Top 10 Best Mini Washing Machine Reviews in 2018

Imagine you coming back from work with a pile of dirty clothes that are needed to be washed; it will definitely be a stressful moment you have over there. Let’s just sit back and relax for now because today we are going to help you cope with this troublesome issue.

We have compiled the best of the best washing machines for you to consider.

The Ultimate List of Top 10 Best Mini Washing Machines in 2018.

10. Do mini Portable Compact Twin Tub


Let’s get this list started with Do mini! Such a great washing machine you will have; it delivers new technology which combines both portable washer and spin dry together. Dual function design enables spin wash and spin dry to work concurrently. The overall dimensions of this mini washing machine are 23.2″(L) x 13.9″(W) x 26.5″(H) and the voltage is 110/60Hz; with watt power of 240.

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The wash capacity is 8.3 pound while the spin capacity is 4.7 pound. This portable washer and dryer is designed in small size that is perfect for condos, dorms, RV, and guesthouses. Enjoy your laundry!

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9. Giantex Portable Mini Washing Machine Gravity Drain


How about washing your cloth with gravity power this time? Compacted with twin tub, this one comes with spin wash and spin dry next to each other. The size of this machine is 22.6″X14.0″X22.2″(LXWXH) which is very suitable for RV, and camping.

Built with environmental concerns in mind, Giantex washing machine works with less water, and detergent to protect our precious earth. 1 double bin washing machine will be included in the package. What a good way of saving money and earth at the same time!

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8. Ecowash Portable Hand Cranked Non-Electric Washing Machine


Avalon Bay ladies and gentlemen! Equipped with new technology called Pressurized Cleaning, this small washer will make sure that even toughest stains cannot stay on your cloth. Ecowash will give no harm to your fabric with gentle wash, and it saves a lot of money due to the less use of water and detergent.

Keep in mind that, this is not as big as you can expect with only 5lbs capacity of cleaning each time. The small size of this model grants you a flexible choice of using it as you can have it on your apartment, camping, RV, and even boat. You don’t like the product? In 30-day you can get your full money back for any dissatisfaction.

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7. Della Mini Washing Machine


Here is the Della Mini Washing Machine. First off, this mini washer is built with drain pump, which automatically empties the water from the washer. Time control function is a plus, that allows you to set a spin basket up to 15 minutes for washing and 5 minutes for spinning accordingly.

The open dimensions of this washing machine are 14-1/2″(L) x 24″(W) x 28-1/4″(H) which is an ideal size that can fit easily in any apartments, condos, motor homes, RV, and camping. For electric consumption, the voltage is 115/60Hz; and the Watt Power of 240. Enjoy a clear view of the washing process through the clear lid!

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6. Best Choice Products Portable Mini Washing Machine


Another great mini twin tub washing machine on the list! No loud noise will ever come out from your washing machine again as this compact washing machine has featured 1300RPM motor with a max frequency of 60Hz that gives you the quiet washing experience.

The size of this machine is 23” (L) x 13.5”(W) x 26”(H) with the maximum capacity of 13 pounds in total (8 lbs for washer, 5 lbs for spin cycle). With timer, you can get this mini washer to run up to 15 minutes, and 5 minutes for spin cycle for each load. Own it now, and you will love it!

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5. As Seen On TV 295116 Wonder Washer


It just keeps getting better and better! A washing machine that looks like a blender? That is the next level of innovation! Easy to carry around, the product comes with the size of 13″ x 18.25″ and the capacity of 7 liters (1.75 gallons). You don’t need a water source to run this compact washing machine, all you need is power source, detergent, good amount of water and you are good to go.

There is no more reason for you to dress up with dirty cloth when this wonder washer is around!

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4. Panda 5.5 lbs Counter Top Washing machine


Panda, another top brand of washing machines, is here to help! The brand has done some rework on the previous model XPB25-28A to make this one better and stronger. Single tub with timer that allows the basket to spin up to 10 minutes (wash) and 5 minutes (spin).

XPB27 model has upgraded its capacity up to 6 lbs. If you looking for a portable washer to deal with small stuff like underwear, T-shirt, socks, or towel, then this is the one!

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3. Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub


Supposed you need to get rid of your tons of dirty clothes with your mini washing machine, you can feel how inconvenient it is to spend hours waiting to load your cloth into the machine again and again.

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Don’t worry, with Giantex, one time is all it takes! With a better capacity up to 16lbs (11lbs for washer, 6.6lbs for spinner), it is a lot quicker to get it done. It also comes with standard timer of 15 minutes on washing and 5 minutes on spin dry. For the detail of this mini washing machine, this one has 1300RPM motor, and a voltage frequency of 110V/60HZ.

On a side note, make sure the temperature is 129.2 Fahrenheit or lower.

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2. The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash Non-electric


Have you ever owned a non-electric washing machine before? Well if you have not, this is your chance now. We are looking at the non-electric portable by using hand-crank to make it run. A little improvement on the hand is done by putting new patent-pending E-Z lid liver to replace the old one.

Despite its small size of only 5lbs capacity and non-electric usage, this small washing machine can work well with most types of fabrics such as silk, woolen, knitted dresses, and cashmere garments. The Wonderwash even consumes less water than hand washing, which makes it an ideal tool to have with you during trips. Top offer! 3-year warranty!

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1. Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer


We always keep the best one as a gift for you! Brought to you by Haier, this one surely is great mini washing machine. With 1-cubic-foot stainless-steel tub, not a single stain will stand a chance to linger, with this model. Equipped with new technology, this beasty machine has 3 water levels, and 3 wash cycles accompanied by LED indicators for a better control.

The measurement of this portable washer is 17-1/4 by 17-3/5 by 30 inches, and the capacity is 6lbs. The new improvement gives a quiet operation to this compact washing machine, which we hardly notice its operation when the machine is running. The machine also comes with adaptable leveling leg to move around. It is time to get a new mini washing machine, isn’t it?

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After critically going through our top 10 best mini washing machines, have you got one in mind yet? I hope what you have been looking for can be found here, and the decision to get the new one is not that hard to make anymore. Grab yours now.