Top 10 Best Men’s Work Boots in 2019

Shoes aren’t just an accessory, but also a great protection of your foot from dirt and the heat. For that purpose, choosing shoes to fit with your preference and body is important. However, men or women who work at the construction sites need the good quality and suitable shoes for that environment. On the floor, there are many construction materials that we cannot see all, so it can cause dangers if you wear the inappropriate pair of shoes.

Thus, we have compiled for you the top 10 best men’s work boots that are the most updated with the good quality in 2019.

List of  Top 10 Best Men’s Work Boots in 2019

10. Condor Work Boot

CONDOR Dakota Men's 8" Steel Toe Work Boot

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The first men work boots in the list is from the brand Condor. It is made from the real Nubuck leather that looks smooth, elegant and tough to use for a long time. Plus, there are the steel toes to protect your toes from any injury in the workplace because this pair of boots is already tested with a 50 pounds drop. You do not worry about the oil on the floor that could cause slipping because it has the outsole to resist oil or slip.

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This steel toe boot has the material of Polyurethane in the middle, inside and outside to make you feel comfortable for the whole day, and it is bonded by technology instead of gluing between the footwear to the upper for a long life span.

9. Wolverine Work Shoe

Wolverine Men's Floorhand 6 Inch Waterproof Soft Toe Work Shoe


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Next, we move to the waterproof work boots from Wolverine brand. This item is also made of leather and the outsole is made of rubber to protect you from slipping or oil in when you are at the construction site. Moreover, you can remove the footbed to make you feel comfortable with or without it for the full day. This boot has the floorhand of 6 inches.

8. Ariat Work Boot

Ariat Men's Groundbreaker Pull On Work Boot


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Here, let’s check out this awesome pair of slip resistant shoes from Ariat. This shoe really looks so elegant for men because the shaft is measured to be 11.5 inches long with the leather covering outside. You do not concern about choosing it for your working construction because it could prevent from slipping and oil with the tough outsole.

This item comes with the new design that is easy for men to wear in and out with the opening around 15 inch. It will not make you feel uncomfortable with the breathable lining and the relaxation insole.

7. Ever boots Work Shoe

Waterproof Work Boots Insulated Rubber Outsole

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Take a look to this man work boot. You will have the trust on the product’s quality with 1-month warranty in waterproof feature by refunding the money back. The leather tries to make your feet dry and your feet warm when you use it in the cold weather.

The outsole is rubber that could withstand harsh weathers well, but it is soft to make any movement and be flexible with the midsole of your shoe. The insole and midsole are made of polyurethane to make you feel enjoyable at your workplace.

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6. Timberland Work boot

Timberland Pro Men's Direct Attach 8" Waterproof Workboot


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Now we get to know another waterproof work boot from Timberland brand. The company tries to find new things of good quality for the customers. This model is made of the leather. There is the waterproof material covered everywhere even the seam-sealed leather uppers. In addition, it has the antimicrobial treatment to withstand the effects from outside to keep the durability of the shoe.

The outsole is resistant to oil and slipping with the material of rubber, and you will find it so relaxing for wearing full day with the interconnected cell of polyurethane.

5. Thorogood Work Boot

Thorogood Men's Composite Safety Toe Gen Flex


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Here is the safety shoe that you can put on for your working. The rubber used as the material is flexible for your movements, and you can also remove the insole to find your comfort in wearing it. Moreover, it is designed to look tough with the shaft of 7 inches.

The opening is really big with the measurement around 13 inches that is really to wear or take off. You do not concern about the pain with the whole day with this shoe because there is the support from the midsole and from the ankle by anti-sway bar heel.

4. Skechers Boot

Skechers USA Men's Pilot Utility Boot


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This man work boot is from Skechers brand that has the same material of leather as other shoes, but it looks smooth on the upper with this leather. This product comes really interesting with its design by having 6 eyes lacing and you will notice its small logo on the shaft that is made of metal.

With this pair, your feet will feel tired and hurt when moving from one place to another place because it is lightweight.

3. Ever boots Work Boots

EVER BOOTS Tank Men's Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Insulated Work Boots


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You will notice that this work boot is from the same brand as one product above, but there is the different characteristic of it. This model is not the kind of water resistant, but it is still durable with rubber resistant for the outsole. It is still covered with leather, and you can remove the insole for added comfort. The shaft is measured to be around 7 inches.

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The special thing from this brand is the 3-month warranty. They guarantee on the outsole not falling off, tearing the rubber in your usual wearing and any separation between the upper and outsole in these 3 months.

2. Irish Work Boot

Irish Setter Men's 6" 83605 Work Boot


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The Irish Work Boot is designed with the simple look, leather material and the rubber sole. The leather is water resistant for working in damp. Plus, it can resist the electric risk and the heat well. Thus, you will not worry if you accidentally step on the wire with electricity or stand near the fire. The shaft is not too long with the length of 5.5 inches and the opening is around 13.5 inches.

1. Caterpillar Work Boot

Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot-Men's Work Boots


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Lastly, we reach the last product of mens work boots that is from infamous Caterpillar brand. This steel toe boot is designed for you to see the brand clearly on the shaft with the big logo, and it is made of leather. The outsole is already designed to be tough against the oil and slip in case of any accident. Furthermore, the grommet is designed in hexagon shape to fasten your tying at shaft.


These highlighted men work boots are the high quality products from reputable brands. When at work fields, you’ll never know when you accidently step on dangerous elements that can cause you harm. Therefore, you should decide with care by choosing one pair suitable shoes for safety usage at work.

And, these items come with different specifications and features that you can choose depending on your special usage, needs and personal preference. After all, we wish you all the best with your mens work boots shopping.