Top 7 inflatable hot tub reviews in 2019

As the market grows, it might be hard to distinguish quality products from the mediocre ones and when buying something like the inflatable hot tub, the variety of products offered confuse everyone. So in this rundown we bring you the top 7 inflatable hot tubs available on the market. One of these models is definitely the one you’ve been looking for and the one that suits your budget and your needs.

List of best inflatable hot tubs in 2019

7. Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub


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Fist on our list is definitely this Coleman model that promises the soothing bubble jets and that’s all one need after a long day. Model is relatively easy to set up and it utilizes digital control panel and a maximum of 6 people. Also, the walls are made from the durable TriTech substantial to provide you with the ultimate comfort for a reasonable price. The packaging includes both inflator and bubble maker in a blower part and dark LED parts that lit with both white and red lights.  It definitely delivers on a promised quality for a reasonable price unlike some on this list.

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6. Intex 77-Inches PureSpa


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This model beats most of the mentioned with the sleek design and 2 filter cartridges and exquisite ground cloth as well as the minimized heat loss ensured by a lock. The tub itself holds a place for maximum of 4 people and although it may not be easy to setup it is one of the top quality products that are worth buying as it also includes detached pool chlorine dispenser and delivers on the promised clean relaxing spa and after all that’s what we’re all looking for in a hot tub.

5. SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub


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This model is one of is a great choice for those looking to avoid complications with the setup as it requires no tools and incorporates water-filtering and rapid-heating system. The model has a capacity of 4 people and easily managed control panel as well as the timer to control heat. The package also includes the chemical floater which keeps the water in your pool clear and clean. Although it does have poor seam welds that must be changed every year it includes the lid that locks in the heat and humidity. The temperature, however, only gets to the certain point which most of the customers find not warm enough for a price.

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4. Intex Pure Spa Inflatable 6-Person Bubble Hot Tub


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Although this model is higher priced, it definitely delivers on quality of the name as all of the Intex products do. The plus with this one is definitely that it can fit in up to 6 people and the design itself is luxurious in every sense of the word. It can be heated in less than 20 minutes and can be easily deflated to be stored compactly. The PurSpa technology uses the somewhat different method when it comes to air bubbling as it releases the warm air so the water is not affected in any way. The model also comes with a control panel that makes things easier as it all really comes to a few buttons unlike most of the models in this category.

3. SaluSpa Siena AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

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This SaluSpa model delivers on the right quality with impressive massage system although it has a capacity of only 2 people it definitely is worth your consideration. With automatic timer that is not only easy to use but it also saves energy, this model also has a remarkable design and walls made of Tritech material that provides ultimate relaxation and stability for the money. It definitely is a must buy for those looking for something more private yet cozy at a reasonable price.

2. SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Inflatable 6-Person Hot Tub


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This SaluSpa model is one of the champagne coloured designs that incorporate water filtration as well as the rapid-heating system. It can fit up to 6 people and also comes with a digital control panel that is easy to use. The tub itself is distinctive with the cushioned air pad floor that helps with the minimizing of a heat forfeiture through the base. It also delivers on a few features and a unique massage system that should be more than enough to justify a price tag and the name.

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1. SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub


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Our last mention is one of the more luxurious SaluSpa models, not only by a design but also with the capacity and the advanced HydroJet massage system. It definitely is worth checking out as it includes HydroJet nozzles that let you switch between a selection of different massage options delivering on a soothing experience. Not to forget the fact that this model also combines the saltwater system that and the digital control panel that lets you adjust the tub to your needs.


We hope this article provided you with useful information and helped you find your ideal hot tub as well as benefited you to find the one that features the things you look for in a tub for a reasonable price. The list is based on customer reviews and our personal selection. All of these tubs are available on Amazon so we hope you found one that accommodates your needs and wishes.