Top 10 Best Cast Iron Table Legs | Metal Legs for Table Reviews In 2022

Often we do not know what to do with a piece of well-structured wood. Well, without putting much effort, you can just transform these into well-made tables. Some sturdy, well-structured pairs of legs are crucial for providing ample support to desk and table slabs. Hence, the cast iron table legs will be perfect to attain that level of the natural look. As good as it will look, you can fully DIY it and make the best piece that will satisfy your taste.

Even if there are many options in the worldwide market, we know how the fraudsters are scamming and stealing money by providing a cheap alternative. So, to eliminate the air of confusion, read about our top-rated cast iron table legs options. These are trusted names and will keep you happy.

Table of the Best Cast Iron Table Legs Reviews

10. Signstek Hairpin Metal Table Legs for Coffee Tables, Modern Desks & Night Stands

Cast Iron Table Legs

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The Signstek hairpin table legs help in providing enough support to hold stable heavy toppers. Hence, form a composed and balanced look. Its hairpin-like makeup does not clutter any space and creates a breathable and open area. Made with cold-rolled iron, these legs are surprisingly stronger and more solid than other similar products. They are capable of carrying up to 350lbs.

The classic mid-century look of the legs helps to create modern industrial-like furniture. A coat of black powder is used as a finish on these industrial cast iron table legs. This coat creates a mattifying look and also keeps rust at bay.

Key Features:

  • You can install these legs on any slab or topper by yourself. The product comes with screws and the brackets are pre-drilled in order to create a seamless installation experience.
  • 4 protectors have been added with the legs. These protectors are installed at the bottom of each leg to prevent damaging the floor.
  • This is indeed a perfect pick for the DIY tables as it gives them the perfect balance.
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9. SMARTSTANDARD Heavy Duty Metal Furniture Legs

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Smart standards Hairpin legs are just the thing that you will need to complete your DIY furniture project. Made of cold-rolled steel, the heavy-duty cast iron table legs are sturdy and resistant. They are capable of carrying around 300lbs of tabletop weight. The legs provide a modern touch to an area owing to its mid-century industrial look.

They are sleek and compatible with all sorts of toppers. The product comes with four-floor protectors. By installing these at the base of each leg you can prevent the floor from enduring damage. Plus, you can also stabilize the wobbly side of the furniture.

Key Features:

  • You can quickly install the legs onto a top as the mounting board has 5 pre-drilled holes.
  • The satin black powder coat on each of the legs creates a silky look and also saves the legs from enduring damage.
  • It has a maximum weight carrying limit of 300lbs maximum.

8. Forimo Steel Dining Table Legs – Steel Heavy Duty Bench Legs – DIY Iron Bench Legs

Forimo Steel Dining Table Legs

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The Forimo steel table legs are perfect for any desk, table, nightstand out there. If you want to jazz up the look of a mundane table, then you must get your hands on these beauties. They are made of high-quality steel and the legs are composed of sturdy metal cast iron. With a height of 28.3-inches and a width of 24-inches, they are capable of creating unique furniture without taking up much space. The black coating on the legs provides a timeless look and gives a modern touch to your home.

Furthermore, the X-shaped cast iron table leg frame creates a unique look for tables. Besides, it also works toward harnessing balance and strength in order to support the topper perfectly.

Key Features:

  • The shape helps the furniture to stand steadily as it provides stability and structure.
  • These are heavy-duty legs capable of bearing an enormous amount of load. The legs can carry up to 1100lbs.
  • Installation is quite easy as the frames come with 7.5mm mounting holes on top. All you will need to do is drill the screws in.

7. Tianman Furniture Metal Desk Legs – Industrial Modern Table Legs

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These adjustable cast iron table legs by Tianman are the perfect companion for a unique table and desk slabs. For those who like to customize their furniture and upcycle or recycle furniture, these sturdy legs are a godsend. Having construction with cast iron, the legs are strong and stable. They reach a height of 28-inches and have a width of 17.5-inches, making them perfect for small areas.

Moreover, the box structure of the legs creates a breathable space and diminishes the prospect of a cluttered space. They form a sleek yet stable structure to support any tabletop. You can adjust the table legs based on the floor or the topper.

Key Features:

  • By using the adjusting pad you can create an even base even when the floor is slightly uneven.
  • From coffee tables, side tables, console tables to TV tables, dining tables, and even end tables, you can create all sorts of furniture with the help of these legs.
  • With the help of the assembly instructions, you can swiftly install the legs onto any slab.
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6. Signstek Trapezoid Metal Table Legs for Furniture, Bench, Chairs, or Coffee Table

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The Signstek 16-inches metal legs are perfect for a coffee table, end table, and even stools. The trapezoid shape of the product has a unique look that can transform a space completely. These legs are also made of cold-rolled steel. As a result, it ensures that the legs are strong and capable of holding up weighted objects.

The beautifully welded joints add to the stylish look of the metal legs. These legs are one of a kind and bring in a touch of industrial timelessness to your home.

Key Features:

  • Its heavy-duty metal legs are capable of carrying up to 350lbs.
  • The legs have three pre-drilled holes which can be used for a quick installation. These holes are placed in a manner so that stability and structure are maintained.
  • If the legs fail to keep up to expectations, then you can return them and avail a complete refund.

5. Tengchang Tall Metal Dining Table Legs – Cast Iron Desk Legs

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Want to transform your living space without having to buy expensive and new furniture? Then Tengchang’s metal furniture legs can help you out immensely. For those people who like to create their own furniture by using recycled wood and upcycled material, these legs are quite useful. Its unique look provides a refreshing touch. And one can beautifully team it up with table tops for a modern yet rustic look. Having sleek and beautiful, these legs can be fit into compact areas easily.

Furthermore, heavy-duty iron has been used in creating the legs. As a result, ensures that they are strong, stable, and durable. Having black baking to finishing off, the beauty remains unharmed.

Key Features:

  • With its high load-bearing capacity, the legs can hold up to 240lbs of weight at once.
  • You can use them to create all sorts of furniture like a console table, coffee table, TV table, side table end table, etc.
  • The legs weigh around 8.21bs which is ideal for heavyweight tabletops. The legs are not too heavy but have the perfect weight to hold the top with stability.

4. GWH Cast Iron Coffee Table Legs – Steel Table Legs

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These simple furniture legs from GWH can transform any dinner table, coffee table, or desk in a matter of moments. The sleek cast iron table legs design should not be confused with the strength they are capable of emanating. Next, the high-quality iron composition provides a durable and sturdy structure for the legs. Hence, allows them to support the heavy slab on top.

Whether you want to build a coffee table, side table, or a glass dining table, the end table, these legs can help you construct any piece of furniture with much ease. The ideal dimensions point out that these pieces are able to complement any space without taking up too much space.

Key Features:

  • The legs have a height of 28-inches and are 17.7-inches wide.
  • 4 adjustment foot pads are added to the package. By adjusting these pads you can create increased stability even on an uneven surface.
  • The mounting plate has pre-drilled holes which makes it easier for you to install the legs onto a tabletop.
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3. VEVOR Top Support Plate X-Frame Metal Table Legs

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X-shaped table legs can not only change the look of mundane furniture but also transform the living space completely. This pair of X-shaped table legs by Vevor can do the same with any piece of furniture top. Next, the shape provides increased stability coupled with a spacious look.

As a matter of fact, the legs are of high-quality steel. Hence, will last a long time owing to its durable and sturdy features. They are also resistant to high heat and can easily evade corrosion and degradation. Lastly, the dimensions form compact X-shaped structures. These are capable of providing ample support to any tabletop without taking up much space.

Key Features:

  • These heavy-duty legs have a high load-bearing capacity which goes up to a whopping 2204lbs.
  • Its mounting plates have pre-drilled holes in them which make installation much easier for you.
  • The legs have a height of 28.6-inches and a width of 23.6-inches that is designed keeping in mind standard products.

2. MBQQ Furniture H Shape Table Legs – Heavy Duty Metal Desk Legs

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The metal furniture legs from MBQQ are made of high-quality metal. As a result, makes for a sturdy and durable support for the slab or furniture piece on top. Its unique design creates an industrial look that can fit into any décor. Whether you want to use them as hairpin legs or for round coffee tables, dining tables, center tables, etc., you can fulfill all your DIY furniture wishes with these.

Furthermore, the legs in total have the capacity to bear up to 800lbs. The smooth bottom used of the legs stabilizes the furniture. It also helps to keep the floor from getting damaged.

Key Features:

  • This makes for a quick and easy installation.
  • A black powder coat on the legs keeps them from rusting away and keeps the novel look intact.
  • You can choose from two leg sizes. The big ones, which are mainly for dining tables, are 15.7-inches high and 17.7-inches wide. The small ones are pretty compact.

1. Weven Industrial Metal Modern Furniture Legs – DIY Cast Iron Bench Legs

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Get ready to finally get on with your DIY furniture plans as these legs from Weven will make furniture-building a much easier and fun task. These rustic legs are complete of heavy-duty metal which increases the product’s strength and durability. From custom coffee tables to one of a kind side tables, you can create it all with the help of these metal legs.

As the legs together weigh only around 8-9lbs, you can easily transfer them and carry them without any hassle. Reaching a height of 15.5-inches and a width of 17.5-inches, these legs are comparatively smaller and do not take up much space.

Key Features:

  • The legs have a strong load-bearing capacity and can hold up to 800lbs at once.
  • Its mounting plate on top comes with pre-drilled holes so that you can install any tabletop swiftly.

So, give your table a makeover or make something fully DIY. The cast iron table legs on sale will not only be a great deal but also a fashion pick for your home.