Top 10 Best Rustic Coffee Table Reviews in 2018

If you are a lover of rustic pieces and a coffeeholic at the same time, there is one piece of furniture that can make your heart pound. That is a rustic coffee table. Yet, shopping for a rustic coffee table isn’t always easy. You may have to look into its design, size, durability, special features, price tag, and most importantly its quality. Therefore, to ease your selection, we have picked out the very best, highest quality choices of all time. Here is the ultimate list of the top 10 best rustic coffee tables in 2018.

List of  Top 10 Best Rustic Coffee Table Reviews in 2018

10. BHG Rustic Gray Finish

 Unique Style and Functionality

The first rustic wood coffee table we are going to show is the BHG Rustic Gray Finish. This table has the unique style and texture on it which will enhance the beauty in the living room and it can suit with most of the sofa styles. This table has the hidden storage beneath the top lifts and forward of this table which allows you to store any items like snack or souvenir inside it. Due to this simple and unique design, it is an ideal rustic coffee table for most of those who are recently moving into a new house and want to have a new look in their living room.

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Moreover, it is also made of engineered wood that makes the surface on the table smooth which make it easy for you to put any items on it. More than that, it is made of engineered wood in order to ensure the stability of the table. The dimension of this table is 43.15″x23.46″x18.07″ which suits best for any medium sized living room.

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9. Ashley Rogness Coffee Table

 Ashley Rogness Lift Top Coffee Table in Rustic Brown

Moving on to another rustic coffee table, we have the Ashley Rogness Coffee Table. This table is painted with the rustic brown finish to make it looks classic and elegance inside the living room. It also creates the friendly environment as well to make your guest feel comfortable whenever they coming into your home.

The Dimension of this modern rustic coffee table is 26.1″x48″x18.1″ that is just the right size for those who have a medium size living room. For the weight of this table is only 78 pounds that is not too heavy and you can move it easily when you want to redesign your living room.

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8. Alaterre Natural Storage Coffee Table

 Alaterre Modesto Rustic Coffee Table

To the number 8 product on our list, we have the Alaterre Natural Storage Coffee Table. This small rustic coffee table has the unique and simple design which give your living room a modern look. The design of this table also creates a friendly atmosphere inside the room to give make your guest feel comfortable when they are coming into your home. Moreover, the dimension of this table is 42″x24″x18″ that is just right for those who have the small space living room to make it feels cozy.

This table is also constructed from the pinewood along with the metal that connects the two pieces of wood to ensure the durability of this table and its longevity. Due to all the benefits above, that makes it one of the ideal choice for those want to enhance the beauty of their living room.

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7. Care Royal Rustic Vintage Table

 Care Royal Vintage Industrial Style Table

Next, we have the Care Royal Rustic Vintage Table. This rustic vintage table has the traditional classic design to give your living room an attractive look with its simple construction. Due to its simple construction, this table will fit perfectly well with all styles of furnitures inside the room. More than that, you can use this table inside the living room, lounge and much more which is very convenient. Moreover, this table is durable and resistant to rust with the metal frame rustic brown to support the stability of the table.

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The bottom space of this table provides the storage space to store many items. It can also be used as a TV stand, media console table and many more. The feet of this table is cover with the high-quality table to protect the floor from getting scratches. The dimension of this table is 43.3″x23.6″x14.6″ and it can withstand the maximum weight of 275lbs.

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6. Del Hutson Designs Rustic Table

del Hutson Designs

Another top-rated product, we have the Del Hutson Designs Rustic Table. This table can be used in the living room table space for appetizers, having a drink with your family or friends and the design itself can enhance the looks in your living room.

This table is handmade to ensure its durability and longevity by using the high-quality wood to construct it. Having this table at home will add additional beauty rustic accent to your room and its decoration.

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5. Coaster Home Furnishings Coffee Table

 Coaster Furniture Coffee Table with Casters

Number 5, we have the Coaster Home Furnishing Coffee Table. This table has the farm style coffee table with the wheel on the side that makes it looks perfectly unique on its own. It is constructed of rustic brown wood along with dark metal finish to ensure the durability and longevity of this table. The dark metal finish is also resistant to rust to make sure that this table wears the beauty for a long time.

The bottom of this table provides you the storage shelves that allow you to store many items. The wheels function well to easily move the table around. Moreover, this table has the dimension of 24″x 48″x 23″ that is just the right size for you.

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4. Furniture of America Coffee Table

 Crete Square Rustic Vintage Walnut Living Room Coffee or Tea Table with Storage

To the number 4 product on the list, we have the Furniture of America Coffee Table. This small rustic coffee table has the slatted rustic style top that can fit with any style of furniture inside your living room. The slim see-through lines allow you to store any items or hide any items.

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This small rustic table has created a friendly environment inside the room to make your guest feel comfortable when they visiting you. The dimension of this table is 18.3″x 31.5″x 31.5″ that this size fit with those who have a small living room.

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3. Tribesigns 47″ Rustic Cocktail Table

 Tribesigns 47" Rustic Style Solid Wood Coffee Table Vintage Cocktail Table for Living Room

Moving on to the top third product, we have the Tribesigns 47″ Rustic Cocktail Table. The chic design of this coffee table perfectly fits any vintage style living room or guest room with the dimension of 47.2″x 23.6″. This table is made of pure solid wood to make sure that the table is durable and it can be used for a long time.

Moreover, this table also withstands the maximum weight of 220lbs so you can put any heavy items on it without any concerns. Furthermore, it is a stain resistance and heat resistance table which is very convenient for users.

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2. Southern Rustic Logwerks Coffee Table

 Rustic Log Coffee Table Pine and Cedar

Moving on to the second product, we have the Southern Rustic Logwerks Coffee Table. This is the handmade rustic table with the northern white cedar and pinewood to ensure the quality of durability of this table. This table has the live edge to give your living room a natural atmosphere and create a friendly environment. You will love what this one has to offer.

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1. SONGMICS Antique Coffee Table

 SONGMICS Antique Coffee Table Vintage Cocktail Table-Rustic Coffee Table

To the best-rated product on our list, we have the SONGMICS Antique Coffee Table. This table has the classic appearance to give your living room a unique decoration and the simple construction of it creates an attractive look. It is also durable due to the P2 particle board, and it is also waterproof the give the longevity to this table as well. You can never go wrong with our #1 pick.

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If you are having a hard time in finding the rustic coffee table to fit your style of furniture in your living room, then this list is the right one for you. We hope that after going through all the items on our list, you are able to choose the best rustic table for your living room. Get your favorite model soon while the items are still available for online purchase.