Pogo Stick for Fun: New Bounce Pogo Stick Review

New Bounce Pogo StickIntroducing the New Bounce Pogo Stick for kids 5-12 years old! With a wide variety of colors and designs, these pogo sticks are perfect for any child who wants to have fun while getting some exercise.

Made with high-quality materials, these pogo can handle up to an 80-pound weight limit so that your children will be able to use them for years. They also come with a rubberized grip which makes it easier for younger kids to hold on tight. What are you waiting for? Get your bounce pogo stick today!

What is a New Bounce Pogo Stick

The New Bounce Pogo Stick is the safest, most durable pogo stick for kids. It’s one of the top best pogo sticks for kids 5-12 years old. Made of rugged hard plastic with foam grip handles and NON-SLIP rubber feet this model is perfect for smaller children who can’t yet jump as high. Safely supports up to 80lbs (and keeps much of it on the ground).

Bounce soars to heights unmatched in terms of quality among other brands because we don’t cut corners in production. From its precision welded hinges coming pre-assembled down to the affordability; there’s a reason our products last longer and feel stronger than any others out there! With 2-inch foot pads & a full steel frame that extends past knee height, you’ll never have more confidence while your kid.

The Pros and Cons of the New Bounce Pogo Stick

Little bouncing, BIG fun time. What’s better than a little jump around in your yard? A big one! Let your kids/grandkids go high with this New Bounce Pogo Stick that is comfortable and easy to use. Fully assembled, it just needs working out for best airtime by the smallest of all adventurers.


The New Bounce Pogo Stick for Kids is the perfect gift for any young kid who love to bounce! This one has lots of great features that ensure your child will have hours upon hours of safe, fun exercise.

  • Will safely support 40 to 80 lbs
  • Safe for ages 5 to 9
  • Foam covered metal pogo stick will last for years!
  • Non-slip, safety handles, foot pads & rubber tip
  • Fully assembled
  • Great Exercise Opportunity

With a wider stance for increased stability and a rubber tip on the end, this is definitely the safest pogo stick option around. The sky’s the limit with an awesome and affordable kids pogo stick from Bounce!


This product is not bad. If the weight limit on this pogo stick is not 80 pounds, then it’s either too flimsy for anyone or disastrously wobbly for those who are barely within the carrying limit. I get why any company would offer a smaller size that can’t handle heavier weights though because they don’t want to shoot themselves in the foot by potentially sending one of these things sky-high as if from canon just by their own children doing average playtime activities.

How to bounce on a pogo stick

Bounce Pogo StickAssemble the pogo stick’s frame together and make sure it is well tightened, this will keep its shape and durability.

Place your feet on the platform at one end of the pogo stick with both hands holding onto either sidebar.

Jump up on a pogo stick to get a height that allows you to bounce for as long as possible without touching the ground.

While bouncing, release your hands and use them to help balance yourself as you land on the pogo stick again.

Repeat steps until tired or if desired time is up.

Are pogo sticks safe?

Pogo sticks are safe if they meet safety regulations. It is important to make sure it has a metal bar for balance, good grip handles, and that the frame can hold the weight of whoever will be using it.

The most common injuries happen when people fall off or jump from a high place onto the hard ground without trying to cushion the fall.

Falls from high heights can also injure your bones, muscles, and ligaments.

The sport edition bounce pogo stick is safe with a metal bar to balance on as well as great grips so you don’t lose control when you bounce. It is the perfect gift for kids who are interested in a fun way to jump and play. The New Bounce Pogo Stick was designed to be safe so it meets safety regulations

How to jump higher on a pogo stick

Sit down on the pogo stick with your feet forward and toes pointed outward, then jump up as straight as possible. This should give you a good start to jumping higher than just getting back in position after losing it.

Once you get the hang of this technique, try tucking one foot behind the other before taking off. This will give you an extra boost.

Grab on tight to the handlebars with both hands in a relaxed position when you land.

how to jump Pogo StickThink about jumping up and off of your toes, not forward or backward. You’ll be more balanced this way.

Jump up and down about a foot off the ground for a while to build momentum, then try jumping higher without losing your balance.

This works best if you have a pogo stick that is the right size for your body. The handles should be at about mid-arm height or higher, and the feet of the pogo stick should rest on your toes when it’s fully extended.

It’s also important to look straight ahead during jumps, rather than at the ground, so you don’t trip on any obstacles.

Practice makes perfect! With practice, it will get easier and more natural to keep your balance as you jump higher off of a pogo stick.

What muscles do pogo sticks work?

Pogo sticks work a lot of muscles, but in different ways, because you are bouncing rather than holding yourself up with tension like an ab roller or doing arm exercises on a Swiss ball. . The pogo stick develops abs, arms, and shoulder girdles (triceps). It also works the glutes and hamstrings as you use your leg power to keep yourself propelling on the pogo stick. You will need good balance for this activity so it’s beneficial for developing core muscles.

If you’re looking for a workout that will target your core muscles, the pogo stick is a good choice if you have balance and can do it mindfully without crashing into things.

You need to use just enough energy to stay balanced on the device or else risk falling off. It’s kind of like doing a high-intensity interval training workout without the hype.

The best way to get in shape with a Pogo Stick is by simply jumping on it as much and for as long as you can! So if you want to stay fit just jump away!

What are the benefits of pogo stick exercise?

bounce on the pogo stickThe more you jump, the better your endurance becomes. Pogo Sticks also improve balance and can build strength in one’s muscles especially those used for stabilization during jumps. Another benefit is that it will actually train your calves to stay loose and be ready to react quickly if needed since the pogo stick is jumping away from you all the time.

Another benefit of using a Pogo Stick is that it’s more cost-efficient than going to your local gym or taking up any other exercise regime because all you need is a Pogo Stick and some open space! Plus, it doesn’t matter if there are obstacles in your way because you may as well jump over them instead!

Pogo stick or skateboard

Pogo sticks or “bounce” pogo sticks are a type of toy made to be jumped on. They usually bounce up and down when you land on them with your feet (or hands). The most common way is for the jumper to jump onto one foot then quickly jump off again in an alternating pattern while holding the stick.

Skateboards are boards with wheels, which you stand on and ride by pushing the board. You can use them to go fast downhill down hills or skateboard ramps for tricks. Theoretically, it’s possible to do tricks at slower speeds too (slightly uphill), but in practice, this is much easier than going faster due to inertia.

Scooters are a type of toy that is usually made to be ridden by an individual on their feet. They consist of two wheels, one at the front and one at the back, with footrests between them where you stand when riding it. The person pushes off using both legs to propel themselves forward as they go along – just like riding a bike.

A scooter is usually made from metal and plastic, with wheels that are either small or large, although some can have different kinds of tires such as air-filled rubber to make them more comfortable for longer rides. Scooters come in many shapes and sizes but they all allow you to ride on your feet by pushing off with your legs to propel yourself.


The New Bounce Pogo Stick is perfect for active kids because it can be used indoors or outdoors. Your child will have hours of wholesome fun with this high-quality pogo stick that has a grip designed specifically to promote proper form and reduce the chance of injury.

In the end, we would recommend getting a New Bounce Pogo Stick for your child. We’ve looked at all of these aspects and found that this is one of the best options on the market. If you’re looking to buy something with more features or better quality, then make sure to look through some other reviews before making a purchase decision!

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