Top 10 Best Sliding Gate Openers in 2019

Having problems with opening the gate? We understand that when going home late at night, it is difficult and takes a long time just to get the gate opened to get into the house. No more worries about that; you will not need to get out of you vehicle to open the gate anymore. Today, we are going to recommend you some best sliding gate openers to solve your concerns. Let’s begin now.

List of  Top 10 Best Sliding Gate Openers in 2019

10. ALEKO Sliding Gate Opener

ALEKO AC1400ACC Chain Driven Sliding Gate Opener up to 50 Feet Long 1400 Pounds

Coming first on the list today is an item from ALEKO. This is an automatic gate opener run by 120V of alternative current with 1.2 HP chain driven motor to start its operation. Designed with advanced technology, this sliding gate opener will stop and move backward when there is any obstacle during its operation. Besides, this reliable gate operator is constructed of aluminum chassis, making it durable and highly resistant to corrosion.

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This functional appliance is capable of supporting the gate with up to 50 feet in length and 1400 lbs in weight. For your information, this is one of the gate operators that come in lightweight that only one person can install.

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9. TOTOOL AC1400 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

TOTOOL AC1400 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Capacity up to 3100LBS Sliding Gate Motor

Next comes one of the heavy duty automatic gate openers brought to you by TOTOOL. To ensure your security, this opener features pedestrian mode which you can set the gate to open for about only 1 to 5 feet, enough for people to go in and out. With automatic closing option, you can set the gate to be closed with a range from 12, 24, or 36 second after opening.

More than that, this excellent sliding gate open has been designed to support the gate of up to 3100 lbs. On top of that, this sliding gate opener comes with 2 remote control cover a wide range of 100 feet.

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8. Popsport Sliding Gate OperatorPopsport Sliding Gate Operator 1400LBS Electric Another item on our today’s review goes to Popsport brand. The brand offers the most secure electric gates in order to keep your property safe. Featuring an auto-closing system, this chain driven sliding gate opener will automatically closes in 12, 24, or 36 seconds after opening; you can set this timing yourself. More than that, this outstanding product includes 2 wireless remotes control covering up to 100 feet.

Plus, on the remote control, there are 4 functions that you can use – opening, closing, stop, and pedestrian mode, making your lifestyle more convenient. For your information, this smart appliance will stop and reverse its operation when there is something blocking the way.

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7. BestEquip Sliding Gate Openers

BestEquip Sliding Gate Openers with 2 Wireless Remotes Gate Opener Up to 1400Lbs Sliding Gate Security Kit

Here is another top rated product brought to you by BestEquip brand. The company has built smart gate openers to ensure your security. This is one of the electric gates powered by 110V of alternative current and is driven by a powerful motor. With the remote control, you can press the button to open or close or use the pedestrian option.

More than that, you control the opener to open door in an appropriate space for people to pass through by just pressing on pedestrian mode.

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On top of that, its base is made of aluminum of highest quality and the gear is constructed of supreme quality copper, making this item sturdy and durable.

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6. VEVOR Sliding Gate Opener Door Operator Kit

VEVOR Sliding Gate Opener Door Operator Kit Automatic Electric Hardware

Here comes another alternative brought to you by VEVOR. The brand has made these distinctive swing gate openers to enhance your safety and lifestyle. It is designed to have a pedestrian mode, allowing a proper space for people to get in and out while providing you with security.

Significantly, this fabulous opener is constructed of high quality material, making it resistant and durable. On top of that, the open will start its operation by using motor, and the speed of moving is up to 14m per minute; not too slow nor too right, yet secure.

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5. SMTHouse Sliding Gate Opener

SMTHouse Sliding Gate Opener Sliding Gate Opener Kit Sliding Gate Opener Remote

The top 5th sliding gate opener of our reviews goes to SMTHouse brand. This simple yet outstanding kit is perfect for protecting your property. Using high technology, the engineer has designed and construct the opener with auto-close function, which you can set the timer for closing. What’s more, it also comes with two wireless remotes, allowing you to control the 4 functions – opening, closing, stop, and pedestrian mode.

For your information, just in case that the remote does not function, or you are in emergencies, you can use the keys attached to open the gate.

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4. ChefStore Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

ChefStore Sliding Gate Opener Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Sliding Gate

ChefStore is another famous brand with experiences in the field. This is the heavy-duty sliding gate opener that will modernize your lifestyle while protecting your property. The opener is constructed of top grade aluminum, making it long lasting and resistant. Besides, you can determine closing time with the wireless remote control with the capability to cover the area up to 100 feet.

Most interestingly, the opener can support the gate with weight of 1400lbs which is equivalent to 600Kg. Very strong and sturdy, isn’t it? Plus, it comes in light weight, making it easy to install; one person is enough.

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3. OrangeA Sliding Gate Opener

OrangeA Sliding Gate Opener for Gates Up to 3100Lbs Gate Opener

The next product that has made its way to the list today is the gate opener from OrangeA. It is the powerful motor operated opener for rolling gate will bring you the most secure, convenient, and stylish living environment. With this smart opener, you can open, close and stop the operation, and you can even use the pedestrian mode when people come to visit you.

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More than this, featuring automatic closing function, the operation will stop itself and reverse when there is any obstacle blocking the way. On top of that, this durable opener can support the maximum gate weight up to 3100 lbs and the maximum length of 40 feet.

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2. CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Hardware Sliding Driveway Security Kit

Another product that has made up to the top 2nd of the review today is a security kit coming from CO-Z brand. This is the best performance gate operator that will make you feel secure and convenient. It is constructed with modern technology and automatic gate system, allowing you to use up 23 remotes for this one opener and protect your remote code from being accessed by others.

What’s more, this heavy-duty operator comes with manual keys, meaning that you can still open the gate with the keys when the electricity cut off. Moreover, this kit takes only a few minutes for installation.

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1. ALEKO Electric Sliding Gate Opener

ALEKO AC1400 Electric Sliding Gate Opener for Sliding Gates-Sliding Gate Openers

This is the last yet the best item of all which is brought to you by ALEKO. This is an electric opener for sliding gates, coming with 2 functional remote controls. Designed with automatic gate system, this outstanding gate opener will start its operation once you press on the control and will stop once you press on another stop button. Not only that, the remote coverage is up to 100 feet, allowing to control from the distance.

This particular opener will start by a chain driven motor, and it can support the gates up to 50 feet long. It will start and automatically stop and reverse the operation when there is an obstruction.

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We have already suggested some of the best gate operations from different brands and uniqueness. Now, it is your moment to seat back and relax, and choose the right one for your gate for security, convenience, and styles. Have you found your preferred model yet?