Best Universal Roof Racks in 2021 – Reviews and Guides

In this article, we are introducing to you the top ten universal roof racks that we found useful for carrying your belongings for your ideal holidays. These roof racks and cross bars are designed to meet your needs with the best quality to make sure that they are capable of carrying your stuff safely and most comfortably. Read on to learn about these top 10 best universal roof racks in 2021 and their desirable features.

List Of Top 10 Best Universal Roof Racks in 2021

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10. Seah Hardware

The Seah Hardware is one of the authorized brands on Amazon which guarantees the best quality for its customers. For this roof rack, it was invented under this brand from heavy-duty steel that is best suited for your brand-new car. It comes in simple black color. The rack is an adjustable 48 inches roof rack that can be used for different angles. Seah Hardware makes the ideal use for mounting bicycle transporters, kayak racks, freight boxes and another housetop frill.

In regards to its capacity, this high-quality steel can carry heavy luggage, stepping stool or cargo materials weighing up to 1800 lbs. As it is made for easy installation, you don’t need the installation service from the team since you can easily do it by yourself in minutes. You can always bring your favorite things to anywhere by just using this crossbars.

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9. CargoLoc

The CargoLoc roof rack is made for universal use where the size can be used with most vehicles that are already equipped with existing siderails. The brand has centered around Automotive Parts for many years. So, the quality is very reliable for the customers. It is the roof rack with dimension of 3 x 52.5 x 5.75 inches; suitable for your SUV car. It comes in pairs and made from superior material of sturdy aluminum. The capacity for loading is up to 150 pounds that allow you to attach such as snowboards, ski, cargo stuff, bike, and more.

Even it can load with heavy items, the rack itself is made is very light weight which allows for easy installation. The equipment is also made of aluminum which is durable and resistant to corrosion and weather.

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8. ARKSEN – Roof Rack Rails

This kind of roof rack is a bit of different in style and shape from the other rack as it made like a basket storage that can put upon your car’s roof. The size of this one is bigger which is 64 inches in length and 39 inches in width along with 6 inches in height. It is painted in black color and made from metal and steel that can endure with heavy duty. The great ideal of items that you put in the basket storage of this rack can be camping equipment, cargo materials, luggage and more. Its ability of loading is up to 150 pounds. Even if it contains a lot hardware material, you still can find this set of universal roof rack very easy to install.

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7. SportRack Complete Roof Rack System

The roof rack is designed to fit any standard car models with bare roof. It can accommodate may accessories such as skis, bikes, kayaks, and more. It can be hooked onto the window frames with adjustable width. This one also consists of special feature like anti-theft lock. The package includes hooks, load bars, and locks. It is easy to have it installed. Users do not have to drill or cut it to install. It is worth mentioning that the rack is constructed of high quality steel, which is durable as well as lightweight. Its capacity measures up to 130 pounds or 59 kg if the weight is distributed properly on the rack.

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6. Stay There

While it is suitable for almost all the 4-door design vehicles, such as cars and trucks, it comes with durable aluminum materials for the cross bars. With Stay There roof rack, you can always adjust your cross bars to fit with your vehicle size. The minimum size of the crossbar is 34.5 inches, while the maximum size is 49.5 inches. This one also features rubber strip above its cross-bars which therefore helps decrease wind noise. Also, to secure against any damage on the car paint, manufacturer has included rubber pads in the bottom part of the T-bolt.

The rails also provides enough space between it and the vehicles that can let you slide your hand below it. The rack is also both lightweight and durable. It weighs only 8.25 pounds and can support up to 200 pounds. They are there to provide durable support for luggage, bike, and cargo.

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5. Apex Universal Roof Rack


Are you looking for more storage space for your new SUV? You have come to the right place. Our universal roof rack from Apex is very spacious and very durable. The Apex roof rack is made for vehicles with existing side rails close to 50 inches. The weight load limit is 150 pounds, ideal for carrying additional gear and other hardware. It is manufactured from the lightweight aluminum.

The design of the roof rack itself can prevent your cab roof from damages caused by impact from heavy stuff. You can set up these rooftop bars in minutes to your vehicle’s current side rails effortlessly.

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4. Seah Hardware – Roof Racks for Cars


Here comes to the number 4  pick of today’s list for roof rack. The Seah Hardware roof rack accompanies a couple of crossbars 48 inches. This set produced with rock solid steel tube makes it solid and safe to use. The Seah crossbars are very flexible in position. Moreover, it is not difficult to install.

This ross bars can be utilized in any climate. In regards to the item’s weight load capacity, this hardware roof rack can put up to 800 kilograms. Whether it’s a kayak, trail blazing bicycle, or stepping stool, these cross bars will get your most loved things to anyplace.

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3. XCAR Universal Roof Rack Cross Bars 

XCAR roof rack is guaranteed to provide a concrete structure due to the durable and high quality materials. Its cover is finished with black powder. It can support up to 150 pounds, and it includes a wind shield to secure the cargo against any wind damages. Also, it works well to make the vehicle become more aerodynamic.

For the installation, it can be attached to either side rails or cross bars. It comes with 4 U-bolts. The design ensures the greatest security because the 6-inch side rails are there to maintain the stability of the cargo.

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2. YITAMOTOR – Roof Racks for SUV

For this roof rack, it comes with 4 padded clips to secure the car from any types of scratches and damages. The cross bars offer a strong foundation to make the installation of cargo boxes and other accessories easier. Also, it is designed with low-profile to decrease the impacts from wind damage and noise to make it safe while driving.

Because the materials consist of marine-grade aluminum, its weight capacity is up to 150 pounds or 68kg. Therefore, it can save a lot of space in the gear.

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1. MAXXHAUL – Roof Rack Cross Bars

The number 1 roof rack on our list is no other than the roof rack of MAXXHAUL. MAXXHAUL has been the best seller in the market. Its roof rack is made out of a durable and high-quality steel, which is resistant to the weather and anti-corrosion. With this one, it can be used to carry all kinds of accessories. It weighs only 25 pounds and its loading capacity is measured to be 150 pounds. It is also certified to be effectively usable even in highway speeds. For the installation, this one is constructed with U-bolt system and is also easy to install by just attaching to cross bars. It also has been used with various kinds of vehicles. The dimension of the rack is 46 inches height, 36 inches width, and 4.5 inches high, which give spacious space for your instant cargo.

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To ensure that you get the right choice of roof rack for your brand-new SUV car, we will list some more guiding points for you to consider and to finalize your decision with confidence.

Size: Talking about the size of our roof rack, we would like to recommend you that is of universal size which means that you can place that roof rack on any of your car. And, for added versatility, the roof rack should come with adjustable tools as well.

Easy Installation: Most of the best roof racks today are very easy to set up because they come with full instructions guide or they come with the required tools so that you can install the rack by yourself fast and easy. You should also look for the ones that come with simple tools for installation and removal.

Material: This factor is important because we cannot ignore the material of the products itself; especially, those necessary bars. The rack should be made out of high quality aluminum and tough elements with strong steel plus other durable material that can allows for long term service and high durability,

Adjustability & Durability: If you are looking for a universal roof rack, you will have to get the one that has an adjustable feature which means the rack can go bigger or smaller that allows it to fit on any roof of your cars. Moreover, other tools such as cross bars, key, cap and any protective cover should be made with good quality material for long lasting use as well.


Now, you should stop worrying about having no space for carrying your stuffs while you are on the go anymore. With these cross bars and roof racks you can take whatever needed for your travel. You can now carry your luggage, kayaks, bikes and other stuffs without squashing those items inside your car.

Give some space inside the car while putting everything on the roof will surely make your trip even wonderful, organized and enjoyable. Or even if it is not your trip, these roof racks are also useful for transporting your daily things, maybe when you come back from the supermarket.


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If you are looking for a roof rack that can fit an acute angle window frame, this universal car roof rack is now on your list. This roof rack is designed at a size of 47″ x 35″ x 7″. This size makes it advantageous to transport camping equipment, luggage and other stuffs. More important, this roof rack is very easy to use.

Universal Roof Rack Cross Bars

Or maybe you are looking for a roof rack cross bars? This adjustable roof rack cross bar that can fit most cars is made with strength that can handle your vacation stuffs up to 68kg or 150lbs. Made with aluminum alloy and ABS plastic, the roof rack cross bars are only light in weight but very strong and durable to use. With the oval shape, wind and nose can be reduced greatly as well.

This roof rack is very easy to use which you spend just minute to reassemble and remove. So when you do need it, you can just easily remove and it does not require cut or drill for that. Plus, this roof rack is designed with a security lock where you can secure your stuffs.

Kodiak AeroGrip 53″ Universal Roof Rack Crossbars

If you are a sporty person, you probably like cycling or maybe do kayaking. You want to take your personal bike or kayak for your trip but it was hard. However, it is no long hard now with the Kodiak AeroGrip 53″ universal roof rack crossbars. These universal roof bars are fully adjustable from 41” to 48″ width grips that make it easier to carry your roof box safely and comfortably. It is designed with AeroGrip strap lock that is the ultra-secured technology. Consider having this one if your vehicle has raised roof rails.

MaxxHaul 70115 Universal Steel Roof Rack

The suv roof rack cross bars’s size 46″ x 36″ x 4 which can carry up to 150lbs or 68kg. This roof rack can easily attach to most of the bars so that you can transport your stuffs on it more conveniently. Rubber caps are useful to cover the u-bolts and to protect the cargo. This universal steel roof rack is very easy to install and remove as assembly tools and mounting hardware are included.

ARKSEN 250LB Universal 43″ Roof Rack

The Arksen 250LB roof rack is one of the best luggage carriers. With 43 x 39 x 6 inches, this Arksen 250LB is strong due to its best quality. You can just simply use it by mounting it to your vehicle’s crossbars. Wind Fairing of this Arksen is 33.5 x 7 inches. Having this one for your car, next time when you need to either carry luggage to the airport or some other stuffs for your trip, you can easily do so.

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4″ Universal Black Roof Rack Cargo 

Next, let us introduce to you another best quality roof rack that has better heavy duty steel construction that is sturdy and weather-resistant. The dimension of this roof rack is 43 x 39 x 6 inches or it can be extended to 64 x 39 x 6 inches. Made by best quality steel, it can handle up to 250lbs or 110kg. You can also easily install this roof rack by just mounting it to your car crossbars with 4 universal U bolts. Now it is time for you to carry anything on your car roof. That includes large luggage or multi-sport equipment.

Summates Universal Roof Top Cargo Rack

This Summates universal roof rack cross bars are made in two sizes which are 47 inches and 55 inches. You can choose the one that best fits your car. These cross bars are made by best quality tensile strength aluminum. With such materials, the cross bars can carry up to 200lbs or 90kg. You can also simply install these cross bars with your car. The cross bars are adjustable for width for a snugged fit. It also comes with a secure lock.

Universal Aluminum Locking Roof Cargo Bars

You might need roof cargo bars that can extend up to 50 inches. This is for you. Made by aluminum, these bars are greatly light yet incredibly strong and durable. They can handle your stuffs up to 150lbs or 68kg. If your car has side rail clearance of 2 inches, this fits best.

What’s more you do not have to worry about any damage on your car because there is additional rubber to protect and the bars are lockable for security. These cargo bars are perfect for your car and for transporting your equipment as well as being mounted for roof racks.

ARKSEN 64″ Universal Black Roof Rack  

This luggage holder carrier basket SUV ARKSEN is of very strong capacity that is best for carrying bags, luggage or sport or camping equipment.  It is also produced with a great design to eliminate wind resistance and noise. The size of this roof rack is 43 x 39 x 6 inches or you can extend it to 64 x 39 x 6 inches. Plus, you can install this roof rack very easily by just mounting it with U bolts to the cross bars of your cars.

54” Universal Locking Roof Rack Crossbars 

This roof rack cross bars is greatly designed with aerodynamic that makes this type special from others. It is very useful to carry kayaks, canoes, ski and bike and make it perfect to be a scaffold of cargo racks. The capacity of these cross bars is up to 150lbs or 68kg. It fits rails up to 47 inches apart and it can greatly reduce wing noise as well.



Here we come to another brand of universal roof rack for car. The Kodiak is a rack that is easy to set up plus very stable even you have to drive on fast speed or in any challenging circumstance. It is made compatible with many products such as bike, kayak, canoe, ski carrier as well as heavy luggage and merchandise material. The Kodiak is produced to be very light but the material contains of aluminum and solid cross area configuration give solidarity to high load enduring the weight of up to 150 lbs. Even your car roof has a different size, this adjustable roof rack still can fit in as it has a flexible and adjustable grip for any size ranging from 36 inches to 48 inches.


Is it accurate to say that you need more stockpiling? Truly, this rack rooftop freight container is going to free your vehicle from mess, built to last and look great. This rooftop tack is crafted from hard core steel yet it is light enough. This SUNCOO roof rack can withstand the weight of 250 pounds.

This item’s estimated size is about 64 inches in length, 39 in width and 6 inches tall which can keep all of your products safe in place. This SUNCOO is flawless to store sacks, outdoors gear, baggage and then some more heavy items.

Vault Cargo Roof Rack

Vault Cargo roof rack will offer durability and high responsibility as well as superb performance for your journey. It is one of the adjustable roof top racks that can provide such good frameworks with reliable aluminum material that gives you the capacity to carry and deliver your rooftop’s bin, snowboards, kayaks, and gear securely. This one comes with a full set of materials that you can use to store your equipment for your adventure very easily.

Talking about size of this roof rack, its length is about 53 inches with its width of about 34 to 49 inches. The installation process won’t take long. And, the weight load capacity of this rack is 150 pounds.

MPH Universal Roof Rack

Next one is also the electrical roof racks wich you can set up anytime or remove it from your car roof top anytime you want because it has all the removable set of equipment. It is designed as a window frame attachment which can fit for all types of 4 doors car.

It comes with 2 pieces of about 50 inches long crossbars, but it also has adjustable features, making the rack compatible with either smaller or bigger roof size. Just like the other styles, this one also has the hold up capacity up to 150 pounds.

StayThere Roof Rack

The last brand of roof rack today is from Stay There in which the name itself already describes the ability to store your stuff very well upon on your car. One special about this roof rack is the lockable feature that allows you to prevent anyone from steeling your bars from your car.

The material chosen is high-quality aluminum which you can store your products up to 200 pounds. If you purchase this one, you will get a set of 2 pairs of aluminum cross bars, 2 keys plus 1 L key, 4 pieces of caps and 2 extra.

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