Top 10 Best Silverware Chest Reviews in 2020

Ever wondered how to secure your precious silverware to avoid tarnishing, figure damage or for decoration and well-organized purposes? Of course we bet you know silverware chest is one of the answers to this question. But, another main question is that which one can cater to your needs. Here, we are helping you in choosing your ideal silverware chest. Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 silverware storage ideas of the year.

List of Top 10 Best Silverware Chest Reviews in 2020

10. MyGift Rustic Brown Wood Silverware Case

 MyGift Rustic Brown Wood Silverware Case, Top Lid 4 Slot Flatware Organizer

If you are in love with wooden things, then this case is a match. Rustic brown wood silverware case by Mygift is a dark-brown styled case sized 11.75H x 2.25H x11.75D in inches. It is designed with 4 rectangular compartments. You now can store your knives, folks, spoon or any silverware safely and easily.

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This case features light weight of just 1.3 pounds so that you can carry it to anywhere and with the easy-opened hinged lid, makes it one of easy-to-use decorative storages ever.

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9. Reed & Bartoon Provincial Flatware Chest

 Reed & Barton Provincial Flatware Chest

Next, let’s look at another most viewed silver flatware storage that goes to Provincial Flatware Chest provided by Reed & Barton. This product is a well-made storage. It can store up to 180 pieces of flatware in its two stories storage with total dimension size of 17 x 11.5 x 6.8 inches. The bottom storage is said to provide more flexibility in holding longer flatware.

Moreover, with its type of silver cloth designed in both storages, it helps preventing your silverware from being tarnished so there is worry-free of your items turning less bright or changing its color.

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8. Pfaltzgraff New Castle Gold 45-pieces Flatware set

 Pfaltzgraff 5114967 New Castle Gold 45-Piece Flatware Set with Storage Chest

Moving on to another chest that allows easy and flexible holding, it is the Pfaltzgraff 5114967 New Castle Gold 45-Piece Flatware Set with Storage Chest, Service for 8. This silver chest is made from high quality steel that is stainless and durable. It will never ask you for polishing.

This case is also dishwasher safe, enabling it to withstand to the daily-use rigors. With its size of 12.3x 3×11.3 inches, it can accommodate up to 45 pieces of your dinnerware from dinner folks to butter knifes. It can be opened and closed easily too with that hinged lid.

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7. Reed & Barton Easton Flatware Chest, Mahogany


 Reed & Barton Easton Flatware Chest


If you looking for a handier flatware chest, let us introduce you an Easton Flatware Chest, Mahogany provided by Reed & Barton. The product is made from high quality timber, Mahogany, with the total dimension size of 15x11x5.5 inches. This one features a hinged opening lid, a top storage and a bottom tray that can hold up to 200 pieces or service for 12.

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The top storage is used to store dinnerware with slots while the bottom tray has 5 rectangular compartments to store other flatware. Both storages are designed classically with tarnish-resistant cloth to keep your silverware safe with its original color.

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6. Marlborough 511 Brown leatherette Flatware Chest


 Reed & Barton Marlborough 511 Brown leatherette Flatware Chest


If you are tired of wooden cases, then we will bring you another new design of flatware chest 511 by Reed & Barton. This one is made from high quality leather with the tarnish-resistant cloth lined in. With its wide size, it can hold up to total 125 pieces where 12 knives which can be stored in its 3 divided slots. This one also comes with a zippered lid, a very handy style to have.

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5. Reed & Barton Adams Flatware Chest

 Reed & Barton Adams Flatware Chest

Here is another unique designed product of reed & Barton again, Black leather silverware chest. This one comes with a box figure and a hard hinged lid constructed with the combination of wood and leather. It is sized of 11.8x 3.6×16.2 inches that is capable of holding dinnerware of 130 pieces.

This one features lined tarnish-free cloth. You can store your dinnerware such as spoon and folks in that deep part of the case horizontally and store your knives vertically at the side of the lid.

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4. Reed & Barton Flatware Chest Mahogany Finish


 Reed & Barton Flatware Chest Mahogany Finish Brown


Still have not found what you looking for? We will never disappoint you. Here we have another antique silverware chest that probably matches your needs. It is the Flatware Chest Mahogany Finish Brown Tarnish Proof Fabric Lining with Brass Lid by Reed & Barton. It is constructed of mahogany type of quality timber allowing durable service life.

With its classic design, this organizer can accommodate up to 108 pieces, placed in the deep width part and by the side of the lid. It is designed with soft tarnish-proof cloth to keep the silver its original form and color. If you want to keep it as beautiful and shiny as always, you can always clean with soft cloth and polish it with furniture polish on the exterior.

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3. Reed & Barton Bristol Grande Flatware Chest

 Reed & Barton 43M Bristol Grande Flatware Chest


Moving on to another most reviewed and high rated chest, we would like to present you the grande flatware chest by Reed & Barton. This decorative dinnerware chest is crafted from Mahogany timber. It features three storages where the two top storages have 8 slots to hold silver, the bottom tray has 5 compartments and a holding side by the hinged lid allowing more accommodation to hold up to total 250 pieces of silverware. Each storage is lined with tarnish-proof cloth to protect all silverware from changing its form or color.

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2. Wallace Single Drawer Flatware Storage Chest

 Wallace Dark Walnut Single Drawer Footed Flatware Storage Chest

This walnut single drawer flatware chest by Wallace is another silverware chest on leg you should check out. This storage chest is constructed of wood and lined with black soft fabric to keep your silverware fine for years. With its lid-side holder, one big deep storage and a drawer and the total dimension size of 16.1 x 11.8 x 6.7 inches, this product can store up service for 12.

Also, with its brushed-nickel accents, dark antique look and holding feet, this one would fit and enhance the decor of the room.

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1. Reed & Barton Bristol Flatware Chest


 Reed & Barton 44M Bristol Flatware Chest-Silverware Chest


Now it is time to view the flatware chest that is taking the lead in the list of this 2020. That one is Bristol Flatware Chest by Reed & Barton. This Chest is designed with Mahogany timber; the interior is lined with tarnish-resistant cloth and an easy-to-open hinged lid.

With a top storage, a bottom drawer, and a holder by the lid side, this organizer can hold up to 210 pieces of silverware securing their original form and color. Since it is well-made, you have no worry about the length of its service life.

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As you have read through, there are many types and brands of dinnerware chests you can choose and here we have provided you the information of the top 10 silverware chests of the year 2020. Now it is your turn to decide which one is what you have been looking for in terms of classic design, storage capacity, price or other features. Get your favorite one soon while stocks last.