Top 10 Best Pogo Sticks In 2022 (Advanced Buyer’s Guide and Reviews)

Best pogo sticksBest pogo sticks are one of the oldest toys still available to the public. First patented in 1920 in Germany, this simple contraption has led to many hours of fun for kids and adults of all ages. Though many things have changed over the year, the basic idea of the pogo stick remains the same.

To this day, pogo sticks are still produced by a multitude of companies in tons of different styles to meet the needs of every consumer. They’re good exercise, too.

Despite their simple appearance and timeless appeal, it can be hard to figure out where to start when looking to buy a new pogo stick. What do you need to know about performance? What brands should you check out first? How much should you be willing to spend out of the gate? How much experience should you have before you start?

Best Pogo Sticks

To help answer these questions and many more, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 best pogo sticks we could find currently on the market this year. Compare and contrast our selection to see which one might fit your pogo needs. Let’s take a look at what we found, starting with…

#1. Foam Maverick Pogo Stick: Best Pogo Stick In The World

Foam Maverick Pogo StickThe Foam Maverick Pogo Stick is a sturdy, reliable pogo sticks great for kids of all ages. Appropriate for beginner children as young as 5, the Maverick features textured handle grips, non-slip extra wide and deep footpads, and a rubber tip for extra control and balance. All of these parts can be replaced if need be due to wear and tear.

The Maverick is a helpful tool in teaching kids the basics when it comes to pogo sticks but can also be used by more experienced pogo stick users.

It can comfortably support users weighing between 80 lbs and 160 lbs with little effort, though underweight individuals can often use the Maverick without issue.

 The Maverick pogo stick is 36 inches in height. But a measurement you really want to pay attention to is from the footpegs to the handlebars that’s only 26 inches.  That’s important because you want the handlebars to be right around your waist. Most kids use this pogo stick as an introduction to the classic steel spring ride. It’s the perfect way to learn the basics of balance.


So the Maverick pogo stick has a few great features. One of the beams is a super squishy foam exterior that covers the whole body. It’s super safe and really comfortable. Also, they have these non-slip footpegs and it’s wide stance bounce tips they really aid in young rider balance and beginner trick learning. Last, there’s an innerspring design it’s super durable and really safe.

But first, always wear your helmet that was a lot of fun. You can get a high potential of two feet and some of the main key features, including the foam body covering non-slip pegs wide stance tip, and innerspring design, make this pogo stick the best for any young rider learning basic balance and beginner.

The Maverick is available in a wide selection of colors. These include: green and black, black and silver, red, white, and blue, blue and white, red and black, black and yellow, and red and blue.


I couldn’t help but smile as I watched my young nephew’s face light up with excitement when he saw the Foam Maverick Pogo Stick in the gift bag. His eyes widened and his mouth formed a perfect “O” as he pulled it out and examined it.

I had known that he’d been wanting one for a while, so I was really happy to be able to give it to him. He quickly tested it out, bouncing up and down on the sidewalk in front of our house. His laughter rang through the air, filling me with joy.

It was clear that he loved it and I was so glad that I could make him happy. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get to try it out myself someday.

  • Good for beginners as well as intermediates and experts
  • Large selection of colors
  • Replaceable parts make repair easy and increase your pogo stick’s lifespan
  • Weight range may not support larger pogo stick users
  • Some pogo sticks handle less weight than others and may be more fragile
  • Rubber tip can get stuck in soft ground and get lost

#2. Foam Master Pogo Stick: Best Pogo Stick for Intermediate Users

Foam Master Pogo StickThe Foam Master Pogo Stick from Flybar has many similarities to the Easy Grip Pro Sport pogo stick covered previously. Many of the same features, such as replaceable non-slip foot pads and handles, are shared between the two.

The Foam Master Pogo Stick is 41 inches in height. But a measurement you want to keep in mind is gonna be from the footpegs to the handlebars and that’s 30 inches. Now, this is important because you want the handlebars to sit right around your waist.


There are a few key features that really set it apart. First, is going to be the foam covering that keeps you safe comfortable, covers the whole body. Second, the classic steel spring inside stays completely covered for your safety while riding finally. This pluralistic has nice non-slip footpegs and a wide stance tip for better balance and stability while balancing all rights nuts.

But first always ease your head, always wear a helmet alright. Some of the key features are going to be this full body foam covering non-slip foot pegs a wide static strip and this awesome spring cutter.

The Foam Master comes in a variety of different colors. These include green and black, yellow and black, red, white, and blue, black and silver, blue and white, red and black, and black and yellow.

Designed primarily for ages 9 and up, this pogo stick is best for beginner to intermediate level users. Its rubber cap helps stay in control while jumping.
  • Perfect for intermediate pogo stick users
  • Many different colors to choose from
  • Replaceable parts help increase longevity
  • Weight limit may not be suitable for larger children
  • May wear out faster if used for extreme tricks

#3. My First Flybar Jump & Squeak Pogo Hopper: Best Pogo Stick For Toddlers

My First Flybar Jump & Squeak Pogo HopperWhile not a pogo stick in the traditional sense, the Jump & Squeak Pogo Hopper is a more kid-friendly equivalent that can still get the job done.

A soft foam pad equipped with a squeaker replaces your traditional shock absorber, with bungee cords in place of a spring mechanism. Pulling up on the handles, not jumping down, is what bounces you forward.

Intended for children ages 3 and up weighing up to 250 lbs, the Pogo Hopper is meant to teach kids skills in balance and coordination while they have fun and exercise.

It comes in several different colors, like red, blue, pink, and orange, as well as a special Hello Kitty variant.

What it lacks in power it makes up for in durability and longevity. The Pogo Hopper can be used inside and outside without issue, its sturdy construction keeping it from falling apart if used properly and not abused. The bungee cord also adjusts to the height of the user by stretching, meaning it can grow along with its owner and potentially save you some money.
  • Adjustable handle length and sturdy construction
  • Low cost and good value for what you get
  • Comes in a variety of great colors
  • Doesn’t bounce as high as a regular pogo stick
  • Meant for younger kids
  • Constant squeaking could become a hassle for parents

#4. Grow-to-Pro 3-in-1 Pogo: Best Pogo Stick for Beginners

Grow-to-Pro 3-in-1 PogoFisher-Price is a household name by now, so there’s no real surprise that they would come up with a quality pogo stick.

The Grow-to-Pro 3-in-1 pogo stick is a good choice for pogo stick beginners.

Perfect for kids as young as 5, the 3-in-1 can support up to 60 lbs of weight without issue, with a surprisingly powerful jump potential of up to five inches.

The Grow-to-Pro 3-in-1 pogo stick features a host of features designed specifically to help kids build confidence as they learn the tricks on how to pogo.

Sure-grip handles provide extra assistance in letting kids get a strong grip of their pogo stick while it’s in use.

Extra-wide foot pedals provide a textured grip to keep kids from slipping off. Additionally, a large base helps those first learning to land properly, with the option to switch out to a normal-sized base after becoming experienced.
  • Specially designed to help beginners learn how to pogo
  • Can be converted into a more traditional pogo stick with removable parts
  • Impressive jump potential for a beginner pogo stick of up to five inches
  • Weight limit is very low, with many kids likely to grow out of it within a few years

#5. Razor GoGo Pogo Stick: Best Pogo Stick For 8 Year Old

Gogo Pogo StickDespite being known mostly for making scooters, Razor can deliver when it comes to pogo sticks, too. The Razor GoGo Pogo Stick is unique among its peers. Rather than remain static, the Razor GoGo can fold up when not in use for ease of transport or to save space.

Both the foot pads and handlebars can fold up and deploy with a spring-button, with the lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame making it perfect for travel.

It’s also important to note the design of the stick. The Razor GoGo features a rectangular stick instead of the traditional rounded one found on most other pogo sticks.

While not a huge issue, it may take some getting used to if the user is more familiar with a regular pogo stick, needing to adapt to how they use it and find ways to become comfortable.

The Razor GoGo is intended for kids 6 and up with a maximum weight capacity of 140 lbs, impressive given how light it is.

The spring system is fully enclosed within the frame of the stick, adding an extra safety precaution to this pogo stick. Additionally, enclosed inside are a series of low-friction bushings which help to keep the pogo stick moving smoothly.
  • Lightweight design and fold up foot pads and handlebars make it easy to transport
  • Foot pads are replaceable, improving longevity
  • Maximum weight capacity is slightly higher than its peers
  • Some reviews state that lighter kids may have trouble using this pogo stick
  • There is no foam casing around the stick, which can cause injury
  • Rectangular stick may be more challenging to master compared to rounded pogo sticks

#6. The Jumparoo Boing! JR. Pogo Stick: Best Pogo Stick For 5 Year Old

The Jumparoo Boing JR. Pogo StickThe Jumparoo Boing! JR. pogo stick is part of the Jumparoo Boing! line of toys.

Essentially, it is a smaller (and a bit less expensive) version of the regular Jumparoo Boing! pogo stick meant for younger kids, around 4 years old and weighing up to 90 lbs.

In that regard, it’s very similar to its larger counterpart with many of the same details.

The Jumparoo Boing! JR. is designed with the spring completed enclosed within the metal frame for added safety. The non-slip textured rubber tip is made to decrease the risk of falling over, helpful for those with little experience using a pogo stick.
  • Smaller size is perfect for young kids just learning how to use a pogo stick
  • Durable and safe construction
  • Some owners have reported that the spring is very stiff and hard to move during the first few uses
  • Generally only for use by younger kids

#7. V4 Pro Pogo Stick: Best Extreme Pogo Sticks

V4 Pro Pogo Stick

Vurtego V4 Pro is equipped with lizard-skin grips, 6061-t6 aluminum extruded cylinder, traction coated foot pegs, 301 stainless steel shaft, and a super tax tip.

Needless to say, this is built very well. V4 operates with compressed air. You can use an air compressor or a bike pump. But we barely put any in it and it pops out the base. You can comfortably maintain control at a lower pressure add more air to create a different spring and higher bounce. So, start low and then we’ll jump up.

Apparently, there’s the theme of professional public figures that have set nine World Records. One of those was set when a guy nailed 18 consecutive backflips.

But beginners like me if you just fill it up here it’s about 1/4 of your body weight that’s a good starting point and then just get more advanced you just put more error in it go higher and higher. Since you can change the air pressure you can have a sub you 5 pounds can use this up to a 3 or 350-pound man.


The world-record holder of this jump they pull 10 feet 6 inches in the air. So you can jump over cars, up on the roof, anything that’s tenth is high you can go for it. Keep in mind is the soft of the surface the harder you have to work. As it tends to sink in a little rocking buffet what if you get the hankering to ride.

First off if you think you do the jump ten feet out the back you are mistaken this will scare you in the first few times. If you ever want to condense it and have that shaft come back up just take up the soft cap, take the pen and you just let the air out. Once it’s zero the chef’s automatic come up which makes a little bit easier to transport.

It’s well-made, it’s fun and offers good exercise. Like a fun exercise if she wants to go to the gym and lift those heavy weights and all that exercise that they do as a gym and less than all these. The V4 Pro isn’t strictly meant for children; rather, it’s meant to be used by seasoned veterans for what’s known as Xpogo, or Extreme Pogo.

Xpogo is a type of extreme sport created around doing fantastic tricks while riding a pogo stick, something the V4 Pro excels at.

Advertised as “the most advanced pogo stick ever created”, it features a 10-foot jump potential and a self-lubricating slide to keep your pogo experience smooth and comfortable. This is possible because of how the pogo stick functions, using compressed air to activate a piston, with more air meaning a higher bounce.

A less powerful version known as just the V4 is also available. In addition to only being able to jump up to 8 feet at a time, it only comes in white, whereas the V4 Pro comes in green.


For all its benefits, though, the V4 is probably not the best pogo stick for a beginner. With both its tremendous jump potential and cost, a first-timer may be better off starting with something less advanced. For any professionals out there, though, it’s definitely worth considering.

The V4 Pro comes in three sizes, making it perfect for people of all body types. Small is best for people 5’5” and under, medium for those 5’6” to 5’11”, and large for people 6′ and taller.

I remember the first time I ever saw a pogo stick. It was in a store window, and I couldn’t believe that people could actually jump up and down on those things! I had to find out more, so I went into the store and asked the clerk about them.

“Oh, you want one of these?” she said with a smile. “They’re a lot of fun!”

And she was right – they are a lot of fun! I’ve been using pogo sticks for years now, and they never fail to make me laugh. They’re especially great when you need to blow off some steam after a long day at work.

I have several different pogo sticks, but my favorite V4 Pro Pogo Stick. It’s best for me.

  • Massive jump potential up to 10 feet
  • Air pressure can be adjusted for desired jump height
  • Three sizes available to get the best one for you
  • Very expensive, over $400
  • Recommended for people at least 4’8” and 75 lbs or heavier
  • May be too intense or dangerous for beginners to use

#8. Easy Grip Pro Sport Pogo Stick: Best Pogo Stick For 12 Year Old

Easy Grip Pro Sport Pogo StickThe Easy Grip Pro Sport Pogo Stick is designed with older kids in mind. With a weight range from 80 lbs to 160 lbs, it can handle most kids ages 9 and up.

Foam padded handles help the user keep a grip, with non-slip foot pads to keep them from falling off and increase control to assist with tricks.

Additionally, the handles have a unique design similar to those found on a bike. The frame is also covered with foam to help it last longer.

The Easy Grip Pro comes in two attractive color sets: Yellow and black and green and black.
  • Foam padding helps the user keep a grip and increase’s the stick’s durability
  • Good for older kids and more experienced pogo users
  • Limited color selection
  • Weight limit may not support larger children

#9. Jumparoo JACK HAMMER Extreme Pogo Jumper: Best Pogo Stick for Experienced Users

Jumparoo JACK HAMMER Extreme Pogo JumperThe Jumparoo JACK Hammer Extreme Pogo Jumper is different from most pogo sticks made for kids, featuring a small and large size.

With a weight limit of 130 lbs to 154 lbs and 154 lbs to 176 lbs, respectively, and a jump potential of up to four feet, it’s typically expected that older kids and adults would be using it.

For these reasons, it’s probably better to have some level of pogo experience before attempting to use the Jumparoo JACK Hammer.

In many ways, the Jumparoo JACK HAMMER can be seen as bridging the gap between normal pogo sticks and those made for Xpogo like the V4 Pro. Constructed of heavy-grade aluminum to both keep weight down to 8 lbs and increase durability, the JACK HAMMER’s composite fiber bow-shaped spring helps propel it into the air and across long distances.
  • Durable, can take a lot of abuse and still function
  • Jump potential of up to four feet
  • Bow-shaped spring is unique and helps it gain air
  • Less experienced pogo stick users may not be ready for this
  • Fairly expensive
  • Only comes in one color style

#10. Jumparoo Boing! Pogo Stick by Air Kicks: Best Pogo Stick for Stability

Pogo Stick by Air KicksAir Kicks’ Jumparoo Boing! pogo stick is specially designed for learners who need some extra help getting the hang of using a pogo stick.

With a Y-shaped handle featuring a special padded grip, it is easier for kids to hold onto this pogo stick and keep control.

Measuring at 40.5 inches tall, the increased height helps keep the pogo stable while balancing on the ground.

The Jumparoo Boing! is intended for use by kids weighing between 60 lbs and 100 lbs. In addition to the medium-sized red model, there is a blue version as well as a larger size available.

In addition to the other perks, the Jumparoo Boing! features a double-sized rubber tip. With a diameter of three inches, it helps to stabilize the pogo stick and make jumping and landing easier. This is especially helpful for beginners.
  • Y-shaped handle and textured grip make it easier to hold than other pogo sticks
  • Height and double-sized rubber tip makes it more stable and easy to control
  • Impressive jump potential for a standard pogo stick
  • The weight limit is small compared to similar pogo sticks
  • Small selection of colors compared to its peers

Best Pogo Sticks – Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a pogo stick to buy, it’s important to consider many different factors to find the best one for what you need. How old is the pogo stick user? How experienced? Is it their first pogo stick?

Certain pogo sticks are better for less experienced users, while others work best in the hands of a pro. Some pogo sticks are used for extreme sports, but others are for toddlers. Many pogo sticks are made with a specific age and/or weight range in mind, too, so it’s important to consider these aspects before making a purchase.

Cosmetic details can also be important depending on your tastes. Certain pogo sticks are brightly colored with many different choices of aesthetic, while others only come in one or two different styles. Safety concerns like padding on the sticks, materials used in making them, or jump potential need to be looked at, as well and adjusted based on the user’s level of experience and age.

 Finally, the cost is one of the most major considerations when buying a pogo stick. Budgeting for a purchase like this can be important.  For a beginner, it may be a better idea to get something cheaper than spending a fortune, since breaking your pogo stick or losing interest would be a much smaller loss than ruining an extremely pricey stick.

On the other hand, a serious pogo stick user might want to spend more money to get a higher quality pogo stick than settling for something less expensive that’s more likely to break in less time.

How to Properly Jump on a Pogo Stick

The first thing you’re going to want to have a solid surface to jump. Before jumping on your pogo stick make sure to wear a helmet to keep you from getting injuries. Approach your pogo stick and then take two to three steps back. Make sure your arms outstretched find what works for you. Approach the pogo stick as a diss parallel to your body and the ground. Then put one foot on and then bounce off with the other.

While jumping to remain balanced make sure you don’t move the pogo stick everywhere and keep bouncing in the same spot. Keep your elbows out in the nail bars close to your hips. Lock your knees tight to the pogo while you’re bouncing. The last tip is very important if you feel yourself at any time getting off-balance don’t be afraid to throw the pogo stick down and land on your feet.

Conclusion – What Should You Buy?

It’s hard to pick a definitive best pogo stick out of the 10 reviewed in this list.

What’s best for one person might not be right for another, so it comes down mainly to personal preference.

Something like the V4 Pro might be great for someone who’s used pogo sticks for years and wants to break into Xpogo but might land somebody else in the hospital.

A little kid might get tons of enjoyment out of the Jumparoo Boing! JR., but someone older would barely be able to use it properly. It all comes down to what you need and how much you have to spend.

Remember to consider details like these and what we covered in the article if you want to buy the best pogo stick, whether it be your first or a new one to add to your collection. You might want to do some additional research into the pogo sticks we covered and investigate some on your own to find the best pogo stick to perfectly suit your needs. We’re sure you’ll come to the best conclusion.

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  1. tk8

    The Foam Maverick Pogo Stick is the best pogo stick in the world! It’s perfect for anyone looking for a thrilling, fun experience. The foam-covered spring is cushioned and gentle on your ankles, while the durable metal construction ensures a long life of use. With its simple design and easy-to-use functionality, you’ll be jumping for joy with this pogo stick!

  2. Sara D.

    I had a pogo stick as a child and loved it! I recently started watching workout videos on YouTube and found a super fun one that actually uses a pogo stick! I am looking forward to doing it. I just have to find a budget-friendly one and your reviews and list best pogo sticks made that simple. I really didn’t even know these were still items you can find in a store anymore.

  3. Susan Berle

    If you want to lose weight, invest in a pogo stick for your weight and height! I am not even joking. My son stopped using his so I decided to just pick it up one day and use it in the basement when I catch up on my TV series while he is at school and my husband is at work. I did nothing else but use my best pogo stick for 30 to 45 minutes a day and I have lost over 30 pounds!!

  4. Chris

    I loved having one of these as a kid and since my son is old enough to use one, I wanted to get him the best pogo stick for 8-year old for his birthday this year. It is coming up fast so I need to make a decision soon. Great list and great shopping tips. There are so many options today it is overwhelming!

  5. Savannah H.

    Does anyone know at what age a child can use one and which would be best? I ask because my son who is 4 spotted one in his favorite show and is now obsessed with them and wants the best pogo stick for 4 years. I just don’t know if something like this is ideal for a 4-year-old or not. I have never owned one and neither has my boyfriend.

  6. Jeffry Jenkins

    I have been looking at lists and reviews for the last few days. I want to get my little girls some pogo sticks before I go out of town for work. They have a hard time adjusting to it since I now go out of town anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks at a time. Last time I left, they gave my wife one heck of a time with bedtime, getting up for school, etc. Your list is the best pogo stick and the only honest one I have found. Thank you for also including the cons.

  7. Rene

    After looking all over online, I finally found the best pogo stick my son had! My neighbor ran it over at the end of the summer and I told my son I would replace it soon as it came back in stock at the store but it never did. I started looking online but at that point, I couldn’t even remember what it was called. It was the Razor Gogo! He had a blue one which I can’t seem to find anywhere so I hope he likes red!

  8. Lynda Carter

    I am not a fan of pogo sticks at all but my husband insists on getting one for our son. I told him if he gets hurt, he is the one dealing with it! I did want to pick out the safest and best option possible though. This article helped me with that. I planned on buying best pogo stick for 8-year old in-store but had I done that, I doubt anyone would have helped me.

  9. Tom

    When my son saw the best pogo stick for him – Foam Maverick Pogo Stick, his eyes lit up with excitement. He couldn’t wait to give it a try, and he had a blast bouncing around on it. It was so much fun to see him having such a good time. Even the adults got in on the action, and they were surprised at how sturdy the pogo stick was. We all had a great time using it, and we’re looking forward to using it again soon.

  10. Joe

    I’ve been teaching PE for a while now, and I’ve learned that you need to be able to adapt to your students. That’s why I love my Flybar Pogo Sticks. They’re best and perfect for all kinds of students, from the beginners to the more advanced.

    I remember when I was first starting out, we used these light-weight pogo sticks that were great for the beginners, but not so great for the more advanced kids. And then there were the heavy-duty pogo sticks that were great for the more experienced kids, but not so good for the beginners.

    But with my Flybar Foam Master Pogo Sticks, I can adjust to any student’s needs.

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