Top 10 Best Electric Oil Less Turkey Fryers Reviews In 2022

Do you want to make your thanksgiving an event to remember? Then go ahead and shop only for the best oil-less turkey fryers on the market. Oil less turkey fryers are the best thing that ever happened when it comes to cooking your turkey. They are the best alternative to you cooking your turkey over the traditional fryer. They combine both the oven and traditional fryer features allowing you cook your turkey without actually deep frying it. You can be sure of a juicer and tastier turkey since they don’t fill it up with hot air as ovens do.

You have to choose the best oil-less turkey fryer if you’re going to experience some great cooking. In this post, we’ve reviewed some of the best picks on the market currently. Read through and find one that best matches your needs.

Table of the Best Oil Less Turkey Fryers Reviews

10. Char-Broil Big Oil-less Turkey Fryers

Oil Less Turkey Fryers

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The Char is one of the best-rated oil-less turkey fryers on the market currently and a healthier way to cook your turkey without the need to deep fry. It is powered by the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared technology and capable of delivering crispy and juicy results every time it is used. It is a versatile fryer that can be used to roast a whole chicken and turkey weighing up to 16 pounds. You will require any oil and this saves you money and stress of disposing-off used oil.


  • It ships as a complete package of a cooker, meat thermometer, cooking basket, lifter, lid and a user’s guide.
  • Roasts up to 18 pounds of whole turkey and chicken
  • Powered by Char-Broil infrared technology
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9. Masterbuilt Electric Oil-Free Turkey Fryer & Roaster

Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer and Roaster

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Designed for healthy cooking, this is one of the leading oil-less turkey fryers on the market currently. It is sturdily built with a double wall to last you for long and prevent heat loss. The fryer uses radiant heat that seals the outside of the turkey giving even cooking results. It is a powerful fryer with 1650 watt motor and a capacity to hold up 18 pounds chicken and turkey. Other features include a removable drip pan and a built-in wood chip box. Overall, this is a good value for your money.


  • 1, 650-watt electric motor
  • Holds up to 18 pounds of turkey
  • Double wall construction]
  • Use of radiant heat for even cooking

8. Char-Broil Tru-Infrared Oil-less Turkey Fryers

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

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The Char-Broil is the leading turkey fryer on the market and one of the best-selling for obvious reasons. It uses patented cooking technology that eliminates cold and hot spots as well as preventing flare-ups. What you get is a crispy, juicy and flavored turkey every time. It is versatile and roasts turkeys and chickens weighing up to 16lbs. It is a great value for money and ships complete with cooker, lifter, cooking basket, meat thermometer and a quick start guide. You will no longer require hot oil to cook your turkey helping you save money in the long run.


  • Shipped complete with cooker, lifter, cooking basket, thermometer and guide for use right away from the box
  • Roasts turkey of 16 pounds
  • Patented infrared cooking to prevent flare-ups and eliminate cold and hot spots
  • Measures 24.5” high and 21.1” in diameter

7. Char-Broil The Big Easy Smoker Roaster and Grill

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill

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This is three-in-one fryer that lets you grill, smoke, and roast. It is a versatile grill and roaster and one you would want to add to your kitchen. It uses infrared technology to cook your turkey evenly and prevent any flare-ups. The fryer will evenly roast or cook any turkey meat in the basket in no time. With an amazing 180 square of cooking area, this fryer can hold up to 25 pounds of meat which is quite big. The smoker box gives your turkey some added flavor.

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  • Temperature control from 9, 000 to 18, 000 BTU’s
  • Holds 25 pounds of turkey
  • Cooks evenly
  • Uses the Tru-infrared technology

6. CHAR-BROIL Oi-less Infrared Turkey Fryer

CHAR-BROIL Oi-less Infrared Turkey Fryer

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Made in the United States, this is another top quality choice Char-Broil turkey fryer that will make your turkey taste same like the deep fried turkeys without using oil. This fryer uses the natural animal fats to cook your turkey and give you a tasty and juicy meal. It is easier to use and cooks your turkey evenly without any hot or cold spots. Your turkey will cook evenly every time you get it out.


  • Quite easy to use
  • Measures 20.3” x 17.7” x 17.7”
  • Cooks meat evenly without any hot or cold spots

5. Tinychefs Multifunctional Oil-Less Airfryer – Hot Air Fryer

Hot Air Fryer

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The Tinychefs fryer is a good compact choice that you can use to make some of the best tasting fried food. It is a good choice using halogen gas, infrared heat, and convection heat to cook any meat and give crispy results evenly. A transparent upper cover allows you to see everything happening inside the fryer. This is a 10L capacity fryer capable of roasting a complete chicken. It rotates 360 degrees for use and can be overturned for even cooking. It has an intelligent control panel that makes this unit a lot easier to use.


  • Quite versatile to allow different ways of cooking
  • Use convention heat, infrared heat and halogen gas to cook
  • The upper cover is transparent to allow you view the cooking progress
  • Easy to operate and use
  • 10L capacity

4. Big Boss Black Oil Less Air Fryers 1300 Watt

Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer

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The Big Boss is a 1300 watt electric cooker with a 16 quart capacity and a good selection on our list. It over you triple cooking power in the form of infrared heat, halogen gas and convection heat. It cooks meat from frozen and does not require any thawing time. It has two trays which allow for multiple cooking of different foods at the same time. Overall, the Big Boss will cook three times faster but still use less energy. The tight seal lid helps in this fast cooking by keeping the hot air inside.

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  • Faster cooking times with less energy spent
  • A tight lid to prevent air loss
  • Cooks from frozen
  • Two trays for multiple cooking at the same time
  • Triple cooking power

3. Big Boss Purple Oil-Less Air Fryer 1300 Watt

Big Boss 1300-watt Oil-Less Air Fryer

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This is triple cooking power oil-less turkey fryer. It works efficiently using convention heat, infrared heat and halogen gas to give you a juicy and crispy tasting turkey in no time. It has two trays to allow you cook two different foods at the same time. Cooking is easily done from freezing without any thawing time. The tight lid seal keeps the heat inside allowing you to cook three times faster while using very little energy.


  • A tight seal lid to keep the hot air inside
  • Two trays for multiple cooking
  • Triple cooking power
  • Cooks from frozen

2. Char-Broil Oil-Less Turkey Fryer – Fryer Accessory Kit

The Big Easy Oil-less Turkey Fryer

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This is a relatively new oil-less turkey fryer on the market from Char-Broil but one that is effective it is cooking. It comes with the patented infrared cooking technology preventing any flare-ups or cold and hot spots. There are four boneless rib hooks to help you roast ribs with ease. It is a versatile choice with two leg racks, easy load kabob holder, eight skewers, six rib hooks and a basket lifter. The entire accessories in this Big Easy fryer are sturdily made using steel wire and will last you for long. The fryer is dishwasher safe and pretty easy to clean.


  • Patented true infrared cooking technology
  • Standard steel wire accessories
  • Dishwasher safe

1. Supernon Char-Broil Black Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

Char-Broil The Big Easy Oil-less Turkey Fryer

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The Char-Broil by Supernon is the best oil-less turkey fryer on the market currently and one you must seriously consider buying. It is a new fryer on the market but an efficient one that will deliver crispy, tasty and even cook. It comes in a standard size capable of holding a 16-pound turkey. It is a durable choice and one that is pretty easy to use. Temperature control is pretty easy, and you can be sure of even cooking without any cold or hot spots.


  • 16lbs capacity
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


Make your Thanksgiving a moment to remember by getting any of this versatile oil-less turkey fryers today. These are the best turkey fryers on the market for healthy cooking without oil, and a must buy.