Top 10 Best Wall-Mounted Fans in 2019

An air conditioner is a great product to use for regulating temperatures. However, they can be too expensive, and very high maintenance. But, the good news is, thanks to today’s advanced innovation – a wall-mounted fan can replace an air conditioner in a perfect, and cost-saving way. After hours of research and testing, we are willing to help your with your wall-mounted fan shopping by introducing the top 10 best wall-mounted fans in 2019 in the article below.

Top 10 Best Wall-Mounted Fans Reviews

10. Holmes Wall-Mountable Fan


First off, we would like to introduce to you the classic Holmes wall mounted fan that uses a rotatory knob or pull cord control. It has a 16” blade diameter, and 3 speed settings for oscillation for wide area coverage. It is quiet and energy efficient. The metal frame construction is very high quality, sturdy and durable. Plus, with the wall mount hardware included, installation is a snap.

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9. MaxxAir Wall Mount Fan


This 18” wall mounted fan is a totally enclosed, dust proof fan that uses an energy efficient PSC motor of 120 Volt, 60Hz, and 0.7 Amps. It comes in a 3-speed pull chain, a rugged hanging bar, and a powder-coated steel construction. And, its head tilts 180 degrees. With a pretty long quality power cord, this fan is suitable for a variety of applications. Besides, since it is dust-proof, this fan is ideal to use in barns to keep animals cool as well.

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8. Lasko Metal Products Wall Fan


Another recommendation from us is this Lakso wall mount fan. It uses the classic rotary and pull cord control for easy temperature regulation. It is quiet and gives a pretty good air circulation even on the lowest speed setting. Assembly is a breeze as the grills snap together easily. If your table space is limited, but you need a little more air circulation, why not get this awesome 12” wall fan?

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7. Air King Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan


Next, this is one of the best wall mounted fans of a 20” powder coated metal blade from Air King. It has 3 speed options, and a totally enclosed ball bearing motor. This fan adjusts up, down, left and right with hand push. On a plus side, it doesn’t vibrate the walls or blow air like most medium-quality fans sold on the market. And, installation takes only minutes.

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6. Lorell Wall Mount Fan


This is a minimal-looking, yet powerful wall fan of a 16” blade and a single pull chain switch. Offering 3 speed settings, the fan is flexible according to different temperature situations. Featuring an oscillating, adjustable tilt head, this fan can tilt up about 15 degrees and down about 30 degrees as well as rotate 35 degrees. You can also lock the fan in any position with the tilting/rotation range. At this price point, this is an outstanding purchase!

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5. Air King Commercial Grade Oscillating Wall Mount Fan


Once again, here is another high-performing wall mounted fan from Air King. To highlight some of its features, this fan has an 18” blade, 3 speed options with the rotary and pull cord switch, and a permanent split capacitor motor. Capable of 90 degrees oscillation, this fan can be locked in any position. Noticeably, this fan provides more amount airflow than most wall mount fans.

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4. Heavy Duty Quiet Wall Mount Oscillating Fan


With reliable metal gear construction, this is a heavy-duty wall mount, oscillating fan for whisper quiet operation. It has a 16” diameter tough break resistant ABS fan blade and program precise fan movement patterns. Therefore, this fan is suitable for a wide range of different applications. Besides, the speed control has a 4-hour increment timer and oscillation controls.

This wall mount fan is also equipped with built-in thermal overload protection, and an automatic shut off function with incorrect assembly. Hence, the fan can avoid unexpected hazards as well.

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3. Lasko 20” Max Performance Floor/Wall mount Fan


With the options to mount it on the wall or on the floor, this is one of the most versatile fans on the market. For features, the Lakso 20” Max Performance fan has a patented fused 3 pong grounded safety plug, and convenient front-mounted controls. The 3 powerful speed options are very practical; it blows pretty strong even on the lowest setting. What a beast! And, with a comfortable carry handle, you can bring this goody anywhere with you.

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2. Hurricane Classic Oscillating Wall Mount Fan


Comes in a few styles and a number of diameter options (16”, 18” and 20”), this wall mount fan deserves the name – one of the best sellers of all time. Some of the note-worthy features of this one are the 90 degrees of extreme oscillating angles, 2 pull cords for speed and oscillation control, and a durable steel neck support. Excellent airflow is guaranteed. And, Assembly is a snap.

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1. Honeywell TurboForce Air Circulator Fan


Lastly, the best fan that provides the most bang for your buck is this masterpiece from Honeywell. It is not a typical fan, but an air circulator! The ideal use of this item is for intense personal cooling or energy-saving air circulation. It has a head that pivots 90 degrees, 3 speed options, as well as a 7” blade. You can either place it on the table or mount it to wall. Interestingly, this fan is 25% quieter than its similar models.

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Pre-purchase consideration

1. Size vs. Location

First, you have to check the location where you are to mount your wall mounted fans so that you could know which size you can purchase to avoid getting the wrong one. Before considering which types of fan you are going to choose, you have to measure the exact size of the space available as the about-to-buy wall mount fan must be 100% sure fit with the space setting in the desire location whether you are to place it indoor or outdoor.

It is highly recommended you leave some room for the air to flow sufficiently surrounding the mounting area. As far as you may concern, it is much better for you to choose the larger one that run in slow speed rather than getting the small one which run at its highest speed.

2. Structure Quality

Most of the wall mounted fans these days are made to be light in weight to make it easier mounting on the wall as the heavier one will not stick on the wall longer than lighter one. Plus, this lightweight feature fit well with the setting mostly in your room or your office but not for industrial application as it cannot play its role well in that environment. Besides, there are still many other wall mounted fans constructed specifically for industrial setting but the cost will vary depend on its toughest structure along with its durable guarantee as well.

Blade and the switch buttons or chains are also the components you have to watch out for when checking for structural quality. At the same time, you could possibly look out for frame as well for it could protect the blade and you, yourself, from getting knocked by the fan, too. Checking on the quality of the structure of the wall mounted fan will let you know and allow you to measure the fan durability easily by not just rely on the warranty added once you give them your money.

3. Speeds and Noise

As mentioned above, slow speed is far better than full speed. Imagine you are doing your paper work and suddenly the air blows your paper away. Your paper will absolutely fly everywhere making your tasks ruin in just a blink of eye. Plus, it might also produce louder noise that could interrupt your conversation with your friends or your family as you will have a hard time hearing each other talking through the noise created. This noise can also lead to the loss in concentration on work or study as well. So there are several solutions for you to get rid of these kinds of problem.

First, you can just choose the one with medium or low speed instead of getting the high speed one. The most important solution is to choose the one that comes with different speed options. Having opportunities to select the speed by your own is very important for the reason that you can choose based on your current situation whether you are so hot or you are doing your paper task. By the way, you can also prolong the durability of the fan motors.

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4. Angle Adjustability

We are completely sure that all of the customers do not require the fan that are able to blow the air to just only one angle, so it is also important to check out the angle adjustability of your fan as well. In terms of adjustable angle here, we are pointing to the head of the fan comparing to the wall. Most of the wall mounted fans in this present time are made to be able to point and blow the air in wide range offering more options of air blowing to the exact location require cooling air.

Anyway, it is suggested to mount the fan above your head height to avoid getting knock when you are walking to standing near the fan. You can also adjust the angle of the fan by just directing the head of it to wherever you desire in your location.

5. Oscillation

Oscillation is one of the most useful featured added to every one of the fan these days. For oscillation here, you also have to check out whether this feature is able to switch both on and off as well. For instance, if you are to get the fan to blow the air to the direction you want, you could possibly set this function to off in its arc so that you would get what you desire. This feature is also necessary for it is capable of helping to spread the air to a very wide area surrounding the fan as well.

6. Power Consumption

You will never want the fan that could cost you like owning an air conditioner, so it is good if you could consider a suitable wattage anyway. Getting the good wattage means you can save your energy so that you do not have to spend much on your monthly electricity bill. Remember this “low wattage yet high power”

7. Installation

Buying a wall mounted fan doesn’t mean you need more support from the technical team as you might have to spend some money when asking for their help. Once you select the best wall fan, setup and putting up all the parts will be much easier than ever. Most of these kinds of fan recently come with the mounting tools making mounting experience much easier and faster and especially, you can do it by your own following the manual instruction given. So, why bother aski for a hand while you are able to install by yourself?

8. Color Options

Last but not least, it will be much more perfect if you are to choose your favorite color of your perfect wall mounted fan. No matter how powerful and how effective your fan can perform, you still have your own options in color as well. Color option here is the idea of self-decoration in your room. You can add if as one of the components of your interior design to make the fan blending in your room scheme easily.


There you have it – top 10 best wall-mounted fans in 2019. Ditch your old fan/AC because any of these high-performing wall-mounted fans is all you need to stay cool and comfortable. Have you found the perfect choice yet?