Top 10 Best Wooden Step Ladders in 2019

We believe that not anyone wants to experience accidental falling from an unstable ladder while fixing a light bulb on a high ceiling. That is why buying a home ladder is a critical task to do. Among all kinds of ladders, a wooden step ladder is believed to be really durable while some of them may offer additional functionalities to the usage. In this article, we have spent a lot of hours ranking and bringing you the top 10 best wooden step ladders in 2019 that would help you get the job done with higher safety and quicker time.

List of Top 10 Best Wooden Step Ladders in 2019

10. Rockford Series Two-Step Stool

 Series Two-Step Stool made of Wood

Rockford Series Two-Step Stool has a sturdy construction which you can use everyday to reach something on top of the kitchen cabinet. Every step comes with a measurement of 13’’ x 9.25’’ which is big enough for a stable support of climbing. This ladder is made of hardwood to ensure that the construction is solid and can be used for many years.

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It features a foldable style which you can fold it down into a flat object once it is not in use. Thus, it saves a lot of space for storage. This wood ladder has a built-in locking system for the top step for higher security of usage. By this, it is very stable no matter how you climb it.

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9. Acko Wooden Step Stool

 Acko Wooden Step Stool

Acko Wooden Step Stool is a simple step ladder that is suitable to use for both young children and adults. It is simply used to get unreachable stuffs from the top of your kitchen cabinet, countertop, or bathroom. It is designed with the height that can be adjusted in which your little ones can still use it when they grow up.

The overall construction of this ladder is made of solid wood for higher durability and security in everyday usage. It also comes with white exterior painting and non slip treads for every step which does not only look great but also safe to use.

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8. Michigan Ladder 131108


Coming next, Michigan Ladder 131108 is a wooden frame ladder that is good to use for tree trimming or anything high. It has 6 steps in total that equals to a measurement of 8 ft x 25 inches. It comes with a yellow wood construction which looks professional and durable at the same time. It has a folding design which you can fold it flat for a little space storage.

This ladder maintains perfect stability and does not wobble at all while being used. Michigan Ladder 131108 is a large size ladder; however, it does not weigh a lot. Thus, it is easy to transport from one place to another.

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7. BABCOCK CO INC BW336 6′ Type III Step Ladder

 BABCOCK CO INC BW336 6' Type III Step Ladder

BABCOCK is a wood extension ladder that has a solid yellow pine construction for a durable usage. It has a built-in metal hinge which makes folding up the ladder easier, faster, and safer. The manufacturer engineers this ladder with a standard height and weight capacity to ensure that a good durability and ease of use are no longer what concern the users. This ladder weighs about 11 kg only which is not too heavy to move around when you necessarily need to use it.

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6. BABCOCK CO INC BW334 4′ Type III Step Ladder

 BABCOCK CO INC BW334 4' Type III Step Ladder

BABCOCK CO INC BW334 4’ Type III Step Ladder is a platform step ladder that comes with a strong and durable build. It is constructed with a solid metal hinge for ease of opening and closing. The overall construction is engineered with yellow pine hardwood and irons and is perfectly covered with safe and durable materials around the iron surface. Therefore, it highly protects users from getting coincident cuts.
Every step has a measurement of only 4 inches, yet it is capable of withstanding heavyweight. This step ladder can quickly be folded flat for a convenient storage. It does not take a lot of space floor, so you can store it anywhere.

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5. BABCOCK BW130-4 Wood Type III Stool

 BABCOCK BW130-4 Wood Type III Stool, 24"

BABCOCK BW130-4 Wood Type III Stool is a small ladder that comes with 24’’ step of three. It has a very compact design which is great to use for kitchen, bathroom, cabinet, or bedroom. It is very lightweight which makes it easy to move to other direction. Although its weight is light, it has a sturdy construction that is capable of maintaining good stability when you step on.

This stool is also engineered with 20 gauge top cap ears to assist in folding. Thus, you can make it flat within just a second. It has a combination of steel that is greatly resistant to weather as its construction. That way, it goes against rust and corrosion and nicely withstands different of outside weather.

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4. Costzon Folding Step Stool 3 Tier Wood Ladder

 Costzon Folding Step Stool 3 Tier Wood Ladder

This Coston Folding Step Stool is one of the ace hardware ladders that provides higher security for every usage. It has a solid construction of pine wood that carries out both sleek appearance and good durability. This ladder features 3 tires that can be folded into the biggest tier which is great for storage.

This product is designed very light in weight which helps you transport to other places with great convenience. It has a nut brown finish that enable the ladder itself to keep its shiny look for a long period of time.

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3. Kings Brand Large Wood Bedroom Step Stool

Kings Brand Large Cherry Finish Wood Bedroom Step Stool With Storage

Kings Brand Large Wood Bedroom Step Stool is a nice little step ladder that you can used for climbing a tall bed. It is perfectly constructed from a solid wood which is durable to use and is suitable to both kids and adults. Beside that, it is nicely finish with cherry color that looks very stylish with most of bedroom decor.

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Besides using it for a bed, this item can be used to reach any high places such as the top surface of cabinet and so on. The total dimension of this wooden ladder is 18’’W x 18’’D x 16’’H which is not really big and takes a lot of space. It is also lightweight so to assist you in moving it around.

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2. Winsome Wood Step Stool

 Winsome Wood Step Stool, Antique Walnut

Winsome Wood Step Stool is another wooden ladder that comes with a folding style design. It has two level stepping which is ideal to use for getting things at both low and high height. This product has been through a professional craftsmanship and is highly built with solid wood to maintain its durable construction. It has a design of wide base which offers better stability and eliminate wobble when it is in use.

In addition to that, this little stool is lightweight which is convenient to move. Winsome Wood Step Stool helps save its users a lot of space for storage as it can be folded into one another. A little assembly may need to be applied. However, it can be done within a short time

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1. Boraam 36324 Folding Step Stool

 Boraam Folding Step Stool-Wooden Step Ladders

Boraam 36324 is another white finish wooden ladder that helps enhance your home decor wherever you place it. The entire construction of this ladder uses hardwood for a long lasting lifetime of usage. It has three steps which can be folded inside the tallest one for a space saving storage. Moreover, it comes with a built-in latch on each side for greater safety while it is being used.

This item carries out a multi-functionality that can be used for climbing to reach things or can be used as a seating materials. As being built with RTA construction, this ladder is pretty easy to put together within a very short time.

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As can be seen, all of these top 10 best wooden step ladders are the best models that we have spent a lot of time to rank based on their features and functionalities. From the top 10 all the way to the top 1 product, they will assist you in different kinds of usage and needs. Still, they will definitely offer a great durability for frequent usage. Now, it is a time for you to make a decision on choosing any one of them owing to a specific requirement of yours.