Top 10 Best Magnifying Makeup Mirror Reviews in 2019

Have you ever felt irritated having to lean close to the mirror every time you apply makeup? If it does hurt your back, it is time to start thinking about getting a magnifying makeup mirror to receive more precise details of your makeup.

With these top 10 best magnifying makeup mirrors that we have conducted research about, you will no longer have to deal with unclear reflection that causes a mess to your perfect makeup. Let’s find out about these top 10 picks below.

List of Top 10 Best Magnifying Makeup Mirror Reviews in 2019

Gospire 10x Magnified Lighted Makeup Mirror Double Sided Round Magnifying Mirror Standing 360 Degree Swivel Vanity Mirror Battery Operated 7 Inch Diameter Shaving Bathroom Mirror
$35.99$39.99 (10% off)
ALHAKIN Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror - 10x Magnification 8'' Two-Sided Swivel Extendable Bathroom Mirror Nickel Finish
$39.99$80.00 (50% off)
Miusco Lighted Magnifying Double Side Adjustable Makeup Mirror, Wall-Mounted, 8 inch, Chrome
$42.99$79.99 (46% off)
ASSIS Led Lighted Makeup Mirror with 10X Magnifying, Natural LED, Touch Screen and Auto Off Dual Power Supply, 180° Adjustable, Portable Compact Travel Trifold Vanity Mirror(White)
3X Magnified Premium Modern Rectangle Vanity Makeup Mirror 100% Guarantee | Portable Polished Chrome Contemporary Finish | Adjustable Easy Positioning | Best Luxury Quality Magnifying Beauty Mirror
Excelvan 10x Magnification 8 Inch Double-Sided Swivel Wall Mount Makeup Mirror, 12 Inch Extension, Polished Chrome Finished
$24.80$35.00 (29% off)
MIRRORVANA Large 8-Inch Vanity Makeup Mirror ~ Double-Sided 1X and 10X Magnifying Mirrors ~ Perfect for Bedroom or Bathroom Vanity
$29.82$49.00 (39% off)
Floxite Fl-15v 15 Extra Strong 15x/1x Supervision Vanity Mirror, Brushed Nickel
$39.00$42.18 (8% off)
Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror with 5x Magnification, White Finish
Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror - Lighted Vanity Mirror; 1x/7x magnification; Polished Chrome Finish

10. Gospire Magnified Lighted Makeup Mirror

10x Magnified Lighted Makeup Mirror Double Sided Round Magnifying Mirror

Gospire is a make up mirror that has an ability to enlarge the reflection of your face for a quick makeup finish. It is a double sided magnified mirror that provides a more precise reflection for ease of wearing makeup. It is ideal to use for contact lens wearing, eyebrow tweezing, and other stuffs that you are struggling with when using a normal bathroom mirror. Thanks to its multi-directional swivel joint, this makeup mirror allows you to adjust its angle for ease of use.

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It comes with a circular LED light of 18 bulbs for providing enough brightness to your makeup. This magnified lighted makeup mirror uses four AAA batteries for a great light source and operation.

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9. AIHAKIN Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

 Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror - 10x Magnification

AIHAKIN is another magnifying mirror that can be mounted on the wall for daily usage. It is coated with Nickel Finish to maintain its shiny appearance and enhance its brightness when you wipe clean it. It is a dual sided magnifying mirror that has a built-in 8 inch circular mirror. That way, it can be used by two different people at the same time.

Apart from that, you can swivel it to multiple angles as it is designed with a 360 degree rotation. It is highly engineered with a 1x and 10x magnifying technology to ensure that every of its users can precisely see any parts on their face for a perfect and correct makeup.

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8. Miusco Lighted Magnifying Makeup Mirror

 Miusco 7X Lighted Magnifying Double Side Adjustable Makeup Mirror

Miusco is a light up mirror that provides a natural source of light to enhance your makeup experience. It is a both sided magnifying mirror which serves you more purposes than a regular makeup mirror does. For each side, it is built with a 7x magnifying technology that zooms in any parts of your face for ease of makeup. This mirror is highly engineered with white LED light on each side to offer more brightness for your makeup.

It is perfectly finished in chrome to maintain its shininess even after years of usage. The arm of this mirror can be folded and extended to 12 inches long which is great to reach other further places. The overall construction of this mirror looks solid and perfectly built with good quality metal.

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7. ASSIS Led Lighted Makeup Mirror

 ASSIS Led Lighted Makeup Mirror

ASSIS is one of many led mirror lights that improve brightness to your makeup environment. It comes with a heavyweight base that allows for a stable stand while you are doing a makeup. It can be rotated to 180 degrees which is great for you to choose the right angle for exceptional details. This mirror has a built-in touch sensor which makes adjusting to the right makeup environment a lot easier and better.

It has a trifold design which you can fold it up if you want to receive a large reflection of your face and fold it down for a convenient traveling. ASSIS Led Lighted Makeup Mirror also comes with a LED lighting system to ensure that your makeup always receives a soft natural light during both day and night time.

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6. Hamilton Hills Magnified Premium Makeup Mirror

 3X Magnified Premium Modern Vanity Makeup Mirror

Hamilton Hills is a makeup vanity mirror that provides a 3 times magnification for an excellent makeup. It comes with a rectangle frameless design that has a shiny chrome finish to make it look stylish with every makeup desk. This mirror also allows you to adjust easily to find a correct position for makeup details.

It features a very thin and moderately curved surface that is perfect with its 3x magnifying system. Although the mirror is big, the base itself has a heavyweight and rectangular construction to maintain a good balance while you are applying makeup.

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5. Excelvan 10x Magnification Makeup Mirror

Excelvan 10x Magnification 8 Inch Double-Sided Swivel Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

Excelvan is a magnifying makeup mirror that is built with 10 time magnification system to enhance every details on your face. It comes with a flexible arm that can be extended up to 12 inches long for your further reach while applying makeup. It has a compact design of only 8 inches and can be quickly mounted on the wall nearby your makeup desk or in your bathroom wall.

Furthermore, the surface of the mirror has an adjustable feature that allows you to adjust its position to every desirable angle. It is a product that is made up from brass stainless steel and is nicely finished with chrome coat to ensure that its lifetime is expanded up to many years.

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4. MIRRORVANA Large Vanity Makeup Mirror

 MIRRORVANA Large 8-Inch Vanity Makeup Mirror

Mirrorvana is another trusted brand for any high quality home and makeup vanity products. This makeup mirror provides supreme functionality and assistance to your daily makeup as it is built with 1x and 10x magnification system. That way, it enlarges and offers better details of any areas on your face. It is a double sided makeup mirror that has a strong base to ensure a good stability while using.

Other than this, the base can be removed from the arm which is portable and convenient for traveling. Thanks to its round shape and rotatable design, users can rotate it to 360 degrees within just a swift.

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3. Floxite Supervision Vanity Mirror

Supervision Vanity Mirror

If you are in search for an elegant vanity mirror that looks good on your makeup desk or on your bathroom countertop, we highly recommend you to this. Floxite Supervision Vanity Mirror will assist you in finishing your makeup with ease. It comes with a built-in Hi-Definition magnification system of 15x that enlarges every area on your face for more precise details. It has a 7 inch mirror surface that allows you to clearly see your eyebrows, eyelashes, and other areas conveniently and clearly.

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As for another side, it is engineered with 1x magnification system which is ideal for hair grooming, doing, and more. It also functions has a hand mirror that has an ergonomic handle for a comfortable gripping. The entire construction of this vanity mirror is finished up with Nickel coat to maintain its elegance even after years of usage.

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2. Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror with 5x Magnification

Jerdon is another vanity mirror with lights that comes with tri-fold design to give you more space for your makeup reflection. It possess a system of 5x magnification that gives out precise details of your makeup look. Moreover, it has two tiny 1x magnifying mirrors on each side which you can used for doing your hair.

It is designed very portable and compact which you only have to fold it down for traveling. This mirror comes with an electrical outlet that you can control and change the light colors by turning the knob. It has a white finish which looks really sleek and fits to most of the decors.

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1. Conair Oval Shaped Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror-Magnifying Makeup Mirror

Coming to the top product, Conair is another bathroom mirror with lights that gives you a very sharp reflection of your makeup look. It is equipped with lights over its oval shape to make sure that you always receive enough light for both day and night makeup. It has a built-in double sided mirror that possesses 1x and 7x magnification. Therefore, every of your facial area will be enlarged for a more precise and exceptional detail.

Thanks to its 360 degree rotation design, you can change from makeup mirror to a hair mirror by only swiveling the mirror face with a finger. Conair is also constructed with an on and off cord for a quick and ease of use. With just a click, you will receive a very soft and natural halo light for your makeup.

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From all top 10 best magnifying make up mirrors that we have picked, they come with a strong construction as well as an ideal magnification surface to enlarge any parts of your face. Some of them feature a lighted system to enhance brightness to your makeup and hair doing which is really great. If you like applying makeup, owning any one of them is certainly not a waste.