Top 10 Best Women’s Winter Boots in 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

In the last review, I recently spoke about my passion for shoes, and even went ahead to explain how my shopping escapade was hijacked by my brother’s boot shopping instead. Today’s review is about women’s winter boots. I thought it only fair to also write one for the ladies out there, since I also got a chance to buy a few boots for myself, after finishing up with my brother later that same day.

Top 10 Best Women’s Winter Boots in 2018 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

10. Northside Women’s Kathmandu Waterproof Snow Boot – Women’s Winter Boot

Northside Women's Kathmandu Waterproof Snow Boot

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  • By: Northside

This winter boots are made from suede and have a collar made of faux fur. So, worry not, if you are anti-animal cruelty, or generally against everything fur, these boots should not offend you. The Northside Women’s Kathmandu winter boots have been rated with a thermolite insulation of -25F degrees.

These winter boots will surely keep your pretty little toes from freezing all day long. The rubber sole guarantees ultimate performance and ensures that you never have to worry about things like tear and wear after only one month.


  • The Northside Women’s Kathmandu winter boots have a 0.5-inch heel.
  • They also have a rubber sole.

9. GLOBALWIN Mens Fashion Lace – Women’s Winter Boot

GLOBALWIN Mens Fashion Lace Up Cap Toe Winter Ankle Combat Boot

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For this type of winter boots, I would most likely recommend individuals who are into a more classic kind of look. They are made from synthetic leather; so once again, it can be worn guilt-free by those of us who are anti-leather. These winter boots soles are what made me actually put them on the list.

They have an antique type of look that would generally fit an endless amount of outfit choices. So why not try them out? These are highly fashionable and sophisticated winter boots decorated with a sewing thread giving it a perfect finish. If you want to have great results and look smart, you could try using this boot.


  • The quarter of these winter boots have been decorated by a sewing thread to make it more appealing.
  • They have been well cushioned to provide additional comfort.

8. Kamik Women’s Snow valley Boot – Women’s Winter Boot

Kamik Women's Snowvalley Boot

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  • By: Kamik

If you are looking for a pair of extremely warm and waterproof winter boots, then you are in the right place. The Kamik Women’s Snow valley Boots, has a shaft that is around 10” from the arch. These winter boots are made with quilted nylon that brings about its waterproof ability.

The upper suede part has Thinsulate insulation to keep out the cold and a faux fur collar as well to ensure that your legs are kept as warm as can be. For added comfort and long-term usage, choose this tough and sturdy winter boot. It will ensure that you feel comfortable and still look amazing.


  • These winter boots have a sole that is completely synthetic.
  • The Kamik Women’s Snow valley Boots, are man-made.

7. West Blvd Women’s Shanghai Winter Lace Up Boot – Women’s Winter Boot

West Blvd Women's Shanghai Winter Lace Up Boot

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  • By: West Blvd

I believe that it’s about time that we had a saying/expression known as being fashionably warm. Women have been doing it since time immemorial, so why not coin a term for it? Whenever you get a pair of boots that will inspire you to look as stunning as you possibly could, then I suggest you buy them as soon as you can. The West Blvd winter boots are those kinds of boots for me, stay fashionably warm and get yourself a pair today.


  • These winter boots come in a variety of colors.
  • The West Blvd winter boots are free of any animal products.

6. Susanny Suede Flat Platform Cotton winter Boots – Women’s Winter Boot

Susanny Suede Flat Platform Sneaker Shoes Plus Velvet Winter Women's Lace Up Cotton Snow Boots

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  • By: Susanny

The Susanny Suede Flat Platform Cotton winter Boots are another favorite of mine. I get so excited whenever I think of wearing them, crazy huh? Perfect for a casual outdoorsy dress code, these boots don’t necessarily have to be worn on winter. That is part of why they are on the list. You can wear them during other seasons as well and look as stylish as you possibly can.


  • The boots are made from suede.
  • The Susanny Suede Flat Platform Cotton winter Boots have durable soles that are skid resistant.

5. Kamik Women’s Momentum Snow Boot – Women’s Winter Boot

Kamik Women's Momentum Snow Boot

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  • By: Kamik

No one likes having smelly feet, or even putting on boots that make your legs all sweaty and smelly in the process. The Kamik Women’s Momentum Snow Boots are the solution. These boots have a foot bed that can be removed at will and the best part about it is that it has a treatment against odor. So whether you hate smelly feet or suffer from smelly feet, these winter boots could be a great addition for you.


  • These Kamik boots have been insulated with 200g worth of thinsulate.
  • The winter boots have quick bungee lacing.

4. Sorel Women’s Winter Carnival Boot – Women’s Winter Boot

Sorel Women's Winter Carnival Boot

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  • By: Sorel

At number four, we also have another pair of winter boots that are resistant to water. The Sorel Women’s Winter Carnival Boot’s lacing system is D ring and for added warmth it has a Sherpa pile snow cuff. The construction of these winter boots was quite thoughtful and I have to say the fact that you can also remove the felt inner boot and wash it, was a selling point for me.


  • The Sorel Women’s Winter Carnival Boots outer sole have been made with rubber that has been vulcanized.
  • The boots have a sturdy construction.

3. Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Snow Boot – Women’s Winter Boot

Columbia Women's Ice Maiden II Snow Boot

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  • By: Columbia

Columbia makes a second appearance on our winter boot review list. I have to admit that I love these particular boots in black. The Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Snow Boots are really worth trying out.

Due to the tech Lite feature of its light midsole, the boots provide you with long hours of comfort. This is also contributed by the fact that its cushioning is far superior and it gives a high return on energy.


  • These winter boots are also rated -25F/-32C.
  • The soles are made of non-marking rubber that provides traction.

2. BEAR PAW Women’s Lauren Tall Winter Boot – Women’s Winter Boot

BEARPAW Women's Lauren Tall Winter Boot

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Today this winter boot review list is just full of my personal favorites! These BEAR PAW Women’s Lauren Tall Winter Boots, are made from sheep skin fur and have a wool blend lining as well. I have to ask! What could be warmer than a blend of sheep skin and fur? I can’t think of anything. These winter boots make you feel like your feet are being hugged by miniature clouds and they are so comfortable!


  • The boots are about knee high long.
  • These winter boots foot bed is made from actual sheep skin.

1. 206 Collective Women’s Ballard Leather Chelsea Boot – Women’s Winter Boo

206 Collective Women's Ballard Leather Chelsea Boot

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  • By: 206 Collective

These boots are for those individuals who like to wear premium leather shoes, or those that would like to venture in to the world of leather footwear. The Chelsea boot’s silhouette makes it quite an interesting fashion piece because it gives you a wide array of wardrobe choices, day in day out. The boots heels are pull tab, it has gore insets, and last but not least, they have a round toe design.


  • The 206 Collective Women’s Ballard Leather Chelsea Boots have 0.75” heels.
  • These Chelsea boots platforms have a measurement of 0.25 inches.

Factors to consider before buying women’s winter boots:

I would define the best winter boots for women, as boots that would also have a few of the mentioned factors, put into consideration when buying them:

  • Activity: Are you going to use the winter boots for any vigorous activities, or do you want them for purposes of warmth? Your answer to this question will have a great influence on your choice. The activity you want to be involved in should really determine the kind of boot you pick.
  • Style: Some winter boots tend to be more appealing than others. Be keen on getting ones that appeal to you, if you want them for fashion-related purposes. Of course, you need to have a sense of fashion as a woman. For that reason, don’t just pick any winter boot; pick something classy and worth a purchase.
  • Climate: As warm as a winter boot may feel, some have a better thermolite insulation rating than others. Choose one that can handle the temperature levels of your location. Yeah, be sure to consider the exact climate of your place before buying any winter boot.
  • The price: The price has to be affordable but not too cheap since that could translate to low quality. If you want to have great results, don’t pick the cheap knockoffs. However, don’t squander a fortune on a winter boot.

Buyer’s Guide:

Today our number one recommendation, are the 206 Collective Women’s Ballard Leather Chelsea Boots. These boots have exquisite craftsmanship and have some outstanding details in its design. We all need timeless fashionable items in our closets, and these winter boots are the closest step towards that direction.