Top 10 Best Makeup Vanity Tables Reviews In 2020

A vanity table is everything when it comes to achieving flawless makeup in the comfort of your home. There are several products we used daily on our face and hair as we try to enhance our looks. You obviously need to be well organized with the lipstick, mascara, the foundation, compact powder, lashes, and eyebrows are nicely stored at the right place. Getting the best makeup vanity tables can help you be organized and apply your make up with easy.

However, buying the best vanity table is never an easy task as you have a variety of choices. There are several things to consider like the cost, lighting, design of the table, the space in your room and your makeup collection. With this in mind, we’ve reviewed for you some of the best makeup vanity tables on the market this year. Read through and make sure you order one that best matches with your makeup needs.

Table of the Best Makeup Vanity Tables

10. SONGMICS 7-Drawer Makeup Vanity Tables

Makeup Vanity Tables

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SONGMICS is a great brand to start our list with 2makeup brush holders and seven drawers to give you adequate storage space.  This is a 13 inch vanity table with enough working space for you to do your makeup.  It also features a three-panel mirror to give you great looks from every angle. Behind each mirror there are four necklace holders adding you more storage for your necklaces. You also get an accompanying vanity stool that matches with the table.  Overall, this vanity table is solidly constructed and has a classy look ideal for any bedroom.


  • 3-panel mirror
  • Two makeup brush holders and seven drawers
  • Great working space
  • Easy assembly

9. SONGMICS  3-Large Drawer Vanity Table Set

SONGMICS Vanity Table Set

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This is our second SINGMICS vanity table with an elegant design ad a white color finish to complement your interior décor.  It comes with adequate space for all your accessories and makeup products. There are three drawers and a large top surface area s 13 3/8 inches. Tri-folding panel mirrors offer you a good viewing angle of your face to ensure everything is done perfectly.  This vanity table is the ideal size and comes with an adult stool for you to do your makeup while seated.  It is pretty easy to assemble and an ideal choice for any female.


  • Vanity stool included
  • Large working areas 13 3/8 inches
  • Three drawers for adequate storage space
  • Easy assembly
  • Tri-folding mirrors

8. Roundhill White Ashley Wood Makeup Vanity Table & Stool Set

Roundhill White Ashley Wood Makeup Vanity Table & Stool Set

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The Roundhill is a vintage vanity table with an adjustable oval wooden frame and a great addition to any home. It is a pretty simple design and comes with an adult vanity stool so that you can do your make at ease. A single oval mirror fitted in the oval wooden frame gives you a good view from all angles. There is a large working surface area for you to do your make up. Overall, this is a pretty nice vanity table but one that requires some assembly. With five storage drawers and an adjustable mirror, there is little to complain about this table.


  • Great white color finish
  • Requires little assembly
  • Mirror in an adjustable wooden oval frame
  • Five storage drawers

7. SONGMICS Sliding Drawer Vanity Table Sets with Round Mirror

SONGMICS Sliding Drawer Vanity Table Sets with Round Mirror

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This SONGMICS is a simple but yet stylish modern design for modern homes vanity table. It comes in an elegant white color that easily compliments a wide range of home interior décor.  You can be sure it will match with most of your furniture in the home. There is adequate storage space in the form of two large sliding drawers to store all your makeup products, jewelry, and any other accessory. It comes with a vanity stool that has been cushioned with a removable cover.  This allows you to sit comfortably and do your makeup at peace.  Overall, you have a great vanity table here that comes 90 percent assembled for ready use.


  • Easy assembly and setup
  • Vanity stool with a removable cushion cover
  • Stylish modern design
  • Two large sliding drawers

6. Giantex White Bathroom Vanity Makeup Tables

Giantex White Bathroom Vanity Jewelry Makeup Dressing Table Set

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The Giantex is a spacious vanity table with three drawers and a large top surface area for you to place your products.  The three drawers are nice, and feature metal handles for easy opening and closing.  They have enough room for you to store makeup products and jewelry. A round mirror is then firmly set up on the edge of this table and supported by two wooden frames.  This table is elegant and nicely designed to match with most modern interior decors. Overall, this is a versatile table to have in the bedroom. It can be used as a study table or a nightstand.  You also get a vanity stool on top as a bonus.


  • Vanity stool bonus
  • Large round mirror at the edge
  • Spacious top
  • Three large drawers
  • Chic design

5. French Furniture Wood Vanity Table in Espresso Finish

Frenchi Furniture Wood 3 Pc Vanity Set in Espresso Finish

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This French vanity table is one of the simplest design on the market currently and one you can buy with confidence.  It is basically a table, a mirror, drawers, and bench to get you started right away. There is little assembly required here as the design is quite simple and easy to setup without any tools. The construction is sturdy from solid wood. It also features a tilting mirror to give you a good view from all angles.  A center drawer can be used to store accessories or makeup products. Overall, the French Furniture vanity table is a great choice if you’re limited on space and require a compact table.


  • Small and compact
  • Center drawer
  • Tilting mirror for good view
  • Bench included

4. Fineboard Vanity Makeup Tables & Wooden Stool

Fineboard Vanity Set Beauty Station Makeup Table

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The fineboard just as the name suggest is a fine little table crafted in an impressive design to look great in your bedroom. This is a masterpiece vanity table made of the highest quality wood to look stunning in your bedroom. It features a padded stool for sitting that matches with the table. You also have five great organizational drawers to store your jewelry and cosmetics. For a good viewing angle as you do your makeup, the table contains three great mirrors and a large working area.


  • Three mirrors to give a good viewing angle
  • High-quality hardwood and MDF board
  • Premium padded stool
  • Five drawers

3. SONGMICS Tri-folding Mirror Makeup Table

SONGMICS Vanity Set Tri-folding Mirror Make-up Dressing Table

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This is another masterpiece vanity table from SONGMICS with two 180 degrees folding mirror and a large center mirror to offer good viewing angle.  It is a highly rated vanity table that comes with large storage space to fit jewelry and cosmetics easily. The five drawers have metal handles for easy opening and closing.  Assembly is quite easy with most parts coming pre-assembled. Overall, this table is a versatile choice that can also be used as a nightstand and study table.


  • Multifunctional
  • Easy assembly
  • Tri-folding mirrors at 180 degrees
  • Five drawers

2. Fineboard Dressing Makeup Table With Mirror Vanity Set

Fineboard Dressing Set With Stool Beauty Station Makeup Table

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The Fineboard is a wooden makeup table that is sold with a lovely matching stool to get you working while seated.  It is a pretty detailed table with three mirrors and five drawers providing you with enough storage space. Two of the side mirrors easily fold at 180 degrees to give you a wide viewing angle so that you don’t miss anything. Five drawers are enough to fit all your cosmetics and jewelry. There is a further matching stool that adds some elegance to your bedroom. Overall, this Fineboard table is a quality choice made of the high-density MDF board and hardwood.


  • Made of hardwood and high-density MDF board
  • Sleek and stylish design for modern homes
  • Five drawers for ample storage space
  • Tri-folding mirrors
  • Matching stool

1. Bobkona F4072 St. Croix Vanity Set with Black stool

Bobkona F4072 St. Croix Collection Vanity Set with Stool

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Bokona is a much-loved stool among most Americans and one of the best-selling vanity tables with thousands of positive reviews.  It comes with three movable mirrors. Extensions on the mirrors allow for easy movement so that you can easily view your face from all angles.  There are two large drawers and three small ones to fit a wide range of jewelry, accessories, and cosmetics. This is a nice lovely vanity table with a large working area. It is made of wood and fabric and assembles with ease.


  • Easy assembly
  • Extensions on the mirrors for ease movement
  • Vanity bench included
  • Five drawers


When it comes to doing your makeup, everything needs to be perfect. This is why you need the best makeup vanity tables for proper jewelry and cosmetic organization. These are the top makeup vanity tables on the market currently so go right ahead and order one with confidence.