Top 10 Best Shoes Inserts Reviews In 2021

If your work demands to stand all the day and can sit only when taking a break, your feet ache too much. You can definitely alleviate unwanted agony if you wear appropriate insoles on the basis of your current situation. Foot and leg problems are very common among those who work in restaurants, assembly lines, department stores, and doing guard duties. Every year, millions of people suffer a lot due to these types of discomfort, pain, and fatigue. You will get ease from these discomforts if you wear a good pair of shoes. Finding a pair of shoes with proper cushioning and support is relatively difficult. Shoes inserts are the best alternative.

You can add comfort in your every step if you wear a pair of high-quality insoles. It is also the best way to correct poor postures resulting from aching feet. Products in this Top 10 Best Shoes Inserts Reviews In 2021 are collected on the basis of extensive research.

Table of the Best Shoes Inserts Reviews

10. HLYOON Sports PU


HLYOON Sports PU insoles include valorous fabric, which absorbs sweat effectively and keeps away odor from your feet. The GEL and PU material used in these insoles is really comfortable for your feet. It also provides you a good flexibility. HLYOON Sports PU absorbs shock and reduces stresses on your feet. The arch and heel are designed ergonomically. Thus, you will get maximum arch support and comfort.


  • Ergonomically designed heel and arch
  • Provides maximum arch support and comfort
  • Relatively soft material
  • Reduce wear and tear on your legs and feet
  • Provides triple zone protection
  • Highest quality material


  • Not useful for all
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9. WOBAOS Memory Foam

WOBAOS Memory Foam

WOBAOS Memory Foam can provide you superior comfort while walking, dancing, playing golf, jogging, and during prolonged standing. You can also engage in any other chronic sports if you use these insoles. High elastic material construction can convert impact into kinetic energy. Therefore, you can also engage in high jump, running, football, basket ball, long jump, etc. WOBAOS Memory Foam is ideal for improving balance and foot strength. it is antibacterial, anti fungal, odor-free, and antiperspirant.


  • Provides proper feet protection
  • Improves balance and foot strength
  • Keeps your feet fresh
  • High elastic material
  • Re-ounce in 2 seconds
  • Can be used for all types of sports shoes
  • Suitable for all


  • Some users get an unnatural feeling while wearing WOBAOS Memory Foam
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8. KevenAnna Insoles

KevenAnna Insoles

KevenAnna Insoles are highest quality gel insoles that are effective for absorbing the shock of each foot strike. Thus, you will get full long arch support. It also improves your foot strength and balance. You will also get instant relief from painful arches. Crystal clear silicone gel is used in these insoles, which provides you proper arch support. The material is anti-slip and anti bacterial, which protects your feet perfectly. Sweat absorption feature helps to keep your feet dry and comfortable.


  • Superior shock absorption capability
  • Offers full arch support
  • Improves balance and foot strength
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-slip material
  • Good sweat absorption capability
  • Keeps your feet dry and comfortable
  • Odor-free
  • Washable


  • Too thick for some users
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7. LEAGY Yellow Sports Insoles

LEAGY Yellow Sports Insoles

Designed for men and women, LEAGY Yellow Sports Insoles are made from environmentally friendly material. The full arch shell gives you additional support, which is helpful for improving side-to-side stability and motion control. You can also engage in competitive sports comfortably if you wear these insoles. Active carbon fiber helps to remove odors. Air circulation is possible because of stoma design. Thus, you need not worry about sweat. LEAGY Yellow Sports Insoles are anti-fungal, washable, anti bacterial, odor free, and keep your feet fresh.


  • Gives full-length arch support
  • Improves foot strength
  • Improves balance
  • Need not worry about sweat
  • Keeps your feet fresh
  • Provides additional cushion effect
  • Protects your feet from painful shocks


  • No annoying cons are reported
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6. HLYOON GEL Orthotic Insoles

HLYOON GEL Orthotic Insoles

HLYOON GEL Orthotic Insoles are made by using high-quality materials. It is designed specifically for reducing foot pain and aches. GEL+TPU can provide more cushioning effect and comfort. HLYOON GEL Orthotic Insoles is ideal for reducing stress on feet. You will get maximum comfort and arch support once you start wearing it. Soft material construction helps to improve your performance. It also reduces wear and tear on your feet.


  • High-quality material construction
  • Medical grade gel
  • Relieve foot pain and aches
  • Absorbs shock
  • Reduce stress on feet
  • Ergonomic design
  • Offers maximum comfort
  • Good cushioning effect


  • Some users complained that the insoles do not provide proper arch support
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5. Gel Insoles by Envelop

Gel Insoles by Envelop

Gel Insoles by Envelop are perfect for hiking, running, and more. These full-length insoles are ideal for men and women. The gel insoles absorb shock and reduce stress on your feet. The medical grade gel is used in it, which is helpful for getting relief from foot pain and aches. Insoles are perfect for reducing pain and improving performance during physical activity.


  • Reduce stress and pain on feet
  • Improves performance
  • Absorb shock
  • Designed for getting relief from foot aches and pain


  • Not comfortable for all people
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4. ViveSole Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

ViveSole Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

ViveSole Plantar Fasciitis Insoles is created for treating plantar fasciitis. It comes with a specific combination of impact cushioning and arch-support, which is helpful for getting relief and best orthotic experience. The design of this insole is helpful for combating foot pain in the best possible way. The fabric can able to repel bacteria naturally, which is helpful for getting long-term freshness.


  • Very comfortable
  • Designed for treating plantar fasciitis
  • Helps to reduce foot pain
  • Designed by podiatrists
  • Anti-microbial
  • Naturally repels bacteria
  • ffers long-term freshness


  • Not so durable
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3. Sof Sole Athlete

Sof Sole Athlete

The full-length insole, Sof Sole Athlete is made from synthetic material. A neutral arch is one of the major features of this insole, which is effective for most types of feet. Managing moisture/sweat is possible because of Hydrologix Technology. Thus, it will not make your feet dry. Gel pads are used for providing desired cushioning, which is placed on the heel and forefoot section. You can engage in various activities comfortably, which include walking, cross training, running, and everyday use.


  • Feet stay cool and dry
  • Fits most foot types
  • A great all-around insole
  • Soft, flexible arch
  • Good cushioning on the forefoot
  • Good for those who walk a lot
  • Very comfortable


  • Too thick for some people
  • Does not last long
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2. Sof Sole Airr

Sof Sole Airr

Sof Sole Airr insoles are designed for active lifestyle and these are packed with various features. Thus, you can undertake your responsibilities without any pain. Sof Sole Airr provides you superior shock absorption because of Skydex air capsules in the arch and heel. Polymer gel is placed in the forefoot. The nylon place gives improved comfort and stability for people with low arch.


  • Very versatile
  • Feels very comfortable
  • Good for active people
  • Suitable for people with flat feet
  • Long lasting
  • Prevents and relieves pain from standing all day
  • Supports even heavier individuals


  • Too thick for some types of footwear
  • Will not fit into all shoes
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1. Powerstep Original

Powerstep Original

Powerstep Original is the full-length Orthotic insole that fits most shoes in the market. This insole is designed on the basis of innovative variable Cushioning Technology, which cushions your feet and protects them from high impact. The quality heel cradle absorbs shock and impact whereas the semi-rigid arch supports boosts stability and flexibility.


  • Ultra thin
  • Low profile design
  • Ideal for even in casual shoes
  • No trimming needed
  • Perfectly fit inside a shoe
  • Can retain its shape and support for longer period of time
  • Dual layer cushioning
  • Semi-rigid arch support
  • Heel cradle


  • Not good for people with high arches
  • Material is fairly thin, so may not be comfortable after several hours
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The best insoles will provide you various characteristics such as cushioning, shock absorption, balance, relieve pain, prevent sweating, prevent blistering, and limit the stress on your legs, back, and knees. No one-size-fits-all insole is available. But, all these insoles can solve your foot problems. Therefore, this Top 10 Best Shoes Inserts Reviews In 2021 will make your selection process a little easier. This article will be extremely useful even if you are recovering from an injury or a hard worker. Read more about the new balance golf shoes.