Top 10 Best Digital Tape Measures Reviews In 2021

Digital tape measures are a necessary tool for every DIY person, but that is slowly changing with people preferring the use of a digital tape measure. Digital tape measures are convenient and allow users to measure long distances without assistance. Imagine measuring up to 800ft yourself! The device has other advanced features that allow them to calculate things like volume, area and much more with just a push of a button.

When buying a digital tape measure, the range is among the main features to check. This review will help you choose the best digital tape measure by highlighting some of the best picks on the market.

Table of the Best Digital Tape Measures Reviews

10. Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure

Digital Tape Measures

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Tacklife is one the leading digital tape measure models on the market with two unique bubble levels providing users with accurate measurement as compared to one bubble. With a measuring range of 196ft, this unit works perfectly meeting all your needs. It has a high accuracy measuring in feet, meters, and inches. It is small and compact for easy operation with automatic shutdown after 150 seconds. This is a versatile device that can measure distance, volume, area, and continuous measurements.


  • Wide application
  • Various settings to calculate volume and area
  • Handy and compact for easy operation
  • High accuracy levels

9. Laser Distance Measure BEVA Digital Distance Meter

Laser Distance Measure BEVA 131Feet Digital Distance Meter

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Beva digital tape measure is another accurate pick whenever you need accurate measurement without breaking a sweat. It has high accuracy levels and measures long distances of up 131 feet. This device makes your work easier by also measuring area and giving the measurement in inches, meters, and feet. The intelligent design of the tape measures allows it to work quietly in indoor areas where silence is needed. Overall, the unit is lightweight, portable and highly versatile.


  • Wide use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Works quietly ideal for indoor use
  • Gives precise readings
  • Quick and easy to use

8. Laser Distance Measure by ieGeek

Laser Distance Measure

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ieGeek Laser Distance measure is a versatile pick that measures in multiple modes. Users can easily measure distance, area, continuous measure, volume and also subtract or add. It has high accuracy ranges of 0.05 to 40m and has self-calibration features for more accuracy. The unit is waterproof and comes with a large LCD screen for easy reading. The LCD has a backlight for reading even in low light areas. Overall, this is a convenient digital tape measure that comes in a compact and handheld design convenient for carrying around.


  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Versatile and has a wide use
  • Large LCD screen for easy reading
  • Waterproof
  • High accuracy levels

7. Suaoki Digital Laser Tape Measure 131 Ft, Measuring Device

Suaoki Digital Laser Tape Measure 131 Ft, Measuring Device

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Suaoki is a top-notch digital laser tape measure that supports both metric and imperial units. The unit has high accuracy levels of 1/12 inches.  Users can read measurements in feet, meters, and inches. Intuitive operation is made possible with LCD backlit screens that give clear and readable measurements. The measurement modes available include a continuous measurement, single distance, area and Pythagorean. The optional reference point can easily be changed at the rear of the device. The design of this unit is compact with a rubber housing and pocket clip.

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  • Greater accuracy levels
  • Four measurement modes
  • Compact design
  • Intuitive operation

6. Tacklife Advanced Laser Measure Digital Laser Tap Measures

Tacklife Advanced Laser Measure 196 Ft Digital Laser Tap Measures

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Advanced Tacklife is another top-quality option with a mute laser ideal for indoor use. It has high accuracy levels of 1/16 of an inch and a measuring distance of 196 feet. Better visibility is provided by the large LCD backlight so that you can measure and read in dark areas. This device can add, subtract, measures continuous distance, volume, area and a lot more making it quite versatile. It indicates when the battery is low and gives you 20 groups of data memory. Auto shut off is also activated after 150s of continuous use. With IP54 rating, this unit can be used even during the rains. This is a handy unit and exactly what you need for measuring.


  • Handy and durable
  • IP54 waterproof level
  • Mute setting and LCD backlight
  • High accuracies

5. Tacklife HD40 Classic Laser Measure

Tacklife HD40 Classic Laser Measure

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The Classic tacklife comes with two bubbles levels for higher accuracy level and a good option for measuring both indoors and outdoors. It is a compact and handy with a carrying poach ideal for taking with you anywhere. It has a measuring range of 131 feet. Various settings allow the device the automatically measure area and volume giving users 30 groups of memory data. Automatic shut down happens when the device is left running for 150s continuously. The HD40 has wide use and can measure area measurement, volume, distance, and Pythagoras.


  • Wide use
  • Various mode settings to measure area and volume
  • Compact and handy mode
  • High accuracy levels of 1/13 inch

4. Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level laser measure

Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level laser measure

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Just from the name, the Qooltek accurately measure distance and level providing users with maximum results. It does this by using a three-pronged approach where a fine-tuned tape measure, new laser level, and triple positioned leveling bubbles are used. This is the best digital measure for indoor use where a straight line is being measured. It can give you the location of walls, space between hangers, level of nails and a lot more. It measures distances of up to 8 feet in both metric and imperial forms.

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  • Ideal for jobs that require a perfectly straight line
  • Measure both level and distance
  • Works for indoor use
  • 8-foot measuring tape
  • Works using the three-pronged approach

3. High Precision Handheld laser distance meter by Aomaso

High Precision Handheld Laser Distance Meter

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This is a compact digital measure weighing just 94 grams and an ideal option when heading to the field. It fits nicely in a provided carry bag ready to go with you anywhere. It has multi-measurement modes of volume, area, Pythagoras, and length. The LCD is illuminated to allow for easy reading in dark areas. The accuracy of this unit is 0.05-60m which is quite good. You can be assured of precise measurement everything you use it.


  • Great measuring range of 0.05-60m
  • Multi measuring modes
  • Illuminated LCD
  • Compact size

2. Handymate Digital Tape Measure

HandyMate Digital Tape Measure

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The handymate digital tape measure is one of the best picks on the market with a simple design and LCD.  It can store up to 8 measurements that can be easily extracted later when needed. There are eight memory functions to store such information as you measure. This is a durable digital tape measure made from high-quality carbon steel to serve you for years. The large LCD helps keep reading convenient.


  • Large LCD
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Mode of a strong carbon steel metal
  • Eight memory functions

1. Suaoki S9 330ft Laser Distance Measure

Suaoki S9 330ft Laser Distance Measure

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Suaoki S9 is the leading digital tape measure with an accuracy range of 0.05-131 feet.  This laser can measure distances of up to 330ft. It has an easy to read LCD where data is clearly displayed for easy reading. Users can save and recall data stored for up to 20 sets. It has multiple modes of an area, volume, distance, and Pythagoras for triangle and height area. There is a further optional reference at the rear where users can change point of measurement. More: Best measuring distance wheels


Measurement of distance, area, volume and much more should not be an issue when you have one these digital measuring tapes. These are the best picks on the market offering customers good value for their money. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, then make sure you have one these.