Top 10 Best Router Wood Tools in 2021

Any serious woodworker knows the reason why you should have a router wood tool nearby. These DIY tools are power tools or hand tools that help you rout or hollow out a specific area in a hard material like wood. They are mostly used for carpentry and cabinetry. They make woodworking projects a breeze with their powerful motors and convenient features.

Nevertheless, it is important that you go for the best router wood tool since not all of them work the same. The best quality router wood tool is versatile, with most of them ideal for dovetailing, trimming, and door hinges applications. They are also perfect for small projects. If you feel that it is time to take your DIY experience to the next level, the following top 10 best reviews are a must-read.

List of Top 10 Best Router Wood Tools in 2021

10. Triton 3-1/4 HP Dual Mode Router Review

Triton 3-1/4 HP Dual Mode Router Review
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The philosophy of Triton has been revolving around precision since 1976. Ideally, Triton has been making its tools with this precision. And one of these tools is the Triton TRA001 model, which boasts ultimate precision. It works accurately to give you the results you need on a consistent basis.

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Top Features

  • Side air vents: They minimize the intake of dust into motor casings.
  • Single button: Enables the router to switch from a conventional plunge to a fixed-base router using rack and pinion mode.
  • Soft start and variable speed: They offer an ideal speed for all types of cutters.


  • Offers consistent cuts
  • The product arrives fast
  • Easy to work with


9. PORTER-CABLE 5.6-Amp 1/4-Inch Laminate Trimmer Review

PORTER-CABLE 5.6-Amp 1/4-Inch Laminate Trimmer Review
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You need power and durability to cut many different materials. Well, that is what the PORTER-CABLE PCE6435 model offers. It has a useful laminate trimmer, which is ideal for small edging forming, trimming, and hinge routing. Each of its features works well to help you finish tasks in no time.

Top Features

  • Spindle lock button: It allows for single-wrench bit changes.
  • Attached depth ring: It ensures quick and accurate bit height adjustments.
  • Cast-aluminum fixed base: It offers superior durability.


  • Works perfectly
  • The on/off button makes the trimmer very easy to use
  • The trimmer has enough power


8. Makita 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit Review

Makita 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit Review
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This versatile unit is perfect for routing dovetailing, door hinges, and small profiles. It is one of the best tools for any DIY enthusiast. Its base can quickly be removed, so other bases can be installed, depending on the task you want to do. The Makita RT0701CX3 model is also durable for lifetime performance.

Top Features

  • Heavy-duty aluminum motor housing: It improves durability.
  • Durable flat top design: It adds convenience during the changing of bits.
  • Soft start feature: It ensures smooth start-ups.


  • Compact and easy to handle
  • Well made
  • Ideal for all types of woodworking

7. Bosch 12 Amp 2-1/4 HP Router Wood Tool Review

Bosch 12 Amp 2-1/4 HP Router Wood Tool Review
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Any serious DIYer should try out this router wood tool from Bosch. It is one of the most powerful routers; hence, it should not miss from your tool collection kit. It includes everything you need to help you go about woodworking tasks conveniently. You will surely run for it whenever you need to get any DIY job done.

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Top Features

  • Dust-sealed Power Switch: It makes the wood tool very easy to use.
  • Motor housing and bases: They are made of aluminum for superior protection of the motor as well as for longevity.
  • Quick-clamp system: It ensures fast, tool-free conversions.


  • The unit has lots of power
  • Height can easily be adjusted
  • The router is not too loud


6. PORTER-CABLE 11-Amp Fixed-Base Router Review

PORTER-CABLE 11-Amp Fixed-Base Router Review
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If you do woodworking tasks throughout the day, the PORTER-CABLE 690LR model is for you. It is powerful and efficient enough to let you complete tasks as fast as possible. Additionally, the router is ergonomically designed to help eliminate strains during use. You will instantly love it and consider it for many different tasks.

Top Features

  • Cam-lock lever: It ensures simple motor release and coarse height adjustments.
  • Auto-release collet system: It allows for effortless bit removal.
  • Ergonomic molded grips: They keep hands and wrists comfortable.


  • Covered by a 3-year warranty
  • Backed by a 90-day guarantee
  • The height is easy to adjust


5. DEWALT 1-3/4-Horsepower Fixed Base Router Review

DEWALT 1-3/4-Horsepower Fixed Base Router Review
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Demanding hardwoods need a powerful fixed-base router like the DEWALT DW616 model. This unit includes two wrenches, sub-base concentricity, 1/4- and 1/2- collets, DW616M motor pack, and DW6184 fixed base. It also comes with operating instructions to help you master how to use it. Take advantage of its versatility and use it to complete several tasks.

Top Features

  • Steel motor cam lock: It makes base changes and depth adjustment quick and solid-locking.
  • Motor latches: They ensure fast and effortless motor pack removal for base and bit changes.
  • 11-amp motor: It enables the router to smoothly work on the toughest hardwoods.


  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty
  • Ideal for those who do a lot of carpentry
  • Robust and tackles the toughest hardwood with much ease


4. Makita 18V LXT Cordless Compact Router Review

Makita 18V LXT Cordless Compact Router Review
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The cordless convenience of this innovative compact router from Makita will help you accomplish DIY tasks in a cinch. The unit has an efficient motor, which runs up to 50-percent longer. It also has LED lights and other features that work together to increase performance.

Top Features

  • On/off button: It has a separate lock button, which helps prevent accidental start-ups.
  • Electronic speed control: It maintains constant speed under the load.
  • Brushless motor: It offers faster and more precise cuts on many different materials.
  • LED lights: They illuminate the work surface.
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  • • Very convenient
  • • Well built
  • • Offers great mobility for little jobs


3. DEWALT 1.25 HP Max Torque Compact Router Review

DEWALT 1.25 HP Max Torque Compact Router Review
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This machine produces enough power to tackle the toughest applications quickly and easily. It is loaded with several features, which are all useful. The features make it convenient and very easy to use. If you do carpentry on a daily basis, this compact router is for you.

Top Features

  • Plunge base: It uses fine-tune adjustment rod to ensure precise depth setting.
  • Dual LEDs and clear sub-base: They ensure optimum visibility in operation.
  • Variable speed control feature: It allows you to optimize bit speed for changing applications.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Ideal for small projects
  • Changing bit speeds is a breeze


2. Bosch 12 Amp 2-1/4 1617EVSPK Variable Speed Router Kit Review

Bosch 12 Amp 2-1/4 1617EVSPK Variable Speed Router Kit Review
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Get jobs done quickly and accurately with this variable speed router kit. It comes with a powerful motor featuring advanced speed control technology to let you complete tasks in no time. What’s more, it is a product of Bosch, which is one of the most respected and performing manufacturers in the whole world.

Top Features

  • Aluminum construction: It makes the router one of the most durable units for woodworking.
  • Soft-start feature: It ensures a smoother transition and effortless handling.
  • Rugged carrying case: It keeps all the components protected.


  • • Makes a great gift for any DIY enthusiast
  • • The router has comfortable grips
  • • Perfect for a beginner woodworker


1. Bosch 5.6 Amp Fixed-Base Variable Speed Router Review

Bosch 5.6 Amp Fixed-Base Variable Speed Router Review
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This unit includes palm router and Bosch router accessories. It is reliable, solid, and durable to help you work without much worries knowing your router wood tool will not be damaged by the high woodworking demands. When you are done using it, simply collect all the accessories and put them in the convenient carrying case for optimum portability.

Top Features

  • Quick-clamp system: It allows you to effortlessly adjust the motor and move it from base to base.
  • Rugged aluminum fixed base: It offers durable, solid, and reliable performance.
  • Palm-grip design: It features Soft Grip, which makes the router comfortable to use.


  • Very easy to set up and use
  • The router has a powerful motor
  • Compact design makes the router easy to handle during and after use


Whether you were looking for a router wood tool for a friend or simply looking for your own, we hope that these reviews helped you a lot. We only focused on quality machines that are also versatile to make sure all your woodworking needs are met. Furthermore, these products are from notable manufacturers who are loved by customers from all walks of life.