How To Ride a Kick Scooter Like a Pro!

How To Ride a Kick ScooterLet’s talking about switch kicking – what is it, how to do it, and the best techniques. So what is switch kicking? Basically, it’s the art of changing from one leg to the other. Your standing leg on the platform you can’t just kick on one side you need to swap. The actual art of switch kicking is where you kind of hop over from one foot to the other. Sometimes this can be quite an athletic thing so it can be a bit harder.

What technique makes it easier? It’s basically the heel twist. When your foot is on the platform if you want to share and swap, you just twist your heel to the side, share the platform, and twist your heel back in, and then you’ve swapped your legs. Nice and simple (Read more: Top kick scooter for adults commuting).

The more athletic version of switch kicking is where you hop from one side to the other. This is a bit harder to do and requires a strong core and good balance and coordination. This is a great exercise to help build your strength and conditioning for switch kicking. You go into a little lunge and then you hop across. Make sure you warm up before you do this but it’s relatively simple. So when it comes to your posture and your suiting form. It’s really important that you follow some key guidelines.

The horizontal line of pelvis and dipping

Ride a Kick Scooter Like a Pro!One of the biggest problems that we see when we analyze executing form is taking the horizontal line of your pelvis and dipping it. Your pelvis must to always stay as horizontal as possible. What we don’t want is a situation where we’re doing this where the pelvis isn’t square and it’s dipped down.

That’s because you’re keeping your standing leg very vertical. You’ve actually got to do the work and go down on a little squat when you’re doing your striking. Your pelvis must stay relatively square. It can tip a little bit but what we don’t want is just standing leg straight and dipping down.

You always be dominant on one leg will always be stronger than the other. But if you learn the switch kicking technique it’s a really good way to strengthen both sides and iron out any imbalances that you might have.

Another top tip it’s really important that we don’t hyperextend our Achilles tendon that’s this bit on your ankle. One way that we can make sure that we don’t do that is by making sure we can always see our toes when we’re scooting. If we can’t see our toes look at what happens to Achilles it starts to stretch and hyperextend. When you’re scooting take a little look down and make sure that you can still see your toes. So when it comes to your scooting form and how’d you scoop how would you move there are two general different types.

The technique which gives loads of speed

The first one is just when you’re coasting along you don’t want to go too fast a nice leisurely ride that’s when we what we call hip swinging. That’s when you’re going to dip down and just swing from your hip and that’s just topping up the speed that you’ve already got nice.

 A more athletic technique that you can use which gives you loads of speed and what you’re going to do is you’re gonna use your body weight to drive power through your leg and what happens is.  As you’re coming up bring your knee-high, arms holding on nice and tight, and when you’re going to go back. Remember you need to see your toes. You got to imagine dipping your elbows and pushing your hips backward and you’re going to go into this kind of a position.

You must come up when you strike and what that does is it drives your weight through your legs. It’s not just your muscles. It’s actually the weight of your body going through your leg and in a combination that makes a really strong kick really fast.


I was never very good at switch kicking. It always seemed so difficult, and I could never quite get the hang of it. My friends would always make fun of me, calling me ‘clumsy’ and ‘uncoordinated’. But I refused to give up.

One day, I decided to go to the park and practice my switch kicks. After a few hours of frustrating attempts, I finally managed to do it! I was so proud of myself. I felt like I could conquer the world.

That’s the technique for doing an athletic fast kick and on the return stroke, you’re gonna use your whole body your upper body to pull yourself up. As well so you come up tall you can even go into your toes if you like then strike all the way through if you dip those elbows down and take your hips back. You still need to see your toes. That’s a little top tip from me on scooter form and posture. Stay safe, happy riding, at the good times ride, and roll.

James/ author of the article
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