Top 10 Best Magnetic Dry Erase Board Reviews in 2020

Magnetic dry-erase board is a great piece of stationery you can have either at home or school. Every workplace should have a good quality dry erase board. Of course, there are different types of dry erase boards. A magnetic dry erase board is one of the best. If you’d like to purchase one, you should choose the magnetic board. There are different types of these boards. We will review the top best Best Magnetic Dry Erase Board.

List of Best Magnetic Dry Erase Board

10. OfficePro Magnetic Board – Lightweight Magnetic Dry Erase Board

10. Office pro magnetic board
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This board is magnetic. Ultra-slim and lightweight. This board includes a pen tray and pen and also three magnets and an eraser. It is a top-rated board that serves the purpose. It is high clarity and a scratch-resistant magnetic board. It features a slim and lightweight design. This magnetic board is sold as a package and comes with an easy hang mounting kit. If you want to buy a great board, this magnetic board is highly recommended.

Product Features:

  • You can write and re-write over again and again on this magnetic whiteboard, and it still clear because of it Scratch-Resistant.
  • This dry erase board comes with an Ultra-Slim design that can fit in almost any space in your office.
  • This OfficePro dry erase board comes with accessories you need such as magnets, dry erase pens and an eraser.
  • Wall Mount Included: this makes it easy for hang the magnetic dry erase board on the wall.

9. Viz-pro Magnetic Whiteboard with Aluminium Frame

9. Viz-pro magnetic whiteboard
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This is a top-quality board that comes with a very decent price tag. It measures 48×36 inches, aluminum frame, and silver. This board features a decent and fashionable design. The board has a smooth and durable surface, easy drywipe and anti-scrap. It is very easy to install this board; it comes with installation kits. This board can be mounted horizontally and vertically and can be used in homes, schools, offices, and meetings.

Product Features:

  • Whiteboard size: 48″ x 36″
  • Writing surface size: 46″ x 34″
  • Anti-scrap, easy dry wipe
  • Flexible to mount vertically or horizontally and easy mounting with fixing kits included.
  • Has detachable marker tray

8. XBOARD Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard with Marker Tray

8. XBOARD magnetic whiteboard
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This board has a detachable market tray. It is a great quality magnetic board. This board measures 47.3×32.2 inches. This board can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. It also comes with attached mounting hardware. The market tray can be perfectly placed on either of the sides of this board. This keeps all your writing material and other stationeries at your hand. It has been made using high quality and sturdy aluminum frame. It is anti-scratch and very protective. This board is very durable.

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7. Master of Boards – Dry Erase Board for Home, Office Use

7. Master of boards-good for home or office use
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As the name says, this is indeed the master of boards. It is a great quality board that has been made using high-grade material. It features a high grade and durable aluminum frame. You can easily and conveniently write and easily wipe off. It comes with a pen tray and mounting screws. This board has a magnetic bulletin board that allows easy enhancement of presentations. If you want to purchase a great quality magnetic board, this board is undoubtedly one of the best.

6. Viz-pro Light Magnetic Tripod Flipchart

6. Viz-pro magnetic tripod
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This is a very convenient and useful magnetic tripod. It has a magnetic surface and board dimension measures 24 inches x 48 inches. It is an easy installation board, easy to carry and has strong functionality. This board includes a movable hook and pen tray. This magnetic tripod does not contain flipchart. It comes with a reasonable price tag for most people to afford. This magnetic tripod is great and highly useful. it provides a great value for your money; it is worth buying.

5. Viz-pro H-Stand Adjustable Dry Erase Easel

5. Viz-pro h-Stand whiteboard
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This magnetic board measures 24 inches x 36 inches. It is the best quality board that has a magnetic surface and also includes a pen tray and hook. It is important to note that the movable hook is used to conveniently hang papers. It has adjustable 2 heights; this board saves space. It is convenient and very useful board. If you want to purchase one of the best magnetic boards for office or home use, this is a perfect choice. This board can also be used for meetings and teachings.

4. Premium Magnetic Dry Erase Board, Easy Wipe Whiteboard by VIATEC

Premium Magnetic Dry Erase Board, Easy Wipe Whiteboard by VIATEC
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VIATEC is a great board. It is a white dry erase board. This board has a very smooth writing surface. This board is durable and easy to write on. This premium quality board is easy to install and has multiple uses. It is a perfect choice for home, school offices, education, drawing, etc. this board comes with an attractive price tag, and most people can afford to buy it. If you are looking for a magnetic board, this is a perfect choice.

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Product Features:

  • Premium ceramic writing surface
  • Great color contrast and readability
  • Best for use with dry-erase markers and pinboard magnets
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Lacquered steel prevents ink penetrating
  • Removable easy-mount pen tray
  • Flexible mounting vertical or horizontal
  • Versatile whiteboard

3. Viz-pro ECO Magnetic Mobile Flipchart Easel

3. Viz-pro eco board
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There is no doubt that viz-pro is a great brand. They sell high-quality products. This board features in the list of top-quality boards. It has been made using high-quality material that is useful and very durable. This board measures 24 by 40 inches. It has a magnetic surface that is smooth. This board features casters and convenient locking brakes. This allows for easy maneuverability and stability. It has steel pad clamps for handing pads. This board is affordable and provides a decent value for money. This is among the best magnetic boards available on the market today.

2. Double-Sided Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard – Portable Standing Easel for Classrooms

2. Officegenius whiteboard
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VIZ-PRO Double-Sided Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard is a great magnetic board. This board has been made using high-quality material. It is smooth and durable. It has a stand and wheels for mobility. The board measures 48 x 36 inches. This is a double-sided magnetic board that is great for classrooms, home, school, and offices. This board is easy to flip and easy to assemble. All assembly accessories are included in the package. It takes less than 30 minutes to fully assemble the board. This board comes with an attractive price tag; it provides a decent value for your dollars. This board is worth buying.

Product Features:

  • 360° rotatable and lockable at any position
  • Writing surface size is 46 x 34 inches
  • Detachable marker tray
  • Freely movable casters
  • Rotary handle
  • Magnetic surface

1. Lockways Large Mobile White Magnetic Board with Wheels & Stand – Portable Dry Erase Whiteboard

1. Frictionless white magnetic board
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Lockways magnetic board is a nice board. It is a little expensive compared to most boards but it is worth the price. This board is portable and lightweight. It is easy to right on because it has a smooth magnetic surface. It is very easy to write on this board and erase after use. It is easy to flip and easy to assemble. It comes with all the necessary assembly tools. This board is worth buying. It is durable and has wheels for mobility and convenience.

Product Features:

  • Scratch resistant surface
  • Aluminum frame, detachable aluminum marker tray
  • 4 Castors with brakes
  • Double sided magnetic whiteboard
  • 360 degrees movement
  • Fit well with the modern commercial environment


If you have been looking for a magnet board, you don’t have to worry again. We have reviewed the top 10 best magnet boards for you. Our reviews are genuine and reliable. We give honest reviews of products. We provide our customers with relevant info on products. We have reviewed the top 10 magnet boards; you just need to make a selection.