Razor A6 Scooter – Kick Scooter Review

Razor A6 Scooter Review Razor A6 is a full-size adult scooter. It is larger than the A5 scooter, mainly because it’s got larger wheels and it’s taller. The deck, however, is 13 inches, it claims it has a longer deck, which it might have only because it has a larger wheel. However, the foot area is 13 inches by four and three eights. It’s a little narrower than it should be for a scooter this size designed for taller people. Taller people usually have bigger feet.


However, you can learn to ride it, it does take a little bit of practice getting your feet to change back and forth, but it is doable. The really grippy, grippy tape does help. It actually already has a bubble popping up on it after a couple of weeks of daily riding. The body is all aluminum. So everything the deck and all up and all the way up is aluminum, very well done. If you look at this weld, a very professionally done weld looks fantastic. All the welds are really nice, very well done. Razor is known for their quality scooters even though really discount stores will sell them, they really are a cut above many of the other ones, especially the direct from China brands you’ve never heard of.


Razor A6 Scooter Review

So let’s get with it, we’ll look at the deck first. It’s two and a half inches above the ground. So it’s only this big, so it makes it so your top leg doesn’t get as fatigued and sore. So the lower the deck, you can tell by how this curves down like this so the lower the deck, the easier it is to ride.

The lower the center of gravity you don’t have to bend down as far to reach the ground, which means the thigh on your upper leg that’s on this will not hurt nearly as much. So that is a huge plus on this. There is a little bit of a brace underneath here, which gives you about an inch and a half ground clearance. So if you’ve got a lot of bumps, a lot of things on the road, you need to either learn to jump well, or you need to be aware there that that is possible.


It does have a kickstand that’s kind of hard to get down with your foot, but you can. And because the deck is so low, it actually works. Some of them that have kickstands, don’t work. You lower them, you lay the thing over and it just falls over. Because this is a folding one, this is the folding mechanism, it does have plastic to keep the rattling down.  Unlike the A5 this one, actually, when you pop this up, you can fold it over, but it also has a locking mechanism.  So you tighten down it will not accidentally fold on you. Not that the A5 does, but this is a little bit of extra security and it keeps it from rattling. So there’s very little rattling in this scooter.

This is the only part that really rattles and if you’re riding it, you don’t really notice it. But when you like to walk it this rattles, like if you’re going somewhere you’re already at your destination and you’re just walking the thing, this will rattle, but it’s not too bad.


Razor A6 Scooter Review

We’ll take a look at the back wheel. It’s 254 millimeters, it is a 10-inch wheel. It is bigger than A5. The Carbon Lux, most of the adult scooters have 200-millimeter wheels these are much bigger, well done, solid plastic here, and the polyurethane, polypropylene, poly something wheels and they’re quite large.

This is a metal fender and brakes so this is how you break there is no hand brake on this one. Because this is a 10-inch wheel it doesn’t brake as well as the ones with smaller wheels. It is doable, but you really need to bear down hard on this to get it to actually stop. There’s a learning curve on that. There are four bearings in each wheel instead of the traditional two, it really allows it to spin really well. It’s such a fast scooter.

Metal fender on the front, more for looks than anything else. Because it’s not very long it’s not going to really help kick up some things, but maybe keep some of the garbage and junk from getting in there like it does on some of the other scooters. The gooseneck is all aluminum. The clamp and a button to lock it in its highest position, which is 42 inches from the bottom of the wheel to the top of the handlebars, which is very long. But you can loosen and lower it all the way down. So a teenager or something, this would be fine for them.


Razor A6 Scooter Review

17 inches wide at the handlebars, one of the things this one has that the other ones don’t. There’s a sleeve bushing in here which allows it to not rattle because this is a rattling spot on your scooters. They will lock into place. But if you need to put it in the car, you can just pull these out and they will lower. Unfortunately, there is no adapter to hold these in a place like some scooters have. There are firm grips, plastic rings on the end, but the nice wide tips like this keep your hands from sliding off and they’re very comfortable.

Final Thoughts

It is a nice scooter, it’s well-designed, it is a nice sized deck, not terribly large, wide but it does do the trick. And with the 42-inch bar from the ground up, it’s good for people that are six-foot, probably even close to seven feet. It’s just basically the anatomy of this I really enjoy it. It’s fast, it doesn’t rattle much and my kids and I really enjoy going out. They’re a little upset that mine’s faster than theirs, but you know I’m the one that brings in the bacon so I win. Take care.

James/ author of the article
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  1. Robin Rieck

    I added a conventional bicycle front brake to my A6 scooter, which transformed it into a real commuter scooter. It stops so well now.

    You really do have to watch your path with this scooter because the ground clearance is so small (1.5″) and if you high center, the scooter will abruptly stop and your body won’t resulting in your tumbling over the handlebars (I’ve done this on a sidewalk section raised by a tree root).

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