Top 10 Best Metal Fidget Spinners – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you have been searching for the best metal fidget spinner to keep your hands and mind busy, here is some information about what the best products available are and a buyer’s guide to choosing the right one for you. Fidget spinners have become in high demand and are gaining recognition due to their popularity, features, and functions. Many different manufacturers are producing them to supply this demand, but some products are a better choice than others.

Epic metal fidget spinners have so many different types, shapes, and sizes. It real quick and so cool because the color is insane and I spin it. It’s super smooth, super silent, so you could easily have this in class and no one would ever hear it. Their sense it’s made a metal it’s so much heavier so you can feel the weight of it, as it moves around and makes sure the build quality.

Best Metal Fidget Spinners

Fidget hand spinners helps people with ADHD, ADD, autism, an addiction to nicotine, fidgeting, and nail-biting. They can also be used for helping with other habits as well. They come in various sizes and models to suit the customer’s needs. Here are the Top 10 Best Metal Fidget Spinners that I will be reviewing in this article.

Make sure that you are aware that people have different body mechanisms so that a fidget spinner will react to each person differently. It has, however, help curb unwanted habits and reduce stress for many people. Some of these fidget spinners are seriously the rarest ones.

Trianium Fidget Spinner Pro Metal Series – 100% Stainless Steel with High-Speed Bearing

The Trianium Fidget Spinner Pro Metal Series made from premium 100% stainless steel and has high-speed bearings. It can offer over five minutes of spin time.
This design helps many people overcome stress and anxiety. This device will keep your hands busy to benefit those with ADD, ADHD, or autism.

It is also a great choice for when you are trying to quit smoking or trying to avoid other bad habits.

They can help you stay awake on long trips or simply provide enjoyment and relaxation.

The rotation is fast and smooth while being extremely quiet. It has a beautiful brushed surface and an ergonomic design.
  • All of the parts from stainless steel
  • Uses stainless steel bearings
  • Provides silent, fast, and smooth rotation without vibration or friction
  • Easy to carry with you so you can use it anytime and anywhere
  • Increase calm while reducing stress and anxiety
  • Spinner seems to have a little wobble
  • Louder than expected

Angry-Wolf Fidget Spinner – Best Fidget Hand Spinner

The Angry-Wolf Fidget Spinner has one of the best quality designs featuring premium grade bearings. It has a metal frame and rounded edges that are resistant to breaking if you happen to drop it.

It is very effective to increase focus and allows for deeper thought. Playing with it will help to relieve your anxiety and stress, help with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD, and can be an aid for someone trying to quit smoking.

It is simple to use. You hold it with one hand, and you spin it with the other. It’s very small, so you can carry it in your pocket wherever you go.
  • Made with quality materials
  • Includes Extra HQ SR188 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
  • Effective to increase focus and improve deep thought
  • Great for decreasing stress and relieving anxiety
  • No cons available

Infinity Apollo i7 Fidget Spinner i-Series Pro – Best Metal Toy For Focus and Anxiety

Infinity Apollo i7 Fidget Spinner i-Series Pro with R188 VorTech Smoothest Rated Bearings has a tri-bar design that can help you to focus and reduce your anxiety. If you are having trouble concentrating or have a bad habit of chewing your nails, this can be exactly the device that you need. It will keep your hands busy, and your mind opens for learning.

They are perfect for any age, and most people find using it can be quite soothing. Toy produced with durable metal, so it is not damaged by falling.

It is small enough to be carried in your pocket and makes very little noise allowing you to use it at work, in a meeting, or at school. Teachers have found that it helps children with ADHD to concentrate and is less distracting than clicking a pen, cracking knuckles, or playing with a phone.
  • R188 VorTech Smoothest Rated Bearings
  • Keeps your hands moving so your mind is free to concentrate
  • Provides relief for anxiety
  • Quiet so you can use it anywhere without distracting others
  • Very durable material that won’t break if you drop it
  • No cons available

Fidget Spinner Stainless Steel – Best Fidget Spinner Rainbow

The Rainbow Fidget Spinner Stainless Steel is another product that is made with quality metal materials and uses premium bearings. Premium Hand Spinner Toy for Killing Time. Its tri-bar design features rounded edges and is resistant breaking when dropped.

It fits into your pocket for simple and discreet use anywhere you need increased concentration or need to think more deeply. This is one of the best toys available to help with stress and anxiety, ADD and ADHD, and quitting bad habits.

It keeps your mind and hands busy instead of focusing on the troubles that plague you.
  • Quality metal materials and friendly design
  • Rounded edges resistant to dropping
  • Carry it with you anywhere
  • Great for reducing stress and anxiety
  • Contact the company if you are unsatisfied in any way
  • No cons available

Premium Metal Fidget Spinner – Best Metal Fidget Spinner With Stainless Steel And Precision Bearing

Best Metal Fidget Spinner With Stainless Steel And Precision BearingThe Premium Fidget Hand Spinner is a tri-bar spinner mading with CNC milled stainless steel. It will be sure to last you longer than the cheap plastic devices. There will be no smell on your hands like from those made from copper and brass.

It is durable and resistant to corrosion. High-velocity R188 bearings provide a 2 to 5 minute spin time while still being quiet enough to use in a classroom or office. And it is perfectly weighted as well as balanced for a completely stable feel.

It is the perfect size for any hands whether they are large or small.

The hand spinner is small enough to fit in your pocket so you can use it anywhere. Fidget Toy is great for soothing your stress and anxiety. It will increase your focus to help you study and keep your hands busy to avoid bad habits like skin picking and biting nails.

  • Built to last with CNC milled stainless steel
  • Long spin time of up to five minutes
  • Designed for weighted balance
  • Help reduce anxiety and stress
  • Smaller than you would expect
  • Has issues sticking if something gets on the ball bearing

Hand Spinner Gears Linkage Design Fidget Gyro Toy – Best Metal Fidget Spinner For Meditation and Focus

9 Bearing Gear Linkage Hand Tri- Spinner Fidget ToyFidget Spinner has a CNC aluminum body, precision brass gears, and hasten R188 bearings making this the ultimate gear spinner. The gear system design is fully functional allowing it to spin freely while producing amazing effects.

All of the gears rotate when you spin the spinner. It is small and light so you can take it with you anywhere. This product is assembled by a skilled craftsman ensuring that you end up with a quality product.

Removable gears allow you to customize the spinner to fit your needs. This is a perfect device to use while you are waiting in a line, meditating, trying to quit a bad habit, or for striking up a conversation.
  • Made with Valtcan titanium
  • Features nine gears and ten R188 bearings
  • Gears and grooves to help relax you while stimulating your fingers
  • Perfect for calming anxiety and reducing stress
  • Quiet so you can use it anywhere and not bother those around you
  • No cons available

Heavy Duty Solid Copper Premium Fidget Spinner – Perfect For ADHD, ADD, Anxiety, and Autism

The Newest Fidget Hand Spinner is the perfect gift for someone with ADHD, ADD, anxiety or autism.

It spins very smoothly for up to five minutes and has a large button for use on a tabletop. Premium 688 micro bearings with 9 balls are helping increase the centripetal force and the spin time.
It is a great gift for someone you know with anxiety issues, problems focusing, autism, or a habit they are working to overcome.

It has a beautiful design with shallow grooves that create shining circles, and is extremely fascinating when you see it under a light.
  • Beautiful design will catch your eye
  • Great for those with ADD, ADHD, or autism
  • Premium 688 micro bearing with 9 balls
  • Some make a noise when spinning

Precision Fidget Spinner – High Speed Hybrid Bearings

Precision Fidget Spinner Toy By Infinite SpinThe Precision Fidget Spinner has a solid metal design that will outlast any of the plastic products that are available.

It is a perfect tool for someone with ADHD, ADD, autism, or trouble with anxiety or stress.

Fidget toy is small and quiet enough, so you can take it anywhere you like and use it in a classroom. It offers spins up to five minutes with the help of the R188 hybrid bearings.

  • Help reduce anxiety and stress while increasing concentration and focus
  • Perfect for those with ADHD, ADD, autism, stress, or anxiety
  • Quiet and small so you can use it anywhere
  • Up to five minutes of spin time using R188 hybrid
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed to make any issue you have with the product right
  • Issues with bearings wearing out quickly
  • Known to come apart after spinning for a few minutes
  • Hard to achieve the reported five-minute spin
  • Some make a noise when spinning and have greatly reduced the spin time

Fidget Spinner Stainless Steel – Durable Stress Relief

Gold Fidget SpinnerThe Gold Fidget Spinner has a premium precision design ensuring a high-quality product. The R188 stainless steel bearings provide for up to a five minute spin time that is extremely smooth.

It is great for those with anxiety, ADHD, and autism. This product can help you to quit bad habits or to stay awake during long trips.

You can carry it everywhere since toy is small enough to fit in your pocket and lightweight.

It is perfect for reducing the user’s stress and anxiety while helping to increase their focus and concentration. It’s great for someone who is constantly fidgeting.
  • Helps increase focus and concentration while reducing stress and anxiety
  • Premium precision design featuring R188 stainless steel bearings
  • Smooth and balanced for spin times of up to five minutes
  • Small enough to carry with you anywhere
  • Issues with bearings wearing out quickly
  • Must keep bearings clean if you expect good spin after awhile
  • Dents and scratches easily

Fidget Finger Dice Anti-Stress Release Toy – Best Ultra Speed Metal Fidget Spinner

Best Ultra Speed Metal Fidget SpinnerThe STRESS Fidget Spinner is a tri-bar fidget spinner with a great rainbow colored paint scheme. It is great to help reduce stress and improve focus.

New toy – perfect device for reducing anxiety, helping to cope with ADHD, and for those who are trying to quit smoking. And also helpful for those long trips where you need help staying awake.

Stainless steel bearings allowing for a long spin time. The rest of it is made of resin materials. It will not cause any pain in your hand and has a high-speed rotation. A fidget toy is small enough to be carried around in your pocket for use anywhere. And a simple and discreet way to help you anytime you need it.
  • Helps curb unwanted habits
  • Can help those with ADD or ADHD to focus better
  • Stainless steel bearing provides a long spin time
  • Titanium allows material
  • Small and concealable for everyday use
  • No cons available

Best Metal Fidget Spinner – Buyer’s Guide

Fidget spinners can be highly effective tools to calm your mind, increase focus and concentration, and reduce stress. Finding the perfect spinner that suits your needs can be hard with so many of these devices available. Hopefully, this buyer’s guide helped you to see what makes a good fidget spinner and the reviews showed you an option that might be suitable for you. Pick one up with a 100% guarantee and see if it can help you with your issues.

Finding a metal fidget spinner for sale on the internet is easy but finding one that is high-quality and has the options that you want can be frustrating. You need to consider what will benefit you the most and find a product that includes these things.

Materials Used to Produce the Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners have been evolving since they first started being produced. They are manufactured with the help of a 3D printing machine or by use of injection molding. A fidget spinner must be resilient to hold up to any drops. Most commonly they are made from ABS plastic while other products are using wood, steel, and aluminum. The ones made with these other materials are heavier than the plastic ones but are very durable and will last you a long time. Choose a material that feels best in your hand and goes for the one that you like the most.

Fidget Spinner Bearings

The bearing that a fidget spinner uses is another important characteristic of a fidget spinner. This is the main part that helps the spinner to function effectively. If the fidget spinner has poor spinning capabilities, it is most likely due to low-quality bearings. Some standard bearings can help them spin exceptionally well.

Ceramic bearings are better compared to those that are metallic because they can spin longer because of the smoothness. Some use bearings with an ABEC rating of 11 which is the highest rating a bearing can have. The quality of the bearing will determine the average spin time. A poor bearing will help to reduce the spinning time while better bearings will have a much longer spin time.

Average Spin Times for Bearing Materials

  • Steel Bearings – 5 to 15 seconds
  • Degreased Steel Bearings – 30 to 60 seconds
  • Ceramic Bearings – 50 to 120 seconds

Different Fidget Spinners Available

Fidget spinners come in several different types. Some are designed to serve people with ADHD or ADD, others are designed for those wanting to kick a bad habit, and some are simply designed for the fun of it. Each one has a ball bearing which is the most important part producing the desired spin. Here are a few different types of fidget spinners and what they are best used for.

Dual-Bar Fidget Spinner

This type of fidget spinner is the simplest kind with a compact design. They are made from fiberglass, wood, and plastic using 3D printing machines for their design. These spinners are only as good as the bearings used in them. Look for a bearing with a rating of ABEC-7 or above if you want one that will continue to spin freely. This type has three bearings allows you to spin it in many different ways. Each person uses their fidget spinner differently, so it is vital that you have multiple ways you can use it. The Dual-Bar Fidget Spinner is easy to carry around in your pocket so you can use it anywhere. This is a good choice for someone’s first spinner to learn how they can be used.

Tri-Bar ADD Fidget Spinner

The Tri-Bar is an upgrade of the Dual-bar adding another level of use. They can be manipulated in more ways adding to the soothing movements the user is looking for.

This type is a favorite of adults who have ADHD or ADD because the device is easy to handle and gives them a constant sense of motion.

It helps the user concentrate and relax. The majority of adults who have poor concentration because of ADHD or ADD can benefit from this product without having to take the medication with adverse side effects. A Tri-Bar fidget spinner will help to overcome challenges by giving the user something to focus extra energy into.

Quad-Bar Fidget Spinner

A Quad-Bar Fidget Spinner is the ultimate fidget device with a great design focused on function. They offer four ways that you can manipulate the spinner and adds a whole other level of fun and function above what the Dual-Bar and Tri-Bar fidget spinners offer.

Quad-Bar devices are usually equipped with the highest quality bearings. You should pay attention to the product’s materials which can make or break the device. A Quad-Bar fidget spinner is the best choice for those who experience a lot of fidgeting or have extreme cases of ADD.

Custom Fidget Spinners

Custom Fidget Spinners are made for those wanting their own personal fidget toy. It is purchased by those wanting the benefits of a spinner while being on a budget. They can be custom made using just about any material including wood, copper, plastic, carbon fiber, steel, or brass.

This type is very popular since many of the DIY designs are quite cool. They can be designed to be as simple or as complex as you want. They can be very plain or as outstandingly ornate as you want.

Fidget Spinner or Fidget Cube

Another version of the fidget toy is available called a fidget cube. It has the same purpose as a spinner, but it doesn’t actually spin. A fidget cube is perfect for someone who would rather press buttons or click on objects.

These clicks and button presses replace the spinning of the fidget spinner. These devices provide these button clicks to keep your hands busy. It has six sides that each have something you can fidget with. It is easy and fun to use to help reduce and relieve stress.


Those who can benefit from a metal fidget spinner the most are those who are having issues with addictive behaviors. It is also very useful to someone with autism. They are also great for those that have ADHD, ADD, stress, and anxiety. It is a fun tool, keep your hands busy and your mind occupied.

The metal fidget spinners help to keep you focused on a task while providing a bit of comfort and reassurance. They work as a relief tool for those with autism and are great for helping to break bad habits by replacing the habit with the best metal fidget spinner.

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