Top 10 Best Pencil Grinders Reviews In 2020

Are you on the market for the best pencil grinders with less vibration? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Choosing the best pencil grinder online is quite a challenge especially if you don’t know what to consider. However, you don’t need to worry anymore. We’ve got you covered by looking at some of the top-notch pencil grinders on the market currently. Read through our carefully selected list of the best pencil grinders on the market and make sure you choose one that best suits your need. You should check the angle grinder for your need.

Table of the Best Pencil Grinders Reviews

10. Astro Pneumatic Pencil Type Die Grinders – 56,000rpm

Pencil Grinders

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The Astro 218 is a lightweight pencil grinder and an ideal option when working on tight spots.  It features a twist throttle that provides the grinder with varying speed controls.  This grinder is specifically designed to finish small parts and deliver fast speed porting.  With speeds of 56, 000rpm, this grinder works perfectly in cleaning rotors, dies and backing plates.


  • Ideal for cleaning rotors, mounts, brake pads dies and backing plates
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for tight spots
  • High speed porting

9. Chicago Pneumatic CP9104Q Compact Pencil Grinders

Chicago Pneumatic CP9104Q Compact Pencil Grinder

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When you consider the size and weight of this pencil grinder, then you realize it has great powers surpassing its small size. The Chicago Pneumatic pencil grinder is a high-quality choice and an ideal pick when you need to access tight spots.  It is pretty easy to operate and handle. It also features great speeds of 60, 000rpm for fast porting.  Overall, this pencil grinder operates silently with noise levels of 71Dba.


  • Low noise levels
  • 60, 000rpm
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Perfect for tight places
  • Great power to weight ratio

8. Gedu 1/8-Inch Pneumatic Micro Air Pencil Die Grinders

Pneumatic Micro Air Pencil Die Grinders

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This is another compact and easy to handle pencil grinder that delivers great cutting abilities.  It is pretty small and allows for easy handling and operation. The design is lightweight, durable and compact enough to handles easily.  It also features ten different types of grinding stone bits. Other great features include the high rotation speeds of 56, 000rpm that gets the job done fast. With a variable throttle, you can easily control the speed and achieve the desired results.


  • Speed throttle controls
  • Durable, lightweight and comfortable to use
  • High-speed rotation
  • Compact

7. Neiko 10649A Air-powered Pencil Style Micro Die Grinder

Neiko 10649A Air-powered Micro Die Grinder

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With a free airspeed of 54, 000rpm, the Neiko pencil grinder easily glides through surfaces and delivers air pressures of 90 PSI. The throttle is textured and features a self-adjusting speed lever. This simply means the speed will stay constant until you decide to increase or reduce it. It is a versatile pencil grinder ideal for cleaning jewelry, brake pads, backing plates, cylinder heads, dies, rotors and mounts. Overall, the lightweight design and 5-1/4-inch shaft ensure precision control when you polish, grind or cut.

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  • Precision control due to the lightweight nature and 5-1/4-inch shaft
  • 54, 000rpm speed
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • 1.4cfm average air consumption
  • Texture throttle

6. Agile-shop 1/8-Inch Air Micro Grinder Air Micro Pencil

Agile-shop 1/8'' Air Micro Grinder Air Micro Pencil

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The Agile-shop is a lightweight, slim and comfortable pencil grinder. It feels pretty comfortable to hold and use without any difficulties. It features an extremely flexible 50-inch hose allowing you to maneuver through tight spots with ease. There is a further abrasion guard to ensure you reach those tight spots.  This is a perfect pencil grinder to polish and clean jewelry, dies, cylinder heads and several other items. Other great features include a self-closing lever and free speed grinder features.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold
  • Slim and durable
  • Flexible 50-inch hose
  • Ten different styles of grinding

5. Sioux 5978A 60000 RPM Pneumatic Pencil Grinder

Sioux 5978A 60000 RPM Pneumatic Pencil Grinder

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The Sioux is a pretty new pencil grinder but one you really want to try out. It is a versatile choice and comes with a long 60-inch flexible hose for ease of use. There is a hose protector to keep it safe from damage when the grinder is not in use. The design of this pencil grinder is pretty slim allowing for a comfortable hold and accessibility. You can reach tight areas with ease. A further built-in speed variable allows you to choose the ideal speed when cutting, cleaning or grinding.


  • Flexible 60-inch hosepipe
  • Built-in variable speed
  • Slim design for easy accessibility

4. Astro Pneumatic 1/8″ Pencil Type Die Grinder


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This is another excellent pencil grinder from Astro and one that will offer you great value for money. It is a pretty versatile grinder with a long hose pipe to maneuver tight spots with ease.  The grinder does a perfect finishing job in small areas with its high speed porting capabilities.  It has great speeds of 56, 000 rpm.  Its pressure ranges from 90-120 PSI with air consumption of 4cfm.

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  • 56, 000rpm speed
  • High speed porting
  • Long hosepipe
  • Slim design

3. Pneumatic Pencil Air Micro Die Grinder Kit

Air Micro Die Grinder Kit

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The Air Micro is an easy to use pencil grinder with simple start switch knob allowing you to get started with ease.  It is small in size and pretty lightweight. The grinder comes to you in the shape of a pen allowing or easy one hand use. It also features high-speed rotations of 80, 000RPM and easily adapts precision cutting to achieve the desired results. The exhaust features an anti-cutting feature to prevent scattering. Overall, this is a low noise pencil grinder without core vibrations and an internal leather pipe design for long operations.


  • Small size
  • Pen-shape design
  • Easy start knob switch
  • Internal leather pipe design
  • High-speed rotation of 80, 000rpm

2. NOVIA TOOLS 1/8-Inch Heavy-Duty Industrial Air Micro Grinder

heavy duty industrial air micro grinder

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Constructed by Novia Tools, this is a high-speed air micro pencil grinder with heavy-duty capabilities to get big jobs done. It is an industrial grade pencil grinder with a high-speed grinder.  The design of the grinder is lightweight allowing for easy accessibility in tight spots. This micro grinder delivers a wide range of tasks ranging from cleaning jewelry, backing plates, brake pads and a lot more. It is also well-priced and a good value for your money.


  • Lightweight design
  • Heavy duty grinder
  • Micro grinder
  • High-speed grinder

1. Uxcell 70000rpm Pencil Type Engraver Air Micro Die Grinder

 Pencil Type Engraver Air Micro Die Grinder

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The uxcell is one of the best pencil grinders on the market currently with a wide set of features. It is a durable choice made of metal, nylon, and plastic to serve you for years. This grinder delivers high speeds of 70, 000 rpm with air consumption of 100 PSI. It also features a long hose pipe 120cm long to help access tight spots. Overall, it is a great buy and comes with all accessories to get you started.


If you’re on the market for the best pencil grinders, then look no further than our list above. These are the best pencil grinders on the market to get the job done. They are well-rated and best placed to offer you a good deal for your money.