Top 10 Best Above Ground Pool Skimmers Reviews In 2019

Are you troubled by leaves and debris filling your swimming pool? Well, that should not be the case anymore with the best pool skimmers. Our expert team has spent several hours and selected for you the best pool skimmers out of hundreds of models online to buy. These are the pool skimmer net to help you clear your pool of any twigs, leaves, and dirt with ease. They are top-rated and highly recommended with good reviews online. Make sure you go through our reviews before buying a pool skimmer.

Table of the Best Pool Skimmers Reviews

10. Swimline 8039SL Leaf Pool Skimmers

Pool Skimmers

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The Swimline is a heavy-duty molded leaf skimmer and a great selection to start our list. It is a top rated pool skimmer with hundreds of reviews and a good buy to help you clean your swimming pool.  It features a sturdy and strong plastic to withstand heavy sweeps through the water.  The plastic frame is quite sturdy while the fine-mesh helps trap leaves with easy.  To scoop leaves with easy, the front of the skimmer is slightly tapered.


  • Tapered front edge
  • Sturdy plastic frame
  • Fine mesh basket
  • Super strong and durable molded plastic

9. Swimline Blue Heavy Duty Deep-Bag Pool Rake

Swimline Professional Heavy Duty Deep-Bag Pool Rake

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This is another professional pool skimmer from Swimline with a heavy duty deep bag to collect big debris. It is a strong and durable molded leaf skimmer with a fine mesh bag. The skimmer features bag a strong bag capable of collecting both the small and big twigs.  It connects easily and can fit a wide range of telescopic poles. The edges of the skimmer are curved to avoid damage to pool corners.


  • Quick to connect and disconnect to telescopic poles
  • Structural molded
  • Strong and durable
  • Deep fine mesh bag

8. Stargoods Pool Skimmer Net- Cleaner Tool & Leaf Cleaning

Stargoods Pool Skimmer - Heavy Duty Cleaner Tool & Net Bag Leaf Cleaning

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The Stargood is another heavy duty leaf skimmer for collecting all forms of debris and leaves. It features a durable frame structure, mesh net bag and rounded border to avoid damage at pool corners.  The deep mesh bag perfectly collects both small and big debris. It works perfectly at in-ground ponds and above ground ponds. It is safe to use with the rounded border preventing damage to your pool finish.  The frame holder is universal and helps you extend your reach to collect debris that are far.


  • Safe to use with rounded borders
  • Multifunction deep fine mesh bag
  • Durable frame
  • Universal holder
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7. Swimline 8051SL Leaf Skimmer w/ Aluminum Telescopic Pole

Swimline 8051SL Leaf Skimmer with 48" Adjustable Aluminum Telescopic Pole

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The Swimline 8051SL is a pretty simple leaf skimmer ideal for small swimming pools. It is a compact and small skimmer that makes skimming quite easier. The skimmer features an adjustable aluminum handle for easy access to the dirt on the pool. You can lengthen or shorten it with ease to reach debris. It can be extended to reach four-feet long for accessing the furthest leaves on the pool. The handles are also telescopic and easy to use.


  • Adjustable aluminum handle
  • Telescopic pool skimmer
  • 4-feet long handle
  • Easy to skim

6. Perfect Official Swimming Pool Skimmer Net with Telescopic Pole

Perfect Pools Official Swimming Pool Leaf Net Skimmer with Telescopic Pole

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This is another adjustable leaf skimmer with a handle that expands to 3-feet long to reach far debris.  It is an above ground skimmer and features a quality mesh that allows faster and easy skimming of leaves.  The design of the skimmer is hydrodynamic making it easy to use.  It is also lightweight and removes leaves quickly without the hands getting tired.


  • Quality mesh
  • Lightweight
  • Hydrodynamic design
  • User-friendly

5. Sun Cling Swimming Pool Leaf Rake Net with Clip Handle

Sun Cling Heavy Duty Deep-bag Swimming Pool Leaf Rake Net

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This is a versatile pool skimmer for handling all forms of debris in your swimming pool.  It is a durable, professional and long lasting skimmer that works all types of pools.  It is safe to use and will not scratch or mar swimming pools. The sides are straight and slightly angled to allow for easy pool cleaning.  The frame of the pool is a strong aluminum alloy to avoid unnecessary breakages.


  • Heavy-duty plastic rim
  • Works on all types of swimming pools
  • 13-inch bag
  • Durable, chemical and sun resistant mesh

4. ProTuff Professional Grade Medium Pool Skimmers

Professional Grade Medium Fine Mesh Pool Skimmer

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The Pro Tuff is a strong and reliable pool skimmer with a lifetime guarantee on any issue. It is constructed using strong and durable aluminum alloy metal that will not break or bend. The 24-inch aluminum alloy ring allows the collection of both small and big debris with ease.  The telescoping handle is standard to allow for easy connection. It features one of the most durable and scratch-resistant bags and a plastic rim safe to use on all pools.

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  • 24-inch strong and durable aluminum alloy metal
  • Scratch resistant bag
  • High-quality plastic bag
  • Tapered ends

3. MILLIARD Professional Pool Leaf Skimmer Net

MILLIARD Professional Pool Leaf Skimmer Net

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The Milliard is a perfect pool skimmer for first-time pool owners. It is a simple choice that is easy to use.  It features a durable aluminum rim construction to serve you for long.  The netting is made of nylon to remain durable and long lasting. This is a tough skimmer but pretty gentle on pool liners and siding.  You can attach any extension pole and skim with ease.


  • Ideal for first-time pool users
  • Heavy-duty aluminum rim
  • Strong and durable nylon netting
  • Gentle on pool siding and liners

2. SUKKI Heavy Duty Deep Bag Pool Skimmer Net

SUKKI Heavy Duty Pool Net Deep Bag Pool Skimmer Leaf Cleaning Pool Rake

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This is a deep bag pool skimmer ideal for scooping both the small and large debris. SUKKI is a highly rated pool skimmer with a tough netting to serve you for long without damage.  It easily glides through water and scoops all dirt with ease.  The framing is aluminum to be strong and handle more weight than plastic frames.  There are no sharp edges as the corners are curved to avoid damage to walls. Overall, this is a versatile skimmer that fits most vacuum poles and connects with ease.


  • Fits most vacuum poles
  • Deep and durable mesh
  • Aluminum framing
  • Curved edges

1. Hydro Tools Aluminum Handle Pool & Spa Skimmer

Aluminum Handle Pool and Spa Skimmer

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This is a small and compact pool skimmer ideal for small spas and pools. It is a well-designed skimmer with a 12-feet aluminum handle for easy access to debris. The sturdy and durable aluminum construction of this skimmer ensures long-lasting use. It also features a durable net and curved edge to prevent damage to pool liners and siding.


  • Curved edges
  • 12-foot aluminum handle
  • Ideal for small pools
  • Aluminum framing


Clear all debris and leaves from your pool by getting the best pool skimmer nets on the market currently. Make sure you buy your pool skimmer from our list above to get good value for your money. They are the best on the market right now with great features that allow for ease of use.