How to Jump on a Pogo Stick For Beginners

We’re going to go over the basic steps of up-and-down motion to get you up and bouncing. The first thing we’re going to want to do to run a look for the right spot to jump. When you’re first starting out you want to make sure you got a nice big open area, flat surface with a lot of room, a lot of room to breathe.

Safety first

A good test I like to do every spot I go to just to test out the grip enos of the surface. A good way to do this is to put the pogo stick around a 45 degree angle and put some pressure on it. Should give you some feedback, you should be able to give it a couple of kicks. If you’re getting a little bit of compression use the surface grippy enough for you to jump on.

Always wear a helmet!

Now when you’re out on the streets you’re filming a clip here out with your buddies, you’re going to want to avoid wet surfaces at all costs. Pogo sticks and web services don’t mix that’s the perfect equation for a slip out which is perfect equation for putting you in the hostel. You don’t want to slip out, you don’t want up on wet surfaces the most dangerous thing on a pogo stick.

I’m riding a pogo stick is kind of like riding a bike. And then you start to ride a bike chance are you know to throw some training wheels on that pup you can get to town. While pogo sticks don’t have wheels and we don’t have training wheels so we have the next best thing which is friends. If you have a friend, I’m your friend come to hang out with you and help you get started safely.


Good exercise and practice just getting the feel up to the pogo stick head your friend grab on to the ends of the bars and just hold the pogo stick. Then hop on get the feel for it, to get the feel for pulling on the bars a little bit, maybe doing some small bounces.

Just get used to the stick between your legs jumping around get comfortable. Now don’t rush this get cozy on it spend a couple minutes familiarizing yourself how the pogo stick feels, maybe tilting one way or the other. I really you should help, you find your balance and soon enough your friends going to realize. You don’t even get any more and you can be awesome bouncing.

However, if you’re anything like me, you just don’t have any friends, so you’re going to need something else you can lean on that’s going to support you. Recommend grabbing onto a handrail of a fence, maybe a soccer goal post, maybe a lamppost. You want something that you can reach out full arm’s length and you’re not going to crash into anything either way. You want to go meet this new friend grab on keeping your self about arm’s length apart. You’re really close, you’re not going to find your balance point.

You want to get to where you can lean on it. You have a good grip on it mount the pogo stick and just kind of stand there for a little ball get a feel for holding onto the handlebars keeping your feet on the pegs. It’s good for the stick between your legs you can do some hot some short hops. Jump around here and there holding onto the object just to get acquainted with your new best friend pogo stick. Now after you’re getting used to the feel of the stick to get the idea to get on a stick with no air at all and start doing little hops.

This isn’t going you’re not going to go anywhere with this. But it is going to give you a better feel for how the pogo stick feels when you’re on your own jumping around. Now you got all you need to know to get bouncing. So let’s take it over to something soft.

I recommend learning any Pogo skill on something soft, maybe grass, maybe turf. Things to look for in grass and grass is too soft. It’s not going to work. You’re going to sink in. The firm grass is excellent. It’s what I learned on. If you have access to turf that’s perfect. It’s going to give you enough resistance you’re not going to sink in. But it’s still gonna be soft enough that the bills are going to feel better check it out.

Getting on

Nice flat turf field the perfect place to get started. So I see a lot of people starting up with just the toes or just the heels on the pegs. Neither of those is good. You’re going to want to start with your foot centered on the pegs, have the balls of your feet kind of hanging over the front in your heels hanging over the back. It’s going to get you in a good place.

So your knees can be in front of the tube having your knees in front of the tubes going to really help you grip the tube with your thighs and your knees and you’re doing no handers. I’m going to help you start to stay balanced. Now that we’re ready how long ago refusing what to avoid I’m starting to jump.

The number-one thing I see people do is they get on the pogo stick and they try to jump with ballistic far away from their body. What this is going to do that’s going to have the pogo stick at one angle and your body is going to be at another angle. That’s not going to compute for good balance. You want to jump on hold the pogo stick very close to your body at all times putting you on the same plane going to help you find your balance a lot faster.

Something to keep in mind the most dangerous thing when pulling is coming in hot at a sharp angle you want to avoid angles at all cost. Especially when you’re just starting out. If any point you feel yourself off balance or coming in at a weird angle.

Don’t be afraid to ditch the stick and land on your feet. Throw the stick out of the way land on your feet shoulder-width apart trying to absorb as much impact as you can from your ankles through your knee through your hips. Pogo sticks and take a beating. Don’t worry about scratching them up. Worry about keeping yourself safe. You can foley for a lot longer.

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  1. Kelly

    I always wondered why I had such a hard time with pogo sticks and it’s because I was never stepping on to them correctly. I used to try and balance on my toes instead of the balls of my feet.

  2. Julie

    My husband seems to think he is invincible and doesn’t need a helmet. Any tips on how I can convince him he needs one?

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