaking in or out of the cooler.
  • Integrated bottle opener allows you to open beer bottles with ease.

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6. Coleman Soft Backpack Coolers

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This handy cooler from Coleman is great for your mini-adventures, picnics, and other outdoor activities. It has enough compartments and is made with high-quality materials to take care of your food supply and hydration needs. At the back, there is a main compartment that can hold large bottles of beverages or numerous cans of soda pops and beer.

You can hold as many as 28 cans inside this cooler without any problems. It also has a durable handle at the top so that you can carry the backpack on one hand easily.

Key features:

  • For storing some extra napkins or sandwiches, you can use the front pocket.
  • Shoulder and hip straps together help to distribute the weight of the bag evenly for your comfort.
  • Most importantly, it features heat weld seams. So, it is completely leak-proof too.

5. Carhartt Black Insulated Cooler Backpack

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Carhartt offers you a backpack cooler that can do multiple things without breaking a sweat. While the competitors promise quality, Carhartt delivers it in the form of this amazing cooler. You can notice it from the tiny details. As an example, the zippers on this cooler backpack are well crafted. Hence, won’t snag even when you are a bit rough with it. The backpack comprises two large compartments. The zipper in the middle opens up the base. It gives you a wide opening for filling up the bottom chamber. You can pack in a lot of food or drinks inside the backpack.

With the capacity for holding 12 cans of drinks inside the cooler chamber, this will satisfy your needs. It is crafted with heavy-duty poly materials so that you can use this backpack for a long time. Moreover, its rain defender is durable and repels water to keep the content of your backpack safe during heavy showers.

Key features:

  • Mesh pocket over the base cooler chamber is used for extra storage.
  • The top compartment can hold all your personal gear safely.
  • The front pocket can be used for smaller items like your phone, wallet, and more.

4. Vogshow Insulated Picnic Backpack – Lightweight Soft Backpack with Cooler Compartment

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Vogshow will mesmerize you with its fashionable and trendy cooler backpack that doesn’t lack in functionality. It has a large spacious chamber for storing food, beverages, or anything else. Due to its awesome insulation, you can keep things warm or cold inside this for several hours without any problem.

It’s also tough as nails since it is crafted from 1680D Oxford fabric. Hence, can take a lot of abuse when you take it outside. You don’t need to worry about leaks either since this backpack has a PEVA liner that eliminates the problem.

Key features:

  • The front organizer pocket can be used for storing plates and cutleries.
  • There’s a pocket on the top for storing small personal belonging like keys and cards.
  • Lastly, it has a 30L capacity. So, you get enough storage space.

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3. ROCK BROS Soft-Sided Backpack Cooler – Soft Cooler for Camping, Fishing, Party

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Rock Bros has an innovative soft cooler backpack that doesn’t come with the bulk or inconvenience of a traditional cooler. It is soft, lightweight, and portable enough for your lone wolf adventures. Hence, keeps you hydrated with refreshing chilled drinks. Unlike other cooler backpacks, this one also comes with airtight zippers. You don’t have to worry about cool air leaking out from the bag.

Cold drinks that go inside this bag come out the same way. Along with that, the insulation on the sides allows you to keep your drinks or food cool for up to 2 days even when it’s an unforgiving 107 degrees outside.

Key features:

  • 20L capacity is enough for accommodating 36 cans along with ice.
  • With its lifetime warranty period, you can make a worry-free purchase.
  • The shoulder pads are thickened for a comfortable carrying experience.

2. Coleman Portable Soft Cooler Bag & Beverage Cooler

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Coleman never disappoints when it comes to cooler or backpacks. Their latest creation is no different. This 24 can capacity cooler backpack is perfect for your small expeditions. Next, it is durable enough to handle the challenges of nature. Due to its welded construction, the backpack is going to stay with you for years without any major damage.

It doesn’t skimp out on insulation either. And that’s the reason you can enjoy a refreshing cold beverage from the backpack the next day. The T-shaped zipper is easy to use and opens up the backpack without snags.

Key features:

  • Breathable and padded shoulder straps minimize sweat.
  • Due to the external coating, cleaning the backpack is very easy.

1. VAKKER Insulated Dustproof Portable Soft Cooler Bag

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The Vakker cooler backpack takes one of the top spots in its category simply due to its rugged build quality. It is so well made that you can take it on any adventure without the slightest hesitation. Since it serves as a cooler and is highly portable you can make your solo trips more fun and entertaining. At the side, you get double-stitched handles that are made from top of the line thick materials. This makes it easy for you to carry the cooler and pack it full without the regret of snapped handles. The cooler is also made from materials that are used to construct whitewater rafts. That means it is durable and ready to endure the challenges of nature along with you.

Moreover, the zippers also have excellent design and close the bag completely to seal it off and prevent any leaks. When you want to open the bag the top opens up completely so that you can easily reach into it for your drinks.

Key features:

  • Closed-cell foam insulation keeps everything nice and cold.
  • Resistant to sun damage, rain, and other elements of nature.
  • For fixing any issues midway, this has a 1-year warranty period.

Even if the hike is tough or the camping set-up is at a great height, these backpack cooler bags will let you store all the drinks.  So, quench your thirst and stay hydrated.

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