Top 10 Best Snowboard Ski Boot Bags Reviews In 2021

One of the biggest problems the skiers face is getting all the required supplies and gears in one place. There are several gears the skiers require ranging from goggles, clothes, gloves to ski boots. However, nothing is more important like a ski boot. Ski boots require a special bag specifically designed for the boots but can still accommodate other gears. It is a roomy bag that comfortably fits in your back. Choosing the best of these ski boot bags is never an easy thing with hundreds of models and designs on the market. That is why we are helping you buy only the best ski boot bag to suit your needs. More: Best ski storage racks

Read through our review of the best ski boot bags on the market currently and select one that you think best matches your needs.

Table of the Best Ski Boot Bags Reviews

10. Athalon Everything Waterproof Boot Pack

Ski Boot Bags

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The Athalon is a durable skin boot bag constructed of heavy polyester material of high density. It is waterproof and ideal for protecting your boots and other gears in weather. The boot section is a separate side entry with sippers to keep the boot secure and prevent any chances of them coming out. It is comfortable to carry on your back with reinforced and padded straps. The bottom is also waterproof to prevent water soaking up when placed on the wet ground.

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  • Contour shape to fit boots easily
  • High-density polyester material for durability
  • Zippered boot sections
  • Padded and hidden backpack straps

9. Element Equipment​ Snowboard Ski Boot Bags

Element Equipment​ Snowboard Ski Boot Bags

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The Element Equipment is a super tough ski boot bag made of 600D PVC coated polyester material. It is waterproof and will keep your boot and gears safe and dry. It has a large room that holds one pair of ski boots, goggles, gloves, and hat. The construction of the bag is double stitched while the bottom and back are padded for a comfortable carry. You can fit men boots up to size 13 comfortably. Shoulder straps and carry handles allow you to carry it with ease.


  • Large room space
  • Made of the durable 600D polyester coated with a PVC
  • Double stitching
  • Waterproof

8. Athletico Ski Boot Bag  for Skiing and Snowboarding Travel Luggage

Athletico Ski Boot Bag

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This is a rugged snowboarding and skiing boot bag ideal for carrying boots, helmets, jackets, and ski gears. It is a versatile bag ideal for outdoor adventures with two separate side zippered compartments for each boot. This leaves you with a large main compartment to store your remaining gears. It boasts of a padded lumbar back for easy carrying on your back. It is a secure bag with a bungee cord to secure goggles and gloves. Reflective piping on the side adds to your safety allowing other skiers to see you clearly.


  • Offers versatile storage space
  • Reflective piping for visibility
  • Padded lumbar back

7. Element Equipment Snowboard Ski Boot Backpack

Snowboard Ski Backpack

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This is one of the best ski boot bags with fleece lined pocket for your goggles to keep the lenses free of dirt. It is a fully padded bag that keeps the boots from hurting your spine while carrying the bag. It is large holding one pair of boots, gloves, clothes, helmet, and goggles. Double stitching makes this bag a durable choice for most skiers. It is made of the tough 600D polyester that is waterproof and tough enough to keep your gears dry at all times. It perfectly fits big boots of 17 inches tall.

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  • Double stitching reinforced construction
  • Holds one pair of snowboard boots, gloves, goggles, hat and clothes
  • Tough and waterproof
  • Padded bottom

6. Dakine Ski or Ssnowboard Boot Bag

Dakine Boot Bag

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This is a pretty simple design ski boot bag and one that will be convenient to carry from one place to another. It perfectly fits boots of all sizes but still looks small and compact on you. It has zippered front pockets where you can store personal items. You can carry it comfortably with adjustable zippered pockets that allow for easy carry on your back. It is a great bag capable of holding all your skiing or snowboarding gears.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Zippered front pockets for more gears and personal items
  • Small compact size

5. WSD Ski / Snowboard Boots Backpack

Ski Snowboard Boots Backpack Winter Snow Sports Boot Gear Backpack

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The WSD skit boot bag looks beautiful but is heavily constructed using the 600d polyester material and a 210D inner lining. The lining keeps your gears safe and scratch free. Further soft foam makes this bag feel comfortable and easy to carry everywhere you go. The backpack is oversized and capable of holding all ski gears. Boots are safely tucked in two side compartments leaving you with a large roomy interior for the rest of the gears. You can also hold personal items in the pocket on the top of this bag.


  • Two boots compartments, large roomy interior and a top pocket
  • Made of the durable 600d polyester
  • Soft foam lining

4. High Sierra Trapezoid Snowboard Boot Bag

High Sierra Trapezoid Boot Bag

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The High Sierra gives you easy access to your gears with a large U-shaped opening at the top. Boots are tucked away in two large side compartments. The compartments are zippered and well ventilated to avoid any smells from your boots. You also have adjustable padded backpack straps to allow for comfortable and easy carrying everywhere you go. It also has a smooth handle for easy carrying. Overall, this is a durable ski boot bag made of the durable diamond ripstop Duralite material.

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  • Two large sides zippered compartment for the boots
  • Padded backpack straps
  • U-shaped top opening for easy access
  • Webbing grab handle

3. Stage Basic Ski Boot Bag

Stage Basic Boot Bag

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Stage Basic is quite simple just as the name suggests but versatile enough to hold men boots up to size 14. This still leaves you with enough room for goggles, gloves, helmet and other essential gear. It is a durable bag constructed of the 600D polyester material. It is tough and waterproof to keep your items safe and dry. The top is a double zipper for easy opening and closure. It also has venting grommets.


  • Water resistant
  • Durable and tough
  • Venting grommets
  • Double top zipper

2. Kulkea Ski Boot Backpack for Boot Trekker

Kulkea Boot Trekker - Ski Boot Backpack

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The Kulkea is a large ski boot ideal for the alpine boots and must-have if you-re skiing or snowboarding. It is technically designed largely to hold large boots, gears, and helmet and still be easy to carry. The design allows for the best organization to suit preparedness when outdoor. It is a large bag that fits boots ranging from ski boots to Mondo. The boot compartment is on the sides are ventilated to allow free flow of air. This helps clear any stench smell from the boots. A large top zippered entry allows for easy access to the main compartment.


  • Large zippered opening for easy access
  • Ventilated side zippered boot compartments
  • Water resistant
  • Great compartments for better organization

1. Dakine Boots Locker bag

Dakine Boot Locker Bag

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This is more of a compact handbag with two easy to carry straps. It looks small and compact but has a large roomy interior to hold ski boots, gloves, goggles, and clothes. The design of this bag is split to allow for easy access. You can open the top zippers or the middle ones to gain faster access. The double compartments allow for organizational storage with boots on one side and other gears on the other compartment. Padded shoulder straps  allow for a comfortable carry.


  • Two split compartments
  • Easy access
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Small compact design


Make your snowboarding or skiing adventure more enjoyable and easier by getting all your gears in one of these ski boot bags. These are the best ski boot bags on the market this year and best placed to offer you good value for your money.