Top 10 Best Outdoor Waterproof Lawn Mower Covers Reviews In 2020

Maintaining a beautiful lawn in your back or front yard requires a good and functional lawn mower that does the job well. A lawn mower is one of those few items that should not miss in your store if you plan to have a beautiful outdoor space. It is a pretty important item in creating an appealing outdoor space. A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen magically. You need a lawn mower to precise cut the grass and maintain a uniform height. However, lawn mower needs the best protection when in storage by buying the lawn mower covers.

Buying a new lawn mower can be costly, and the last thing you want is to have it damaged after a few days of use. To offer the best protection to your lawnmower, get a great lawnmower cover today. Lawn mower covers are great for protecting your mowers and tractors. This is where we come in to help you make a wise decision. We will not decide for you but recommend the best in the market currently. By narrowing your choices to ten, we believe you can easily get a lawn mower cover that suits your needs.

Table of the Best Lawn Mower Covers Reviews

10. Premium  UV & Mold Waterproof Lawn Mower Covers

Lawn Mower Covers

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The Premium Waterproof Lawn Mower cover by ToughCover is an ideal option to start our list with great features. It is a universal fit that works with all models for gas, electric and pushes and one that will serve the purpose.  This lawn mower cover is pretty easy to use and gives a snug fit. It is made of the 600 marine grade fabrics that will not leak water. It is heavy duty and tears resistant. The cover comes with a storage bag that allows you to cover the entire mower when not in use.

9. Himal Heavy-Duty Polyester Waterproof Lawn Mower Cover

Himal Lawn Mower Cover

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This lawn mower cover is waterproofed inside to work in moist areas without damaging your lawn mower. It offers protection throughout the year from dust, rain, resins, leaves, wind, and birds thus serving you for long.  A tough cord at the bottom allows for good cover and prevents the wind from blowing it away.

8. Premium Waterproof Lawn Mower Cover Covering for Push Mowers

Lawn Mower Cover - Waterproof, Premium Heavy Duty

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The WeatherPro is an excellent lawn mower cover to keep your machine out of the extreme environments.  It is a tough choice that is made of the marine grade polyester which is an advanced polyester material. This material is water repellent and UV protected. It is heavy duty and will protect your lawn mower from rain, dust, pine sap, pollen grains and many more. It is pretty easy to use with a drawcord at the bottom to ensure a tight fit.

7. Classic Accessories Black Up-to- 54-Inch Lawn Tractor Cover

Lawn Tractor Cover, Black, Up to 54" Decks

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If you have the lawn tractor machine, then this Classic Accessories cover will be a good fit for you.  It is an all-weather protected cover with a UV protection. This cover will completely enclose your lawn more and give it a tight fit such that no elements will gain entry. It does this using a drawcord at the bottom to ensure a tight fit. The cover is durable, tear resistant and water resistant making it a good option for your machine. There an included storage bag at no extra cost.

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6. Zulux Waterproof Polyester Lawn Tractor Covers

 Lawn Tractor Cover Heavy Duty Waterproof Polyester Material

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The Zulux is a versatile lawn mower cover designed with the universal 54-inch size lawn mowers in mind.  It fits all decks riding on the lawn making it a great choice for most homeowners. The covers come with a storage bag to keep it secure and neat. The bottom of the cover has an elastic band to ensure a tight fit and a complete cover of your lawn mower. Materials used to make the cover are of the premium quality. They are waterproof and heavy duty to protect against rain, snow, dust and strong winds. Out areas of the cover are coated with UV and PU additives to make the cover UV grade.

5. Budge TC UV Treated Polyester Material 1 Tractor Cover

Budge TC-1 Tractor Cover

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The Badge is a durable tractor cover made from a UV treated polyester material. It is a strong material that will protect your tractor from the harmful UV rays and rain.  For added durability, the Budge features a double stitched seam. A further fully elastic seam at the bottom of the cover helps pull it tightly together and cover every part of the tractor.  When the cover is not in use, store it in the included storage bag.

4. Pyle Outdoor/Indoor Armor Shield Lawn Tractor Mowers

Pyle PCVLTR11 Armor Shield Lawn Tractor Mower Protective Storage Cover

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Just as the name suggests, this is a versatile over for lawn mowers and tractors.  The size is universal and fits almost all models that trim the lawns.  The cover is treated and designed to offer protection against all weather. Simply slip it over your machine and have the desired level of protection you seek. For that tight snug fit, a plastic hem at the bottom can be pulled together.  Overall, this is a convenient cover to protect against wind, dust, rain sun rays and all forms of weather damage.

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3. Classic Accessories Black Lawn Mower Cover

Classic Accessories Black Lawn Mower Cover

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The Classic cover will protect your electric, gas and push lawn mower by covering them completely and giving a snug fit.  It is quite long and can cover the catcher on the rear discharge mowers. A customized snug fit is achieved through an elastic shock cord at the bottom. For maximum repellency and water protection, the cover is heavily built with a strong fabric coat. Overall, this is a great choice for wide lawn mowers.

2. Big Blue Gardens Premium Waterproof Lawn Mower Covers

Big Blue Gardens Premium Waterproof Lawn Mower Cover

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The Blue Green Gardens Lawn Mower Cover uses a high-strength custom made blue fabric to offer the best protection to the weather elements. It is made using the tightly woven marine grade polyester fibers to ensure maximum protection against the sun’s rays, strong winds, and dust while at the same time reducing the building heat inside.  The fit is universal for all self-propelled mower and push mowers. A further plastic coating on the inner side ensures there is not even a drop of water leaking through.

1. CJ Lifestyle Water Repellent & UV Protected Ride On Lawn Mower Cover

CJ Lifestyle Universal Fit, Water Repellent and UV Protected Ride On Lawn Mower Cover

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The CJ Lifestyle lawn mower cover takes the top spot on our list this year as the best cover for your lawn mower machines and tractors.  It is a quality choice made from the durable Oxford fabrics that are known to last.  Designed to fit most models, you are assured of a great purchase worth your money. It is heat resistant with cooling holes on the cover. These holes do not let water in but allow for a good flow of air.  Overall, it is an easy to use lawn mower cover with a very good warranty.


Protect your most treasured investment by buying one this lawn mower covers today. They are the best in the market and will offer maximum protection to your mowers.  You can have peace of mind knowing your lawn mower is safe and secure when not in use.