Top 7 Best Solar Charging Power Banks in 2017 Reviews

Fast advancement in technology has seen the world produce numerous mobile devices including tablets, kindle, mobile phones, iPhones, iPods, iPads, and more. All of these devices are extremely useful and are the reason you can effortlessly communicate with someone in a totally different geographical region. Yes, they are powerful but don’t let them run out of power lest they become useless. While most of them have batteries to allow you to use them anywhere, it’s important that you have a power bank.

With power bank, you’ll be able to charge your mobile devices anywhere, anytime. They are handy gadgets that bring convenience right into your hands. Power banks come in various types and one of the best types is the solar charging power bank, which depends on the sunshine for power. To cut the long story short, we bring you the following top 7 best solar charging power bank in 2017 reviews for great buying experience.

Check Out The Top 7 Best Solar Charging Power Banks

7. MARSEE Solar Power Bank

7. MARSEE Solar Power BankThe MARSEE Solar Power Bank features a built-in 10000mAh Li-Ion battery, and it comes equipped with a compact solar panel for outstanding results. Recharge it by plugging it into the wall outlet and use it to charge your phone while on the go. It has two USB ports that allow you to charge two devices at the same time to help you save time. It also features a LED flashlight that works perfectly in darkness, especially in the case of emergency. The battery of the MARSEE Solar Power Bank can reliably be charged over 1000 times!

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6. HyperPS PS4000 Solar Power Bank

6. HyperPS PS4000 Solar Power BankWell, no one likes the idea of their phone going off in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, there are quality solar charging power banks you can rely on, and HyperPS has one of those; the PS4000 Solar Power Bank. It has two charging ports meaning you can use it to charge two devices simultaneously. Ideally, it’s compatible with most devices including Samsung phone, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android devices, kindle, and cameras, among others. It has been designed and built with an active mind, to serve you to satisfaction.

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5. EFOSHM Solar Charger Power Bank

5. EFOSHM Solar Charger Power BankIf you hate to be inconvenienced while using your phone, then it’s time you try this solar charger power bank from EFOSHM. It is rain-proof and small water drops won’t reach it. Ideally, it uses a 5000mAh lithium-polymer for noticeable results. The ultrahigh-efficiency solar panels use the energy captured from the sun to power your device. The EFOSHM Solar Charger Power Bank also has LED indicators that keep you informed of current power levels. It is compatible with MP3 players, cameras, Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, and other devices.

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4. POLEND Solar Power Bank

4. POLEND Solar Power BankDo you want the best solar charging power bank, to help you avoid the uncalled for inconveniences? Well, look no further than the POLEND Solar Power Bank. It has 6 LED flashlights that can be used in the darkness in case of emergency. It also features solar energy technology that allows it to recharge itself under the sunshine and be used for camping, traveling and more. The POLEND Solar Power Bank is backed by the 100-percent satisfactory guarantee, so buy with confidence knowing that you’ll be refunded if something’s not right.

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3. Poweradd Apollo3 8000mAh Solar Charger Power Bank

3. Poweradd Apollo3 8000mAh Solar Charger Power BankPoweradd coherently knows the importance of mobile devices to us, and as such, is producing an innovative solar charging power bank that is compatible with most kinds of 5-volt USB-charged devices. It is compact, lightweight, and stylish to take out anywhere, anytime. It perfectly fits into any bag and is easy to carry on the go. With its 24-month warranty, expect a great buying experience. The power bank utilizes a built-in Li-ion battery, and it boasts a high quality, long lifespan.

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2. Szcandy Solar Charger Power Bank

2. Szcandy Solar Charger Power BankThis top performing solar charging power bank from Szcandy comes with an integrated solar panel that maintains the battery energy levels. And it has dual USB ports, so you can charge two devices at the same time. The portable design allows you to use the power bank anywhere; whether you are running, hiking, cycling, climbing or just away from the power source. It has a LED flashlight that’s easy to use and handy for an emergency. Moreover, it is shock-proof and this ensures that it works properly even after dropping.

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1. PowerLead PLS002 Solar Power Bank –  Solar Charging Power Bank

1. PowerLead PLS002 Solar Power Bank - Solar Charging Power BankDon’t let your mobile device go off because the PLS002 Solar Power Bank is within reach. It has dual USB ports where you can charge up to 2 devices at the same time. It also features solar energy technology, so it can recharge itself under the sunshine. The Power Bank is designed for iPhone, android phones, iPad, iPod, tablets, and other smartphones. Its military design enhances its durability and also ensures it is portable enough to be carried anywhere, anytime. This power bank is covered by a 12-month warranty for 100-percent worry-free buying experience.

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Mobile devices are very useful gadgets in our lives. They help us know the affairs of the world and everything around us. However, they depend on batteries for survival and functionality. As such, they can run out of power and this can be inconveniencing. To help you escape such frustrations, we bring you the above quality solar charging power banks. Most of them have dual USB ports, so you can charge up to 2 devices simultaneously. They are compatible with most gadgets and you don’t need to worry about anything when using them. Have yours today, and eliminate the hassle of having to search for a source of power every now and then.