Top 10 Gums Without Aspartame Reviews In 2019

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is something like 200 times sweeter than plain white sugar. Most sugar-free gums contain acidic flavorings and preservatives, which can cause dental erosion. These types of gums also contain artificial sweeteners. Aspartame and sucralose are two most common sweeteners in sugar-free gums. Aspartame metabolizes in your body into formaldehyde and wood alcohol. Your liver and kidneys cannot eliminate formaldehyde from your body through a normal waste filtration process. You should select the right type of gum while selecting a sugar-free gum.

Chewing gum is helpful for cleaning your teeth of debris and neutralizing acids released by bacteria in plaque. It also increases the flow of saliva. However, you should select the right type of chewing gum to get all the benefits.

List of Gums Without Aspartame

10. Menthol and Eucalyptus

Menthol and Eucalyptus

Menthol and Eucalyptus is the extra strong kick of Airwaves. It offers ultimate refreshment to the users. This sugar-free chewing gum comes with sweeteners and very strong eucalyptus and menthol flavors. Menthol and Eucalyptus is considered as the strongest flavor of Airwaves. It can provide you the ultimate refreshment and makes your breathing easier.

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  • Sugar-free chewing gum
  • Comes with strong menthol and eucalyptus flavors
  • Strongest flavor of Airwaves
  • Gives extra strong menthol kick
  • Makes breathing easier
  • Offers ultimate refreshment
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9. Glee Gum


Glee Gum

Glee Gum is an all natural chewing gum. Sustainably harvested rainforest chicle is used for making this gum. You will also get six great flavors if you purchase this gum. Those flavors are peppermint, cinnamon, triple berry, spearmint, bubblegum, and tangerine. Glee Gum is a healthy alternative to synthetic bubble gum and chewing gum.


  • High-quality gum
  • All natural
  • Contains six flavors
  • Each packet contains 16 pieces
  • Extremely healthy
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8. yloBurst Gum


yloBurst Gum

Tooth decay occurs due to the starch and sugar from the foods we eat daily. You can reduce the occurrence of tooth decay by consuming products rich in xylitol. This is also the best way to improve your oral health. XyloBurst Gum is sweet and refreshing, but at the same time, it is sugar-free. You will get a fresh and clean feeling if you use this chewing gum regularly. It is 100 percent all natural and it offers positive oral health benefits.


  • Helps to improve oral health
  • Sweet and refreshing
  • Sugar-free
  • Keeps your mouth fresh and clean
  • Offers positive oral health benefits
  • Helps to improve oral health
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7. PUR Gum



PUR Gum is the ideal option if you want to get a sweet, cool, crisp peppermint flavor with every bite. It is the best for refreshing your breath with a clean crisp taste of spearmint. At the same time, this chewing gum gives you antioxidant benefits of white tea. The peppermint and spearmint flavors help to create a bold exciting healthy punch with every chew.

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  • Taste is great
  • Sweetened with Xylitol
  • Vegan and gluten free
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6. PUR Gum Aspartame Free


PUR Gum Aspartame Free

PUR Gum Aspartame Free comes with a strong mint flavor, which can surely enliven your taste buds. High-quality ingredients are used for making this gum. Xylitol, glycerol, gum Arabic, gum base, tocopherols, carnauba wax, natural flavors, etc are the ingredients. PUR Gum Aspartame Free is extremely helpful to refresh your breath. This best selling gum is free from aspartame.


  • Non-GMO, gluten and vegan free
  • Nut, soy, and dairy free
  • Diabetic friendly
  • Safe for even pregnant moms
  • Helps to promote oral health
  • Naturally sweet ingredients
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5. Epic Dental

Epic Dental

Epic Dental is 100 percent Xylitol sweetened gum and the packet contains 144 pieces. Compared to other brands, this gum contains 45 percent more Xylitol. All natural ingredients are used for making this product. It is completely free from gluten and aspartame. You can reduce the risk of tooth decay if you use this gum regularly. Epic Dental is simple but extremely effective.


  • All-natural product
  • High-quality gum
  • Simple and effective
  • Helps to reduce the risk of tooth decay
  • Gluten free
  • Contains no aspartame
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4. Dentyne Classic

Dentyne Classic

You can practice safe breath and achieve intense freshness if you use Dentyne Classic chewing gum. The powerful flavors of this chewing gum are helpful for getting a fresher breath. The icy mint flavors can create a chilling sensation, which helps to stop bad breath. The cinnamon flavor is really unforgettable.


  • Helps to get intense freshness
  • Ideal for people who are allergic to artificial sugars
  • Offers icy mint sensation
  • Sugar free
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3. Simply Gum

Simply Gum

Simply Gum is an all-natural premium chewing gum that is completely free from synthetics, plastic, or artificial flavors. Therefore, this is a lightly sweetened, totally natural, better tasting gum. So, it is good for your body and environment. Simply Gum is free from soy, nut, dairy, kosher, and vegan. It is completely free from plastic, so this gum is biodegradable.

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  • Completely natural
  • Made in the USA
  • Better for body and environment
  • Free from soy, nut, dairy, kosher, and vegan
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2. PUR Gum Spearmint

PUR Gum Spearmint

PUR Gum Spearmint is the best selling, aspartame free chewing gum in the world. It has a sweet flavor, which leaves your breath fresh and clean. PUR Gum Spearmint is also free from allergen, sugar, vegan, gluten, aspartame, and non-GMO. This healthier alternative comes with a great taste. The gum contains Xylitol that helps to promote oral health.


  • Best for oral health
  • Great taste
  • Free from sugar, aspartame, gluten, vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Spearmint flavor
  • Breath becomes clean and fresh
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1. Spry Xylitol Gum

Spry Xylitol Gum

Spry Xylitol Gum is a great tasting, natural chewing gum that fights bad breath and promotes oral health. It has the ability to clean your teeth. The natural green tea flavor chewing gum is free from caffeine. You will also get a refreshingly pure flavor if you purchase this gum. It contains only natural ingredients, thus it does not contain aspartame. This chewing gum also contains calcium carbonate, which is helpful for balancing the pH in your mouth.


  • Promotes oral health
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Derived from health promoting plants
  • Contains powerful antioxidant
  • Taste is great
  • Fights bad breath
  • Aspartame free
  • Natural green tea flavor
  • Hydrates dry tissues
  • Provide on the go oral care
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Selecting an aspartame free gum is essential for both your dental and overall health. Today, lots of people moving from aspartame items to aspartame-free options. But, most of them have no idea regarding which gum is best for their oral health. Consumption of aspartame can cause various dangerous health problems such as high blood pressure, nausea, severe PMS, and even cancer. You can confidently pick a gum from this Top 10 Gum Without Aspartame Reviews In 2019.