Top 10 Best Torch Lighters in 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

My boyfriend’s birthday was coming up in a few months, so I decided that I would make him his favorite meal and make it a pleasant evening indoors. The problem, however, was the fact that as much as I loved to cook, I wasn’t really what you would call an expert. That is how I ended up enrolled in a cooking class and took an interest in culinary torch lighters. In my quest to get one, I came across a few others, which lead me to write this review.

Top 10 Best Torch Lighters in 2018 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

10. Angel wing Flame Torch Lighter

Angelwing Flame Butane Gas Lighter outdoor Torch Jet Butane Gas Refillable Fuel Welding Soldering Pen

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  • By: Angel wing

At number ten, we have the Angelwing Torch Lighter. This torch lighter is refillable and is used with Butane gas. This type of torch lighter is perfect for people who are handy and or even engage in a lot of crafting. It comes in a

It comes in a pen like a shape that is convenient and can be used for paint removal, jewelry repair, lockset melting, pipeline repair, and even welding. The adjustable light makes it easy for you to work perfectly since you’re able to adjust it to suit your preferred use. If you have been looking for something worth a purchase, you need to try this one out!

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  • The Angelwing Torch Lighter can produce a flame that is about 1300 degrees.
  • The flame produced can be adjusted.

9. Techno Butane Refillable Triple Torch Jet Flame

Techno Butane Refillable Triple Torch Jet Flame Windproof Coated Metal Lighter

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  • By: Techno

I think that we can all agree that one of the most annoying things is trying to light a torch when it’s windy especially at night. This torch lighter will put all that to a halt; this is because it is able to produce flames that are resistant to wind. I was so impressed I immediately got one for myself.

I had no clue that such torches existed, but hey, it’s never too late to grab one for yourself. The simple operation makes it perfect for daily use. Unlike those funny torch lighters which require complex lighting procedures, this requires a few steps.


  • It has a very simple lighting function.
  • This torch lighter is able to last for a reasonable time span.

8. COPARK Culinary Torch – Butane Burner Gas Torch

COPARK Culinary Torch - Auto Ignition Flamethrower Butane Burner Gas Torch for Camping Welding BBQ

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  • By: COPARK

This torch lighter is one I would recommend for all the people who love spending as much time in the kitchen as I do. You need not be a professional, all you need to do is be a little outgoing, purchase this culinary torch lighter, and get to try out new recipes. Some of the things you could venture into include; corn on the cob, crème Brulee, meat browning, and cheese melting among others. This is a really excellent product for restaurants and home use.


  • This torch lighter is suitable for restaurants, households, and even picnics.
  • It comes in a compact and easily portable design.

7. Naluo Welding Torch Flame

naluo Welding Torch Flame Spray Gun Outdoor Kitchen Portable Flamethrower Lighter Stainless Steel

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  • By: lala Outdoor Cooking

The Naluo Welding Torch lighter goes out to all the pastry fans out there. Whether you are a professional baker, own a pastry shop or you simply like to give your family a treat every now and then, I am talking to you. The Naluo torch lighter is a must have baking and pastry tool for your kitchen. It is made of stainless steel and weighs about 0.2 kg.


  • The torch lighter has dimensions of about 12*5.9*15.5 cm.
  • In case you end up having bought a defective torch lighter, the company will replace it for free.

6. Mantello Catador Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter

Mantello Catador Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Cutter

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  • By: Mantello Cigars

Looking for a quality cigar or cigarette lighter, then take a beat and look at this product. Made with premium standards, the Mantello torch lighter comes in a very sleek designer gift box. The delivery of this torch lighter speaks greatly and shows that this is actually an investment worth your money. A gift like this will definitely get you in good books with whomever you buy it for.

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  • You will get a 1-year warranty when you buy it.
  • The torch lighter can be refilled at your convenience, with butane.

5. Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter

Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Attachment

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  • By: Scorch Torch

Torch lighters that are used for cigarettes are typically usable with cigars. However, in this case, I direct this particular one to cigar smokers.

The reason behind that is that the scorch torch cigarette torch lighter comes with an attachment for hole punching your cigar. Aside from that this lighter has a slide switch that when activated, makes the cap automatically open. It’s really an interesting sight to see.


  • The torch lighter’s flame is easily adjustable.
  • The Scorch Torch lighter is can be gripped with ease because it is textured.

4. Windproof Jet Torch lighter

Windproof Jet Torch lighter For Baking BBQ Welding with Flame Lock Gas Refillable Gas Turbo Lighter

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  • By: QIMEI

It’s not one of those things that would easily cross your mind, but do you know that torch lighter expenses can be reduced? Yes, as small as some of them are in size if you can refill it then why not cut down on costs if given the option to. The Windproof Jet Torch lighter uses a significantly less quantity of fuel than other torch lighters. While doing so, it still is able to produce more heat in the process!


  • It can be used in the kitchen as well as for welding and other functions.
  • If you are not satisfied or content with your purchase the company has a refund policy that caters to that.

3. Bugatti B-2002 Torch Lighter

Bugatti B-2002 Torch Lighter - Black/Copper

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  • By: Bugatti

The Bugatti B-2002 Torch Lighter is a nice little fit for your pocket. It is used mostly by occasional smokers and comes in an interesting combination of black and copper colors. This torch lighter has a double type of flame and also has a piezo ignition. It has a great feel in your hands and will be sure to change your lighting experience for the better.


  • The Bugatti B-2002 Torch Lighter can be refilled.
  • It comes with a cutter as well.

2. Home Right C900046 Electro Light Fire Starters

HomeRight C900046 ElectroLight Fire Starter

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  • By: HomeRight

Fire is an interesting element; it can go from calm to wild, in a matter of seconds. As much as it is useful, we can agree that it is extremely dangerous and any attempts at controlling or keeping it in check should not be taken lightly. The Home Right C900046 Electro Light torch lighter, takes its place as number two mainly because it has a safety built in feature on its start trigger.

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  • You will not use any starter chemicals with this torch lighter.
  • The Home Right C900046 Electro Light torch lighter also has a built-in blower for fanning flames.

1. Blazer GB2001 Self-Igniting Butane Micro-Torch

Blazer GB2001 Self-Igniting Butane Micro-Torch

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  • By: Blazer

To ensure that users safely grip this torch lighter, the Blazer GB2001 Micro-Torch, has an outer finish that is made of rubber. Safety is always a prime concern, which is why it was made with a lever that will enable you to adjust your gas flow to the precise flame requirements that you need, without any hitches. Unlike other micro torch products from the blazer, this torch lighter burns for an extended time span.


  • It can burn to a maximum of 2500 degrees.
  • The Blazer GB2001 Micro-Torch has a gas capacity of 26 grams.

Factors to consider before buying a torch lighter:

The best torch lighter will incorporate the following features, be sure to consider them:

The gas used: Torch lighters can use either propane or butane gases, make sure the gas used is convenient for you. Of course, we have people who are allergic to some of the gases used so it’s important that you take note of the gas used.

Location for using the torch lighter: This is important because some torch lighters are made so that they are resistant to wind. These are the types to use for windy types of locations. So, if you will be living in those windy areas, then you need to get something with the ability to withstand winds.

Flame capacity: Make sure the torch lighter you buy can reach the degree of heat that you need, in order to use it without being frustrated. The flame needs to be able to work perfectly and effectively without much hassle.

The price: The price is also quite important. You need to consider the price and ensure that it’s reasonable and affordable. Unless you want to take a dud home, ensure that you don’t pick any of the cheap knockoffs.

Buyer’s Guide:

The Blazer GB2001 Micro-Torch is our recommended torch lighter buy of the day. It has some very thoughtful features such as a table stand that can be attached, in case the user may want to engage in work that is hands-free. It also has a feature that manually locks the ignition when it’s dormant for purposes of safety. Those are just but a few of the many compelling benefits that The Blazer GB2001 Micro-Torch has to offer.