How to Choose the Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table

I wanted to do this article as a buying guide for best outdoor ping pong tables so that the visitors to my site could have an educational source to kinda go back to if they need help on what to choose any kind of things that they should be looking for.

I want to go over the basic brands today that are out there, in terms of what’s offered in the United States, and then the important things you want to look for. Things like tabletop materials, thickness, safety features, and we’ll go from there.

The first thing though, I wanna talk about is the brands in the United States. Cornilleau, which is one the tables, they’re the leading brand in the world. And they’re gaining more recognition in the United States. You also have Joola, Stiga, Butterfly, Killerspin and Kettler.

In terms of the tabletops, that we’re gonna go on to right now, this is the most important feature I think in any outdoor tables, the tabletop surface.

Tabletop Surface

The Cornilleau tables are done with a melamine board that has a resin laminate finish. And you’ll notice, they don’t have the thickest tabletops. This one, on the 500m, is 7 millimeters thick, but it provides the best bounce, the best performance, the best durability. Longterm, they provide a ten-year warranty on their tabletops, and nobody else even comes close to that.

Kettler is second best, with a five-year warranty on the majority of their tables. But all of the Kettler tables are now with an aluminum top. So the ball bounces inferior, it’s not as good, again, compared to Cornilleau. Cornilleau’s the best.

You also have aluminum tops on the Killerspin models and Joola. Killerspin and Joola, they give you a one-year warranty, compared to ten years on this, so there’s a massive difference. If you’re gonna spend six, $700.00 on your table, after a couple years it’s no good, you might wanna consider spending a little bit more for a Cornilleau table that is gonna give you longer durability and a ten-year warranty.

So, again, think about in terms of thickness, is important but not as important as material, that’s the most important thing. And that’s where Cornilleau is better than all the other brands that use an aluminum top.

Safety Features

best table tannis tableNext I wanna talk a little bit about the safety features on some of these tables. The most important thing being the ability to open and close the table. So, opening the Cornilleau table here, it has sixteen points when you open and close the table.  There’s a lot of safety built in, so it can’t fall one way or the other.

By comparison, when you start lookin’ at some of these other tables out there, Killerspin does a totally different idea behind their tables. They sell them in two pieces. This is the traditional one-piece table. To me, it’s safer, more stable. And then you go to these ones that have two pieces, literally. When they come together, the net holds them together, so, the net is your stability piece.

Which I’m telling you, when your outdoors with an outdoor table, movin’ it across either uneven pavement or grass or anything. That’s not gonna go over as well as a single-piece tables, where the net stays in place, even when you fold them up. These ones you have to take the net on and off every time you wanna fold it up and put it into storage. So, these ones to me, are not as stable as the Cornilleau, or even Kettler uses the single base style where they Butterfly up.

So to me, these ones are not only safer, but they’re longterm, you don’t have to worry about taking the net off every single time you wanna open and close it. But it is rather easy on these tables, it’s not like it’s requiring a lot. Just pull the latch, you’ve gotta keep it up before you come down, and back down it goes. And the net never has to come off.

The other safety things I wanna talk about, on the Cornilleau 500, you’ll see it has nice corner protector pads, they’re rubber pieces that fit in on the corners of the table, all four of them. Their 400m also features this. And some of the other tables will too, but something to think about as a parent. If your child’s runnin’ around the table, and they happen to be running at the height of a sharp corner. It’s nice to have this padding.

If you go look at some of the other tables, the Killerspin tables do not have that padding. Most of the other tables under a $1000.00, they don’t offer that. So, another safety feature that you might wanna consider if you’re gonna go that route, if you have a family with kids.

Other Features

The other features that we should definitely point out, one of the major differences again are the wheels. The wheels on something like the 500m are big. And then you start looking at the wheels on some of these other Killerspin tables. And although this is one of their indoor tables, their outdoor tables have the exact same wheels. They’re small, they’re meant to go across a very smooth surface.

The wheels on the Cornilleau tables are all-terrain wheels, so they’re meant to be on any type of surface. It can go across lawns, dirt, uneven pavement. They’re gonna be excellent for that. They’re dual wheels on each one, so you have eight wheels total. Easy to move it around, and that’s why I like that table as well. All of them have that.

The other thing you wanna consider on any table and most of them have this, are leg levelers, they’re down at the bottom of every leg on this table.

There’s only one model that I know that doesn’t have it for sure is the Kettler Top Star, but most of the other tables do have them, they’re just in varying either widths or abilities to move them up and down. The Cornilleau tables again, probably are superior with their leg levelers, in terms of their technology.

Lastly, I wanna get into just the nets. All these tables do come with a net. Their height and tension are adjustable, it’s easy to do.

Some of the added features you might find, a lot of these tables have paddle holders on the side, that’s something that most all of them have. Some of them even have it down here at the bottom, underneath the bottom of the back frame. This one has a ball holder right here, so you’ll find some of them that have ball holders along the edge too. Those are nice features if you want them.

But overall again, you want durability, you want tabletop that’s gonna last, Cornilleau’s the best, with a ten-year warranty.

The brands that give you a one-year warranty, again, you’ve gotta take your luck on those, because after a couple of years if something happens to the tabletop, you’re out of luck, and you’re gonna go back and have to buy another table. So, firstly think, maybe the investment of a more expensive table might be worth it. You get a ten-year warranty, and a brand that’s got the best bounce in the world too, which is Cornilleau. Kettler is second best.

Again, you can find out all the details on our website. We have reviews on all of these tables with photos and videos.

James/ author of the article
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  1. Darian

    We got a two-piece outdoor ping pong table as opposed to a one-piece and it is so much more easy to move. We used to have a one-piece and someone sat on it and it quickly collapsed.

  2. Jess

    I didn’t even think about buying a table with wheels on my first go around with the best outdoor ping pong table. It made it such a hassle to move around because we were keeping it out on the grass and needed to move it to mow.

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