What Right Size Complete Scooter Do I Need?

How To Ride a Kick Scooter Like a Pro!We’re going to be taking you over the ins and outs of how to correctly choose a scooter for yourself or someone you may be purchasing for. We’re not only going to be writing about the size of the scooters but also what their intended use is going to be.

In the market, so many different kick scooters and they are all drastically different sizes. If you’re needing a much smaller scooter than usual then we’re going to use one of the smallest pro scooters. Every scooter we’re going to be writing about is pro screwed a level. Meaning that you can take these to the skatepark if they’re going to take the bumps and bruises and anything that you or your child may be throwing at it.

How the correctly sized up a scooter to your stature

The first thing we’re going to talk about is how the correctly sized up a scooter to your stature. So the guideline is as follows – you want to go from around your belly button down to the bottom of your pockets and that’s the range where your bar should hopefully sit. Rubbing bars above your belly button is not only gonna make the bars feel a lot more uncomfortable but it’s also going to increase the risk of your bars being too close to your face which is something you definitely don’t want to hit on your bars.

On the officer end of the spectrum below your pockets – you’re gonna be running the risk of again the bars being uncomfortable. You’re gonna be putting pressure on your lower back and again this is not something you want to be doing when riding a scooter, especially, for long periods of time. You want to try for that sweet spot between your belly button down for your bottom of your pockets that you find the bars feel most comfortable in.

If the scooter just below your pocket line which is right on borderline too small and you were to use this scooter on a daily you’re going to be running the risk of injuring your back as well as just injuring yourself because the scooter is just too small for you.


Razor A6 Scooter ReviewDecks come in all shapes and sizes and for different reasons. Some decks are going to be considered more park orientated, some going to be considered more street orientated. The park decks are generally going to be a little bit smaller in length as well as widths. Whereas the street decks are probably going to be a little bit wider and a little bit longer.

If you’re wanting to look at a much lighter scooter as well as something that you can do or your overhead a bright flip and whip tricks you might be looking for something in the park-orientated side of things. Park-orientated size decks will usually come in anywhere from 19 inches long all the way up to something like 21 inches long and the width of the decks will generally start at around 4.5 all the way up to 5 to 5.1.

The reason why the quote-unquote street-orientated decks are a little bit larger. It’s because they have a lot more surface area meaning that you’re going to be able to lock into grinds as well as be more stable when doing the technical side of tricks because of the larger deck. Just remember everything that you are reading about today is just guidelines. It’s not going to suit everyone. This is just something that you can use to base your purchases off.

As an example, we’ve got Timmy and Jimmy over here. They’re twins, they’re both 6-foot tall. Timmy however wants to ride a park-orientated scooter. Jimmy wants to ride a street-orientated scooter. Even though they’re both six-foot tall. Timmy is probably going to have a little bit smaller scooter than Jimmy because of the different ways they intend to use it.

The Bottom Line

Just remember that everyone is a little bit different and scootering is a personal preference-based sport. Even though the scooter might be a little bit too big for me it might be the perfect size for you.  However, if you are still a young developing rider you may be wanting a bar that is a little bit taller than what you would expect because it’s better to grow into a scooter rather than out of a scooter.

If you’re someone between the age ranges of anywhere from 8 all the way up to 14 somewhere where you’re going to be doing a lot of growing. And if you get a bar that is gonna be smack bang in the middle between your belly button in the bottom of your pockets you may grow out of this scooter quite quickly.

This is why we recommend if you are a beginner scooter rider and you’re getting your very first scooter, that you would generally want to go to the belly button range maybe even pushing it a little bit higher. Purely for the reason that is said it is better to grow into the scooter rather than out of it.

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